Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 47 (Part 1)


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 46

The episode starts with Laksh and Aditya running in search of Lavanya, while Ragini is seen lying in the bed and a doctor checking her. Laashya lies beside her and hugs Ragini and sobs.
Doctor : Nothing to worry, she has a regular stress she has fainted. Let her take rest and make her stress free. Has this happen before also?
Swara : Haa doctor, when she usually gets shocked or stressed she faints also once when she was pregnant and she got shock which made her go in to coma after giving birth to the two of them.
Doctor : I see it is better she lives a stress free life or we will have to drink medicine to release our stress if not she might go to coma back or she might undergo depression and even loose her life. Anyways don’t worry just make her happy and relaxed. Are you her husband?
Sanskaar shakes his head.
Sanskaar : I’m her husband’s brother.
Doctor : I’m sorry anyways look after carefully.
Swara nods and the doctor leaves and Sanskaar goes with him.
Swara : All of you go and have a wash, I will prepare dinner.
Sawitha : Maa Lavanya…
Swara interrupts : Laksh and ADi will find her, now go and get changed, Sandya take Laashya and Raghav and go.
Sandya nods and carries Raghav.

Sandya : Come Laashya
Laashya : Can’t (She hugs Ragini and hides her head in her chest.) I want to stay with mama.
Swara signs others to go and carries Laashya and sits beside Ragini.
Swara : Laashya babya now you have to listen to badi ma, mama is sleeping hena sweetie so now we will first have a hot water bath and then drink a cup (She removes Laashya’s sweater, t shirt and unties her hair) By then mama would be awoken and then you can stay. Now let mama sleep okay honey?
Laashya kisses on Ragini’s cheek and walks to the washroom and Swara follow her. Sawitha is seen upset and is wiping her wet hair while Raghav comes out of the washroom wrapped in a towel and Sandya places his dress on the bed.
Sandya : Sawi come out, let him get changed.

Sawitha nods and leaves out and Sandya goes closing the door behind. Sandesh and Rahul keep calling Aditya and Laksh while Sanskaar has informed the police. Laashya comes and finds everyone upset and gets teary.
Laashya : If I would have not asked papa to take us to somewhere icy this wouldn’t have happen.
Ragini walks to her and carries Laashya and sits while Laashya hugs Ragini and sobs. Ragini sits while others look on. Swara brings hot coffee for everyone and serves.

Ragini : What is Laashya, how come you are responsible baby? Stop crying, good girl hena?
Laashya : If I didn’t have come to make Olaf di wouldn’t have got lost right?
Ragini makes Laashya look at her and wipes her tears.
Ragini : If you cry, you are making mama sad princess. Stop crying and remember you are not responsible of anything. (Laashya wipes her tears and rests her head on Ragini’s chest while Ragini kisses on her head) Papa will find your di for sure. Princess shall I give you coffee?
Laashya shakes her head while swara brings a cup and gives to Ragini and Swara caries Laashya and sits beside her. Raghav comes out of the room wearing his t shirt inside out.

Sandesh : Raghav you have worn the t shirt inside out.
Ap and Ragini laugh while the others look on.
Sandesh : Now why are you two laughing.
Ragini and Ap : Your chaachu also does the same.
Ragini : Even Rahul does.
Rahul walks to Raghav and makes him wear it properly.

Scenes shifts to the Ice Mountains where Laksh and Adi are shouting calling her name while the rescue team also arrives. Aditya isn’t able to move because of the strong wind and ice. Laksh shouts Lavanya’s names and goes on. It gets very late while Laksh is also freezing.
Laksh : Adi you stay here I will go ahead.
Adi : I will also come.
Laksh : But you are shivering, don’t you trust me?
Aditya nods his head.
Aditya : I do.
Laksh gets teary and walks ahead. He keeps walking and it gets darker. Scnes shifts to the house where Ragini is sitting lost in her own thoughts and Swara comes. She sits beside her while Ragini wipes her tears and looks at Swara.

