Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 27

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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 27

The epsiode starts with Swara looking at Harini and Doctor Priya.
Swara : Tell me what happened to Ragini?
Just then another doctor shouts.
Doctor : Doctor there is another baby.
Doctor and Preeti rushes in leaving Swara to the utter shock. After few minutes Dr. Priya and Harini comes out with another boy.
Harini : It is a boy.
Doctor Priya : We saw only one baby in the scan and the other one was not visible. (Actually there are chances to happened like this. One such instance happened with one of my relative)
The babies cry more louder and Swara takes the girl to the hand. She tries to calm her down but is failing.l and the boy baby is in Pretti’s hand. Laksh is seen moving his hand slowly and suddenly he takes a deep breath and machines starts making noices. Sanskaar rushes and calls the doctors. The nurses and doctors enter.
Doctor Mehera : Mr. Sanskaar please stay out we will check him.
Sanskaar goes out and hugs Dp and Dp is having tears.
Sanskaar : Nothing will happen to our Laksh. He has to live for his Ragini, for his children and for his family.

Laksh’ POV.
My eyes were closed but I could fell whatever was happening around me. The last thing I remember is. my Ragini shouting my name. I know she is alright that is the only reason that I’m still living but I feel like someone needs me at the moment (The screen shifts to the babies crying very loud) Someone close to me needs me. God please help me to open my eyes. I need to go to my Ragini, I think she needs me.
Laksh’s POV ends.
Laksh starts breathing heavily and the docotrs adjusts the equipments properly.

Scene shifts to MM Annapurna is trying to call Sanskaar but is unable to reach. She comes into the mandir and finds Lavanya kneeling down while threst are standing and praying. Lavanya faints down.
Ap : Lavanya…
The rest of the kids rushes to hern Sandesh carries Lavanya to her room. Her knees have turned red and wounded. She was mummering “Mama” and “Papa” continously. Ap sits and rest sit on the bed. She starts caressing her head.
Sandya : Daadi I will get her something to drink.
Sawitha goes near Lavanya and holds her hand she has tears in her eyes. Sandesh also has tears. Rahul comes and hugs Lavanya really tight.
Rahul : No di nothing will happen to you. Your chotu is there with you di nothing will happen to mama or papa.
Sawitha caresses his hair.

Scene shifts to the hospital.
Swara : No this can’t happen.
She along with the baby goes inside. She keeps the babies near Ragini.
Swara look at your babies, yours and Laksh’s daughter and son. Look Ragini she has the same eyes as yours and he has the same nose as Laksh (She is screaming and the babies starts crying more louder) Awake, your children are crying. Ragini (She starts shaking Ragini)They need you Ragini.

Sanskaar is continously looking from the door. He could clearly see how much Laksh is struggling.

Flashback 17 years ago. (No one is thinking or narrating)

Swara stops the car, Swara and Ragini are shell shocked.
Ragini : Laksh…
She hurriedly gets down out of the car and goes near the light post and finds Laksh unconciously lieing on the steering wheel. Ragini starts crying and shaking him. Swara with the help of some people manages to take Laksh to the car. They place Laksh on Ragini’s lap while Swara starts driving.
Ragini : Laksh awake, your Ragini has come.(She remembers her telling that she won’t even care if he dies) I’m sorry Laksh I shouldn’t have told so much. I completely believe you and trust you.

They reach the the hospital. They take Laksh to the OT. Ragini hugs Swara tightly and cries.
Swara : Shshsh Ragini stop crying nothing happened to him.
Ragini : It was all because of me. If something happens to him I won’t forgive myself.

Ragini’s phone rings and it is Sanskaar.
Ragini : Hello (Her voice is cracking)
Sanskaar : Ragini where are you?
Ragini : Why Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : Laksh is missing from an hour, he usually doesn’t go out without informing.
Ragini : Sanskaar (She closes her eyes and lets the tears roll down) Laksh met with an accident.
Sanskaar : Accident? No where is he?
Ragini : City Hospital.
They hang up.

