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The episode starts with Mirza seeing Yaldos getting tensed after a man meets him. He thinks something is fishy. Mirza then goes to his friend Daaru and asks him to give an idea how to stop Razia and old mangoose Yaldos’s marriage and warns if he does not, he will beat him. Daaru asks him to go and pray at dargah/shrine and reminds him about Yasir getting well after prayers. Mirza says Razia prayed for Yasir, but if he prays god will not listen to him as he is a sinner.

Mirza meets Razia. She asks him to stay away from her until her nikah/marriage happens. He says if she needs that, then he is fine and will go away from her for her happiness. He is going away with his love and says her good bye. He repeats that he is going for real, but she does not stop him. He says if he goes,

whom she will taunt. She turns around and stands silently. Once he leaves, she turns back and sees him walking away and runs behind. Mirza asks why is she running behind him. She says she was checking if he really left. He leaves smiling.

Mirza reaches market and sees a man who met Yaldos before disguised as a beggar and says he cannot escape from him. Man tries to elope, but he stops him and asks what is he up to. He says he needs wealth and crown from Yaldos. Mirza says yaldos himself is a poor man, what will he give. Man says he will as he has yaldos’ secret. Mirza asks what secret and says he is risking his life and says as a friend he is telling him that yaldos will kill him. Man asks him to get him into palace somehow. Mirza thinks he got a way now to stop marriage and asks man to follow him.

Turkan asks Yaldos how does man know he is behind Altamash’s family’s killing and starts showing fake concern. Yaldos says man does not know she is also involved and says she is his friend and he will protect her.

Ladies who gave razia prasad to save Yasir try to enter palace with haldi and gifts, but guards stop them. Mirza asks guards to let them in as they are Razia’s friends. Ladies asks how does he know them. He says everyone knows about their prasad. Guards let them in. Man also enters with them wearing veil. After entering in, lady drops haldi on mirza’s cheek by mistake. Man jokes that he needs yaldos’ crown, but mirza needs yaldos’ wife. Mirza hopes his words come true.

Ladies give their gifts to razia and razia emotionally tells she was missing her mom today and they came to bless her. Ladies bless her and leave. Turkan sees them and starts taunting razia that she may follow any religion, but she has to marry Yaldos, etc. Razia asks her to mind her tongue, else as a future ghazni mallika, she will get her and her joker son out of delhi throne.

Precap: During marriage ceremony, Yaldos waits for Mirza. Mirza searches man and finds him in torture chamber. He rescues him and says he will take him to vaidya/doc. Man asks him to take him to marriage hall as he wants to reveal yaldos’ secret.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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