Ragini : I’m sure my Laksh will bring my daughter back.(Her voice starts cracking) In which point did I do a mistake Swara? I don’t get anything in to my mind.
Swara : Relax Ragini, you didn’t do any wrong. Stop worrying and come to eat.
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : I’m not feeling to
Swara : If you don’t eat, how can you be strong?
Ragini : I don’t want to.
Swara nods and walks to the kitchen and she places all the food on the dining table.

Swara : Sandya, Sawitha, Rahul, Laashya and Raghav come to eat.
Everyone comes and sits along with Sanskaar and Sandesh. Ragini Also comes and serves food.
Ragini : Laashya and Raghav come, mama will feed you.
Laashya and Raghav nod and go to the living room behind Ragini. Swara starts serving while others are lost in their own thoughts.

Sanskaar : Stop worrying and eat, Lavanya would probably get sad if she gets to know you didn’t eat because of her and trust Laksh he will bring Lavanya.
Swara : He is right, now eat.
Everyone starts eating while Ragini is feeding Laashya and Raghav. Rahul looks at Ragini and then Swara.
Rahul : Badi ma did mama eat?
Swara shakes her head and Rahul continues eating. Ragini finishes feeding and walks to kitchen to make milk for them. She makes milk and walks to the room.

Ragini : Laashya and Raghav come to have milk and sleep.
Both of them walk to the room and sit on the bed, Ragini gives the glass of milk and they drink.
Raghav : Mama where is papa? Why is her getting late?
Ragini : He will prince now sleep.
Laashya : I’m scared mama, it is very cool and how will papa and di stay out.
Raghav : Adi papa is also out.
Ragini : Nothing will happen, (Ragini climbs on the bed and Raghav and Laashya sit on the either side.) I will tell stories and my babies will sleep listening to mama’s stories.
Laashya : We don’t want stories.
Ragini nods and sings lori and Laashya and Raghav hug Ragini and falls asleep. Ragini makes the lie properly and covers them with the blanket and pecks on their head. She sits and keeps thinking whatever happened. There was knock on the door.

Ragini : Haa come in.
Rahul comes with a plate of food while Ragini looks at him lovingly.
Rahul : Mama I know that you didn’t eat so please eat mama.
Ragini : No prince mama is not hungry, its already late and you must be tired so go and sleep.
Ragini kisses on his head but Rahul holds her hands and she looks at his eyes. The same dark brown eyes of his papa were gave the exact look which Laksh give.
Rahul : It is my responsible mama, after papa, after di it is me who have to look after you mama. Now both of them are not there I have to look after you. You are making me not do my responsibility moreover how can I just wait when you are hungry mama? Please for me can’t you eat??
Ragini looks at Rahul lovingly.
Ragini : You just speak like Laksh.

Rahul smiles and gives the plate while Ragini eats still tears roll down her cheek. Rahul went out and got a glass of water and the juice which Swara had made. He places it on the table and looks at Ragini lovingly.
Rahul : Mama will papa bring di??
Ragini : He will for sure.
Rahul nods and Laashya awakes and looks at Ragini confusingly so does Ragini and Rahul look at him confusingly. Laashya smiles and cuddles to the pillow and sleeps again while Ragini smiles and gets up. She switches off the light and walks out taking the plate and the glasses and Rahul follows her. Ragini washes everything and sits on the couch, Sanskaar and Swara come and sit, Rahul also sits.
Sanskaar : I called Adi, he said Laksh went in search. It windy and dark and he coukdn’t walks so Laksh went.
Ragini looks on and tears roll down.
Ragini : Hope they are fine.

