Raman and Ishita’s bedroom romance in YHM


Raman comes home from Shagun’s cocktail party and is surprised as she gives him a surprise by wearing a western outfit when no one is at home, and its just Raman and Ishita being alone. Such a romantic time and Raman can’t believe his eyes, as she looks stunning.

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  1. Wow…………. I expected this,… hot raman dialogue… great.. Raman Anger will waived off my his Love..

  2. Pkz confess ur lov ……

  3. Wow i just luv u ishra !

  4. nice to see Ishita doing some wifey stuff, trying to plz her husband. carry on.

  5. Arre yaar Raman confess ur love to her na

  6. Please raman confess your love to ishita.

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