Destiny’s game Part-1

Continuation of destiny
Madhu’s arrival at spot:

Producer welcoming madhu and he is introducing her to everyone!! as she is lovable she can mingle with everyone easily. Once She is reached the shoot set become fun.Till now she doesn’t meet rishab ,madhu will think about her work,and added that she too starts to sets a dress to hero as well as heroine.
Everyone starts praising her work as she wants every work in a perfect manner ( we can say she is lightly a perfect freak).

Once the dress is all set!! The costumes goes to rishab .For a day long he never liked any of his costumes without his guidance but he is surprisingly look into the dress which is his likings and the costumes designed and the way the designs arranged all are same as rk’s views. He wondered who is the one to made this. He called bittuji and asked about new costumer designer. bittuji worried about madhu as she is going to get a scolding at her first day itself. He worryingly calls madhu and conveyed about Rk want her to meet him. She is going to meet him.
Two become one by the sight

She goes near by the caravan and knocked once before she enter. RK allowing her to enter in and asked madhu why do you want me to meet you? doesn’t you like my choices in your costumes. Before she continues further RK stopped her and turn around to see her. Their eyes each other they almost lost in their own world both feel like they have meet each other a decades of time. RK heart becomes child and want to hug her and want to spend with her in his rest of the lives.he going through many thoughts.madhu looks drumstuck and shaking Rk and asking what are you looking for? Rk come into senses and says nothing , your choices are exactly good which is matching mine. As no one ever done this and starts to praise bittuji’s come to the place since madhu didn’t come from the caravan.he shocked to look as first time RK praising someone and get calm madhu didn’t face any worst situation on her first day.

To be continued…..

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