Laksh is seen searching along with the rescue team.
A man shouts : Here is a body.
Laksh under his breath : Body?
Laksh rush to that man holds his collar.
Laksh : She is my daughter not a body. (Laksh jerks him away and bends to Lavanya and sits down and takes her to his lap) Lavanya, look papa had come open your eyes. Look baby papa has come(Lavanya’s open her eyes and looks at Laksh and Laksh hugs her) I’m sorry princess I’m sorry (Laksh cries and hugs her really really tightly) Papa came now everything is okay.
Lavanya whispers : Papa…
Laksh gets up carrying Lavanya.
Ragini is resting her head on Swara’s lap and Swara is caressing her hair. Sanskaar’s phone ring and sits up.
Sanskaar : Adi did Laksh find her??
Aditya : Haa Sanskaar we are now in hospital.
Sanskaar : We will come now.
Sanskaar hangs up and Ragini stands up.
Ragini : What? Did they find her?
Sanskaar nods and Ragini smiles through her tears.
Scenes shifts to the hospital where Laksh and Aditya are sitting out while the doctor comes out.
Doctor : She has probably got scared and she is having high fever. Don’t didturb her let her rest. You can meet her in a while.
Laksh nods and Aditya looks at Lavanya through the window. Laksh holds his shoulder and Aditya turns and hugs him.
Aditya : It’s because of your mind you were able to reach her. Thank you Laksh.
Laksh : She is my daughter, please don’t take her from me please.
Laksh breaks the hug and pleads folding his hand.
Aditya : If she forgives you and accepts you can take her.
Laksh : I will convince her, she will forgive and accept.
Ragini rushes to them along with Swara and Sanskaar.
Ragini : Where is she?? Where is Lavanya??
Laksh : Relax (He holds her hand and takes her inside) she is fine.
Ragini walks to Lavanya and caresses her hair and sits beside her. Laksh walks to her and stands and caresses Lavanya’s hair. Ragini rests her head on his chest and tears roll down her cheeks.

Ragini : I know you will find our child. Thank you for bringing her back.
Laksh encircles his hand around her and holds Lavanya’s hand.
Laksh : Nothing can happen to her until I’m there.
Ragini looks at Laksh lovingly while he smiles. Lavanya opens her eyes slowly and finds her near Ragini. Lavanya hugs Ragini and cries out while Ragini hugs her back and caresses her her back.
Ragini : Everything is fine.(Lavanya cries hard) shshshshshsh please please stop crying princess.
Ragini breaks the hug and wipes her tears and kisses on both her cheeks and shakes her head indicating Lavanya not to cry. Lavanya looks at Laksh and Laksh gives a painful look.
Laksh : You scared me Lavanya. Why did you make us this scared?? (Lavanya looks away while Laksh holds her face and she jerks his hand.) please look at me. Fine what papa did was a big big big mistake and I’m ready to bear any punishment but please don’t leave me. I hurt my little girl alot, not for the first but for the second time too. Lavanya…
Lavanya closes her eyes and lets her tears roll down while Laksh holds her hand hits himself and Ragini jerks him.
Ragini : Laksh what are you doing??
Laksh. : Ask her to speak with me please Ragini. For once and I will leave, ask her to look at me for once and I will leave please.
Tears roll down his cheek and he pleads Ragini. Laksh turns and repents on the mistake he did. Lavanya looks at Ragini and Raginu gives a painful look and Lavanya looks at Laksh.
Lavanya : Papa…(Laksh turns and gives a painful look and smiles in between his tears) I made you look bad in front everyone papa. (She cries out) I always prove myself as a bad daughter so I’m leaving your lives with happiness.
Ragini : What are you talking?
Laksh : I know I did wrong, I hurt you but please don’t leave us please. Trust me Lavanya I will give all the happiness you deserve.
Lavanya shakes her head while Laksh drags her to his chest and hugs her tightly.
Lavanya : Your anger is justified, I know papa you love me more than anyone can love me and you spoke out in that way in pain. I don’t want to give you any pain hereafter papa please let me go.
Laksh tighten his grip.
Laksh : Never, I promise you that I will never doubt you, never mistake you, never hurt you. I love you Lavanya papa loves you. (He breaks the hug and looks at her) Won’t you believe papa??
Lavanya : I do.
Laksh : Then come back to me, will you?
Lavanya nods and smiles while Ragini also smiles. Laksh smiles and his happiness is beyond words. He hugs her back and she hugs him back. Swara, Aditya and Sanskaar come and look on. Laksh drags Ragini to his hug and three of them hug each other and cries out.

Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Scenes starts with Swara is about to eat.
A voice : Stop.
Swara and Ragini look at the door.
Ragini : What?
Laksh : My wife cooked for the first timr and who has more rights to eat it first
Swara : Of course me.
Laksh : I’m her pati dev.
Ragini : So??
Laksh walks to her and holds her hand forcefully and takes the vegetable fried rice Ragini made and by force he makes her feed him. Laksh makes a weird face while Ragini’s and Swara’s smile fade away. Ragini gets teary and looks at Swara worriedly while Laksh smiles and finish eating and pecks Ragini’s cheek quickly in front of Swara shocking Ragini.
Laksh : I must surely make you wear something valuable.
Ragini : Is it good?
Laksh : Who made it? Laksh Maheshwari’s wife so it is very good.
Ragini : Laksh please tell how is it?
Laksh holds her hands and kisses it.
Laksh : It was awesome, do you have any magic in your hand??
Ragini smiles and blushes while Swara eats mouth and is awestruck.
Swara : Haa Ragini it is very yummy, I can’t even doubt if you cooked it as I was near you.
Laksh : Jaan quickly serve it I can’t wait anymore.
Laksh leaves tapping his tummy. Ragini smiles and serves them and places it on the dining table. Ap, Sanskaar and Dp comes and finds Laksh already seated. They sit; Ragini starts serving and serves the curry too. Everyone starts eating and Ap is impressed but doesn’t show.
Dp : Ragini beta the food is really good.(He takes money from his pocket and gives to Ragini) Its really nice.
Sanskaar : And this is from me.
Sanskaar also gives money and Ragini takes and smiles.

Ragini looks at Ap while she just gets up and goes. She looks at Laksh and Laksh raises his eyebrows. Ragini shakes her head, Dp finish eating and leaves.
Ragini : Sanskaar can you drop Swara today?
Sanskaar : Why aren’t you going to college??
Laksh : She is gone crazy, I’m going.
Sanskaar looks at Ragini while she shakes her head and pleads Sanskaar through her eyes.
Sanskaar : It fine, Swara I will drop you.
Swara : But…
Sanskaar : Should I have to remind who am I to you? Well then your husband, now go get your books and come.
Swara nods and leave while Sanskaar goes out. Laksh gives a stern look to Ragini while she grins and smiles sheepishly.
Laksh yells : If you are staying stay, I won’t submit you assignment but I have to submit mine before the lunch break.
Laksh leaves while Ragini gives victory smile. She walks to guest room which was happened to be Laksh’s temporary room and smiles.
Laksh on the way back to home remembers him yelling at Ragini and feels upset. He stops the car and gets down in front of the mall and he walks passing a jewelry shop and his eyes catch up on something.

Ragini comes out of the room and smiles, he walks upstairs and Laksh enters. Ragini walks up and Laksh walks up.
Ap : Laksh your room is down, so you don’t have to go up.
Ragini reaches her room and smiles.
Laksh : Maa my dresses.
Ap : Your wife has arranged your room.
Laksh under his breath : This Ragini.

