Sumit Sambhal Lega 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya telling Sumit about Aaliya’s birthday. He says time passed so soon, she turned 5. She says 6. He says even I said same. She asks what to do this year, something special. They discuss about some special birthday celebration and smile. Later, Maya asks Sumit to help him. He says he is playing with Avi. Rajneesh gets some junk to sell and says its his childhood things. Sumit asks how did he get such old stuff and checks an old newspaper. He sees his childhood bat and says Papa gave me this when I was 12 years old, it has Sachin’s autograph. Rajneesh says yes, how can I forget, he got Kambli’s sign for me.

Sumit’s friend Bobby comes and Sumit shows Sachin’s autographed bat. Bobby says its fake autograph. Sumit asks what. Bobby says its not Sachin’s

note and writing. Rajneesh says it does not have Aila written, its fake. Sumit says Papa ji told a story behind this, it means he lied. Bobby says lets go to Jitos. Sumit says you guys go. Rajneesh says it means Kambli’s autograph is also fake. Bobby says no, it would be real.

Sumit gets sad and says Sachin wrote best of luck for me, I became sports representative for this inspiration, this bat. Maya says you don’t get emotional for me, think its me and Sachin on either side, whom will you choose. He says ofcourse you. She says good.

Dolly asks Jasbir to behave well in society meeting this week. They start arguing. Sumit comes to them. He says he has got this old bat. Jasbir says I remember, you were very happy seeing this and used to hug this and sleep. Sumit asks is this really Sachin’s sign. Jasbir asks who said. Sumit says you. Jasbir says maybe, but who will believe it, oh I got who did. Sumit asks did he meet Sachin. Jasbir says no. Sumit leaves.

Sumit comes home and is upset. She says everyone lies to kids. Sumit says I don’t. She reminds how he lies to kids. He says I won’t do what dad did with me, I will just say the truth. Aaliya comes and says captain cheetah is coming in my birthday, who will save the world. Sumit says see Aaliya… Maya stops Sumit. Sumit says this captain cheetah is not like he looks, Maya asks Aaliya to ask captain cheetah tomorrow in the party and sends her. She asks Sumit not to get anger on Aaliya. Sumit says saying truth is imp.

Dolly gets parathas for Sumit and asks him not to break Aaliya’s truth. She asks him to tell Aaliya that captain cheetah is real. She says sometimes lying is imp, else we can’t stay together. Dolly compliments Maya. Maya says see she liked my apron. Sumit looks at her. Maya asks does it mean she lied.

Sumit thinks what Dolly said. Sumit says I can just see everyone lying, I love Sachin more than you. Maya says I will hit you with this Sachin bat. He says I will believe what I see. Rajneesh comes as captain cheetah. Sumit and Maya smile. Aaliya gets glad seeing captain cheetah. Aaliya asks why did he come today when her birthday is tomorrow. Jasbir also comes as captain cheetah. Jasbir and Rajneesh see each other and argue. They both compete to show who is real captain cheetah.

They both start fighting. Aaliya says stop, you both are not captain cheetah. Sumit says you could not fool Aaliya. Aaliya says I will tell this to captain tomorrow, he will laugh. Sumit says such drama behind one lie. Maya says they were just trying to make Aaliya happy. He goes to Jasbir and asks him to keep his children away from lies. Jasbir asks why is he annoyed. Sumit asks why did he get fake autograph.

Jasbir says you wanted the autograph, I used to go in Sachin’s dressing room, I always used to get Kambli there, I did this to give you, and practiced a lot. Sumit asks why did you hide the truth. Jasbir says you would have been disappointed, which I did not wish, you are disappointed even now, I m sorry. Sumit takes the bat and says I m taking this. He hugs Jasbir and thanks him. Jasbir says you mean you will keep this. Sumit says its fake, that’s why I will keep. Jasbir says its senti story behind the watch I gifted on your birthday. Sumit says one story per day is enough. Its Aaliya’s birthday, and Sumit comes as captain cheetah. Maya laughs. Sumit says I m your dad and hugs Aaliya.

Maya asks someone to help Rajneesh. Dolly asks someone from the family to go. Sumit does kungfu and stops seeing Maya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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