Razia Sultan 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Razia Sultan 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mirza goes inside the water..Razia search him..She is shocked to see the lake runs and saves Mirza takes him out…Mirza tells that he dont know what to do,Razia tells him to take care of his mother..He tells that revenge is very bad ends everything Mirza tells that she don’t anything.. Razia tells that she too lost her brother and mother and she did’nt forgot that..Mirza apologises..
Old lady asks Fatima about Mirza,He come and tells that he is alright and tells that will show room…Mirza tells that she will leave in this room..Old lady tells that instead of taking revenge they are leaving here,Mirza ignores and tells that sunset and Qutub minar looks good here,Old lady tells asks When would he kill Altamash!!He is shocked..Old lady throws all things and tells that he dont want anything,Mirza tells he cannot kill Altamash,Old lady asks thats all because of love??He tells that Altamash wantedly didn’t killed his father..Old lady goes..Razia listens all..Mirza runs back and stops her,She tells that it was good If she don”t have any child..Mirza is shocked..Razia tells him that all will good..Mirza goes…Razia goes in Jungle and searches Old lady,Yaqut comes and tells that he know where is Old lady..She asks how he know..Yaqut tells that he is bodyguard..Razia follow him and find old lady,Yaqut goes..Razia goes and touches her..Old lady pushes her away and tell to stay away..Razia sits on her knees and tells that Mirza is very alone and his heart cry for love..She request Old lady not to leave Mirza and go..Turkan hides and sees gets happy..Ruknuddin smiles..Old lady tells Her to leave Mirza..Razia is shocked..

Precap::Razia gives Sword to Old lady and tells to kill her as she cannot leave without Mirza..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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