Laksh fumes and walks down and opens the room and is shocked, it is full of Ragini’s photos her alone and photo taken with him and big photo of Ragini’s and Laksh’s first capture was hung on top of the bed and a big photo of Ragini in front of the bed. The room smelled with Ragini’s perfume and the table had a small card pasted with where the things are placed in the room.
Laksh reads : Towel in the cupboard second shelf. Shoes in the bottom, black shirt hung.
Laksh smiles and sits on the bed.
It is night and Laksh comes out. Ragini is serving food and Laksh comes and sits, he looks at Ragini and Ragini turns her face. She walks to him and serves food for him. Laksh eats and looks at Ragini lovingly while Ragini turns her face and goes but Laksh holds her by her wrist and she was about to spill the curry on Ap but Ragini balances herself and sighs. Everyone finishes eating and go to their respective rooms but Swara and Ragini go to kitchen to wash dishes.
Swara : Ragini you don’t have to wash your hand is cut right?? So you go and rest I will wash.
Ragini : If ma comes
Swara : Okay stand here if ma comes you pretend to wash.
Ragini : Swara…
Swara interrupts : Can’t I do this for you?
Ragini was going back to her room passing Laksh’s room and soon a hand dragged her on and pin her to the wall.
Ragini : Laksh….
Laksh just kept staring at her tired and exhausted face. He leaned to her and pecked both her cheeks and pecked her forehead. Laksh made her turn and took chain out of the pocket where it was a silver thin chain with two rings entangled on one there was a ‘L’ written while on the other one a ‘R’. She looked at it and her eyes got welled up. Laksh kissed a trace on her neck and she closed her eyes tightly letting her tear of joy escape. There were a lot of unspoken messages in that chain, the love and care of Laksh was symbolized. There was no separation for either of the ring as it was intertwined. He turned Ragini again while Ragini smiled through tears of joy while he smiled from the corner of his lips.
Laksh : Did you like it?
Rahini hugged him tightly and nodded her head.
Ragini : You will never leave me hena Laksh?
Laksh : Never, not only this life even all our births.
Ragini : What made you buy this btw hub?
Laksh breaks the hug.
Laksh whispers : I hurt you and I’m sorry.
Ragini : Then I will get only very few of those because you don’t hurt me at all.

Laksh chuckles while Ragini pouts. Laksh held her hand and kissed it and took a ring with a tiny diamond stone on it.
Ragini : Laksh are you okay?
Laksh nods and makes her wear.
Laksh : This is for making the worlds delicious food for me.
Ragini is just out of words, she smiles while tears roll down her cheeks she runs out of the room crying and she runs up stairs. Laksh tries to follow her but he stops seeing Ap coming out of her room.
Ap : What are you doing at this hour?
Laksh : Woh ma…water.
Ap : Go to your room I will bring you.
Laksh nods and goes in and sits on the bed. Ap comes in and looks around gives him water. Laksh drinks it and lies on the bed. Ap switches off the light and goes closing the door behind her. Ragini sits on the couch and cries.
Ragini’s POV.
Do you deserve this much love? Can anyone love someone to this extent, that for speaking a word against me he felt guilty? What did I give him in return from the beginning? Nothing but pain, hurt, misery and agony. Still I’m making him suffer, should I have to leave him? No leaving somebody after knowing your importance to them is the biggest punishment I will give him. I won’t leave him but fight for him until the end. He is my right, he is my life, and he is my Laksh.
Ragini’s POV ends.

