Rang Rasiya 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 31st December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
the episode start with last scene from yesterday, paro is shown running happily and her cousin behind her (rang rasiya song plays), paro sees a camel sitting crying in pain and runs to see it, paro in ask in (rajhistani accent) camel how you get hurt? Who did this, she ask her cousin to bring medicine, she goes, paro worries for camel and sees a man coming, she ask him to help, he throws his shawl away and have riffle in his hand, paro is stunned, he comes towards her, paro tries to run but fall down, man comes with can in his other hand and spread petrol around paro in round circle, he fires at petrol and fire lits, soon whole circle of petrol catches fire with paro inside it screaming no, she sees BSD written on man’s shirt. paro looks into eyes of angry man, suddenly

she gets up from sleep, it turns out to be her bad dream, she comes out and washes her face, prays to God. She remember her parents demise and people gossiping about BSD then remember her dream, mami comes from behind and ask again that bad dream? Paro says i again BSD officer, mami says they will not do anything to you, paro says i cant forget that these officers killed my parents, mami says time changes, if you cant forget it then think otherwise that god do good with you, think about marriage, her mami talks about some function and find paro tensed still, she says that this rudraraksh mala will give you, paro sees it in her hand and says i cant forget what they did with my parents.
other side rudra’s hand is shown in BSD uniform with same mala in hand.

Scene 2
in BSD head quarter, the officer informs his major that 5 soldiers has been killed in town, major ask where is rudra pratap? We see rudra riding bike in desert.

Scene 3
paro, mami and cousin are going in mandir, talking, paro talks about jija ji who forget her after leaving. Her cousin says this time your name will be choosen for marriage only. Paro is shy. Her cousin scream paro’s name in mandir.

Scene 4
in some havali, the puja is going on and some couple(thakur couple) is doing aarti. The man(thakur/hukum) after aarti comes outside where paro and her cousin are present, he blesses them and leaves. They goes to pray to lord. The hukum comes on terrace where some common man is tied, soldier says that hukum he was leaking our secrets, hukum gets angry. Inside in palace, paro and cousin are writing their name on bowl when hukum’s wife comes and says to paro that write full name parvati, paro says thakurain? She greets her. They all gathers in mandir of palace, other side rudra is riding bike in desert.

Scene 5
on terrace, hukum says to man how can forgive you? I thought of you as my own and you teamed with BSD, how can you do this? I do everything for you people, give you food, educate your child and what you did? Betrayed me? Man ask to pardon him, hukum says that we are puja today and i dont want darkness in any house so i am forgiving, i am letting you go far away… He points to his soldier and leaves. Soldier take out his gun and kills the betrayer.

Scene 6
the puja is in full swing, snake comes out and everybody is excited for snake to drink milk from girls’ bowl so that she will be chosen for marriage, all girls chants their name, paro’s cousin chants for paro, and finally snake drinks milk from paro’s bowl, she is stunned. The rangrasiya song plays as paro takes blessing from thakurain and her mami and other side we rudra riding bike(aashish’s entry/face shown) the screen splits in two on both paro and rudra’s face.

Precap- voice over says that he has come back for his love. then rudra is shown fighting, we see glimpse of paro standing behind rudra and he guarding her, then rudra takes paro out of fire in his arms.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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