She gets changed in to Laksh’s pajamas and she remembers Laksh and her moments and smiles. She just holds his photo which was there on the bed side table and pecks it. She hugs it and Laksh’s pillow and sleeps. She doesn’t at all get sleep, Ragini keeps turning sides and eventually she falls asleep with tiredness of working. On the other hand Laksh finishes his studying work and lies on the bed and falls asleep while he was looking at Ragini’s sleeping photo in his phone. It is early morning and Laksh awakes and walks to the washroom and comes out with his track suit and walks to kitchen. He prepares coffee for Ragini and goes up to their room and opens it while he finds Ragini sleeping cuddling in to the pillow and his frame beside her. Laksh places the coffee cup and shakes Ragini.
Laksh : Ragini good morning jaan awake (Ragini awakes with a jerk when she heard Laksh’s voice and smiles looking at him, she widens her hand and he hugs her and breaks the hug after few seconds) go get freshen, yesterday I submitted your assignment too but today I can’t leave you to cut college. So now go brush your teeth and drink the coffee and start studying and I’m going to jog. (Ragini looks at him still smiling and he turns to leave but again turns to Ragini) Today after lunch break we don’t have lectures so I will start teaching you money and banking. (Ragini nods and sleeps again. Laksh face palms and looks on.) Ragini…
Ragini : Let me sleep for another little while, early in the morning you have awoken me what kind of husband you are.
Laksh keeps his hand on the forehead and walks out while Ragini sleeps again. Laksh gets down the stairs while Sanskaar comes down wearing the track suit.
Sanskaar : Laksh did you start going jogging?
Laksh nods and walks out in frustrations and gets in to the car and hits the steering wheel in frustration. Sanskaar comes and get in too.
Laksh : I have no any idea what to do? Feeling helpless Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Now tell me the problem hena Lucky, I will try to find out a way.
Laksh : She is so tired after working and if she works so much she has no energy to study. I can’t see her on this state. She was grown up in a criminal’s house but with all the comfort even the car door was open by another man, she is not used to this. Getting a first class degree is her dream, she wanted to be an independent business woman and now I’m being a barrier for her dreams.
Sanskaar : We will think of it, or if you are finding hard just let Swara take of her.
Laksh : No Sanskaar I can’t run from my responsibilities and duties. I will do something else.
Laksh drives off, Swara awakes and comes out of the washroom getting ready and she walks to Ragini’s room and knocks it and Ragini opens the door.
Ragini : Come in Swara.
Ragini walks back to the dresser and wipes her wet hair and wears the chain Laksh gifted her.
Swara : It is a pretty chain Laado.
Ragini : Laksh gifted me yesterday, also this ring.
She shows the ring while Swara smiles.
Swara : That chain shows many things to the world Laado.
Ragini nods and holds it, Laksh enters the room and looks at Ragini.
Ragini : Good morning.
Laksh : Good morning, at least now you woke. I thought you must be sleeping still.
Ragini : Sleeping still? Did you come and awake me before?
Laksh looks at the side table and finds the coffee is still there. Laksh walks to her and makes her wear the mangalsutra and applies the sindoor on her maang.
Laksh : It is really painful for me to see you in this state Ragini, who got you this coffee then? Seriously don’t you remember?
Ragini looks at the coffee and gets teary.
Ragini : No Laksh, I thought I dreamt you coming and asking me to study.
Laksh walks out giving a painful smile while Ragini looks at Swara and Swara comes to her.
Swara : Ragini he is right, it is really painful to see you in this state. You are not used to do this much hard work and when you do it is like you are drunk as you are that tired, also you have to study to achieve your dreams.
Ragini look on while Swara leaves out. Ragini comes down stairs and walks to the kitchen; she again starts preparing paratha looking at the phone. She finishes preparing and places them on the table. Laksh is really upset while Ragini is just worried for making Laksh upset. All of them finish eating, Laksh, Ragini and Swara get in to the car and Laksh drives off.
Ragini : I promise (Laksh looks at her) I promise you that I will do my house core only until 10.00 p.m. I will sleep after that and awake at early morning 4.00 a.m and study until 6.00 a.m. Pakka.
Laksh and Swara look at each other while Ragini makes a pout sad face. Laksh holds her cheek and caresses it.
Laksh : Good girl and don’t worry I will help you.
Ragini nods and Laksh reaches college.

Scenes shifts to MM, where Harini comes and takes blessing from Ap and Dp.
Ap : How are you beta?
Harini : I’m fine aunty.
Ap : Why are you addressing me as aunty?
Dp : Why what is wrong with that?
Ap : She has been calling me ma until now and it is odd for me to be called as aunty.
Harini : But there was a reason then but not now.
Ap : Still there is a reason Harini.
Dp : What are you talking Annapoorna?
Ap : Harini come beta, I will show you the dresses I bought for Laksh’s wife. (She laughs) well the dresses I bought for you.
Harini smiles and Ap takes her to her room while Dp shakes his head in disbelief. Sanskaar comes down and both of them get in to the car.
Dp : Tomorrow is the reception, as Laksh, Ragini and Swara are busy can you help me Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : Papa what are you asking me? This is my reception too.
Dp : It is hard to believe people Sanakaar, the works and talks your ma does has made me really disappoint.
Sanskaar : Don’t worry papa she will be okay.
Dp : Hope so

It is evening both Ragini and Laksh along with Swara reach home. Swara gets down the car while Ragini turns to leave but Laksh holds her hand. Swara looks at them and smiles and she walks in. Ragini asks what raising her eye brows while Laksh gives an intense look.
Ragini : If you are done staring at me can I leave?
Laksh shakes his head and drags her to his chest and she hugs him. Laksh breaks the hug and pecks on her forehead.
Laksh : Don’t take too much stress or think you are making me suffer. I love this suffering too as it will bring happiness in our life. Whatever it is just share with me okay?
Ragini nods and smiles, she pecks his lips and gets down while he also gets down. Ragini and Laksh enter and find Harini helping in decorations. Ragini and Laksh look at each other. Laksh signs her to go up, Ragini nods and walks up. Laksh walks to his room while Harini looks confused, Laksh comes out after having a bath with wet hair wearing a t shirt and pajama. Ragini too comes down and walks to Laksh.
Ragini mummers : Go wipe your head properly or you would catch a cold.
Laksh leans to her ear.
Laksh whispers : If you want, you wipe my hair.(He pecks her cheek and raises her eyebrows) or let me suffer from cold.
Ragini : If you suffer do you think I get happiness? Already I’m worried for getting separated from you and now…
Laksh interrupts : Okay okay meri ma, I will wipe. (Ragini pouts and turns while Laksh holds her by her wrist, and touches her neck.) Where is the chain I gave you?
Raigni : Forgot it, it is on the dresser.
Laksh : I want it to be in your neck forever along with the mangalsutra.
Ragini : I will bring it.
Ragini runs up while Harini who was observing all these gets frustrated and grits her teeth. Swara comes down and walks to kitchen and starts preparing tea while Ragini comes downstairs wearing the chain and she walks to kitchen and prepares coffee for Laksh and takes out all the stuff needed for dinner and keeps. She walks to Laksh’s room and opens it. Laksh is on a call and Ragini shows the cup to him and he signs her to keep. She places the coffee and hugs Laksh from behind while Laksh smiles and holds her hand.
Laksh : Yeah, I will clear up everything by Monday.
Laksh hangs up and turns.
Ragini : What to clear up everything hub?
Laksh : Your papa’s case angel, also on Monday I have to change your name in college.
Ragini nods and Laksh smiles.
Ragini : What about our marriage certificate?
Laksh : That too we will get on Monday.
Ragini : Okay, I have to go prepare dinner. Ma and papa will return at any time.
Laksh : Where did they go?
Ragini : To invite few guests.
Ragini turns to leave while Laksh drags her by her waist and she clashes on his chest.
Laksh : Let me spend time with you without any tension now.
Ragini giggles.
Ragini : That much scared of ma?
Laksh pecks her neck while she closes her eyes.
Laksh : No, I want my wife to win this challenge.
Ragini turns to Laksh and looks at him while Laksh gives an intense look.
Ragini : Why are you supporting me…
Before she could complete Laksh places his finger on her lip.
Laksh : Because you are right.
Ragini whispers : I love you.
Laksh : Love you more.
Ragini smiles while Laksh pecks her forehead.
Ragini : Can I go make dinner please?
Laksh shakes his head and makes her turn and plants few trace wet kisses on her shoulder and neck. He drags her closer holding her waist. Ragini breaths heavily while Laksh makes her turn and pecks her ear lobe.
Laksh whispers : You are the best thing which ever happened in my life.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh comes back rubbing his cheek to hers. He tightened the grip on her waist and pecks her cheek, it turned pink while Ragini gives an intense and lovely look to Laksh and she holds his t shirt in on hand and his cheek on the other hand and they are so so so close to each other. Laksh pecks her other cheek and then both her round eyes.
Laksh whispers : You an angel from god do me. How can you look so beautiful life?
Ragini smiles and roll her eyes up and moves her hand to his neck. Laksh drags her closer and kisses her soft lip and she too reciprocated equally, it turns out to be an intense one and Ragini clutched his t shirt and ran her hand through his hair. They break it when Harini opened the door suddenly. Laksh and Ragini apart away and gets embarrassed.
Harini : I’m sorry.
She turns to leave and her eyes get welled up as she saw something really painful for her.
Laksh : It is fine Harini, tell me why did you come?
Harini : Well I came to tell that I’m leaving but I forgot that…
Laksh interrupts : It is fine.
Ragini : No Harini stay and have dinner and go.
Laksh : Well yeah she is right.
Harini : No it is fine I’m leaving guys bye.
Ragini and Laksh nods.
Ragini : Because of you only she didn’t eat also.
She goes out stamping her feet while Laksh chuckles.
Flashback ends.

Ragini and Laksh brings pack Lavanya to the guest house along with Sanskaa, Aditya and Swara. Sawitha, Sandya and Rahul come running. Laashya and Raghav come and hug Lavanya.
Laashya : Papa, missed you so much.
Papa : Really even me baby.
Laashya : Di how are you? Where did you go leaving me?
Lavanya : Sorry but di won’t leave you ever.
Raghav : Pakka?
Lavanya : Pakka.
Ap : Lavanya, Adi and Laksh go and have a wash, Swara come beta we will serve breakfast.
Everyone go to their room while AP and Swara go to kitchen. Ragini enters the room behind Laksh and she hugs him tightly.
Ragini : I knew my Laksh will make everything back to normal.
Laksh : And it is just because of you.
Laashya enters and walks to them and stands in between Ragini and Laksh, Ragini breaks the hug and frowns at Laashya while Laksh carries her.
Ragini : You are really jealous that I’m hugging my husband.
Laashya : But he is my papa.
Ragini : But he is mine before he is yours.
Laashya : He loves me more than you.
Ragini : You think so.
Laksh : Ragini…
Laashya gets angry and tears.
Laashya : Papa tell mama that you love me more than you love her.
Ragini : He won’t tell, you go.
Laksh : I love my Laashya than my Ragini.
Laashya chuckles and sticks her tongue out while Ragini frowns and smirks. Laashya jumps and pecks on Ragini‘s cheek and Ragini smiles and carries her.
Ragini : I love you too my life.
Laksh : Now mama daughter got together?
Ragini and Laashya : Haa.
Rahul enters the room carrying Raghav.
Rahul : Papa hide him somewhere before di comes.
Laksh : What did he do?
Rahul : He spilt the chocolate milkshake on di’s white t shirt which papa bought for her.
Laksh walks out to Lavanya’s room where Sawitha and Sandya are holding Lavanya.
Laavnya : Leave me…
Laksh comes and Sandya and Sawitha leave Lavanya. She rushes to Laksh and shows the t shirt. Laksh pecks her forehead.
Laksh : I will get you a new one Luv, leave him sweet heart.
Lavanya : Papa he is such a shoutan.
Laksh : Just like her di.
Lavanya : Papa…
Laksh interrupts : Can’t my princess remember she splashed the ketchup on my shirt which your badai papa bought.
Lavanya pouts and nods.
Lavanya : But I won’t leave him.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : Don’t leave him as well us.
Lavanya marches to Laksh’s room where Raghav is hidden behind Ragini.
Lavanya : Raghav come to di.
Raghav : Can’t
Laashya : Di he is behind mama.
Laashya and Rahul high five. Lavanya walks to Ragini.
Raghav : Mama save me
Rahul : I don’t know I hid you but your behan made you get caught.
Ragini moves while Raghav grins and Lavanya carries him and frown while Raghav pecks on her cheek. Lavanya smiles and pecks him back.
Lavanya : I love you for troubling me.
Raghav hugs Lavanya while Laashya and Rahul face palms while Ragini and Laksh smiles looking at them.
Ragini : I really want my family to be like this
Laksh : Best children ever.
Laashya and Rahul : Best papa
Raghav and Lavanya : And best mama ever.

Screen freezes on their happy faces.

So hope this update was good well I get yelled by my friends for calling it not good so hope that I had made it up to your expectations and yeah a lot more to come as well as a lot more to unfold so do keep reading and commenting as it is the only way to convey it…Well you might think why is this ff is put this much effort it is probably because the new found relations who I found through this….Thank alot for being with me and supporting with me and I’m really grateful for each of you….Keep reading and supporting love you guys and take care…meet up with another episode very soon

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