Swara is consoling Ragini the doctor comes out. Ragini rushes to him.
Doctor : Nothing to worry, A few blood loss has happened. Does any of you have B negative blood.
Swara : I’m having B negative.
Doctor : That is great we don’t have enough time.
Swara goes along with the doctor. Ragini sits there and remembers how rudely she spoke. A nurse comes with a form and gives to Ragini.
Nurse : Please fill this form.
Ragini fills it hurriedly.
Ragini : Spouse, Parent, Sibling? What should I tick? Ahhhhhh I dont have time to think.
She ticks infront of the ‘spouse’ and signs. She gives the papers to the nurse and runs to the mandir. She starts praying with closed eyes and just then someone holds the shoulder. Ragini turns and finds Sanskaar standing.
Sanskaar : Laksh??
Ragini : Operation is going on and nothing serious.
He prays to the god and headed to the OT along with Ragini. After few minutes Swara comes out with a cotton on her hand.
Sanskaar : What is she doing? (He asks it with a confused look ) Was she the reason for Laksh’s accident?
Rahini bows her head down as she knew who was the reason. Just then doctor comes out.
Doctor : Thank you Ms. Bose it was a great help and now the patient will be shifted to the normal ward and you can go visit and nothing to worry it is just a leg fracture I mean the bone has dislocated and there was blood lost near the forehead.
The doctor leaves while while Swara looks at Sanskaar innocently.
Ragini : No she just helped donating blood for Laksh.
Sanskaar without his knowledge hugs Swara and Swara is taken aback with his sudden movement and then feels that her shoulder is wet.
Sanskaar : Thank alot for saving my Laksh.
Swara : He is my friend.
Ragini gets teary and folds her hand to Swara in a thanking way and sobs. Swara without breaking the hug shakes her head to Ragini. Laksh is shifted to the normal ward and he was resting. Sanskaar enter and Laksh awakes. Sanskaar hugs Laksh.
Sanskaar : I bought for you a car becuase I was scared you might get accident if its a bike and now…Hereafter I will only drop you and I will only pick you.
Laksh : Bhai…
They break the hug and Laksh’s eyes directly move in to Ragini. She had her head bowed down and eyes welled up. Swara stood beside her looking at Ragini tearing. Ragini is trying her best not break down as Sanskaar is there. Laksh notices that Ragini is trying hard not to cry as she has folded her fists really tight to control herself.
Laksh : Bh…bhai…Voh I’m feeling hungry can you get me something to eat?
Sanskaar nods and leaves.
Laksh : Ragini…
The word ‘Ragini’ was uttered by Laksh’s mouth Ragini couldn’t control herself anymore. She just dragged herself to his chest and broke down. She cried as much as a human could cry. On one hand the guilt for accusing her Laksh on the other hand the pain she gave to him both physically and mentally.
Laksh : Shshshshs…(He wraps his hand around her and tighens his grip the other hand had connected to the blood tube) Ragini…
Everytime he takes her name Ragini could feel his love and care for her. She just tightened her hug and let her tears roll down. After crying so hard for minutes she broke the hug and was unable to make eye contact with him. Laksh makes her look into his eyes and wipes her tears with his thumb. He pecks her forehead and kisses both her eyes.
Ragini while sobbing : Lak…Laksh forg…give me.
Laksh whispers : I won’t be a man if I don’t understand your pain and love towards me Ragini.
Ragini : I’m sorry for behaving rudely.
Laksh : I know jaan it was very hard for you to believ men and when you started believing me I shouldn’t have made you even feel like cheating. Fault is totaly mine. I ended up like this thinking that I made you so much worried.
Ragini looks at him lovingly and an unknown smile appear.
Ragini : I doubt whether I deserve you.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : I know bhai is abit less handsome than me but don’t think of leaving me as it will never happen.
Ragini beats Laksh while he screams
Ragini : Sorry…Did it hurt?
Laksh shakes his head and smiles Ragini pecks his cheek and gets up. Just then Sanskaar happens to enter with a ward boy and a trolly with a soup bowl and juice. Swara thinks that RagLak should spend more time togehter so she makes a quick plan.
Swara : I will go buy the medicines and come.
She take the prescription and turns to leave.
Sanskaar : I will go buy.
Swara : Ohh yeah sure why don’t we both go?
Sanskaar looks at Swara weirdly.
Sanskaar : Why do you have to come?
Swara : Woh…I just thought of going for a walk. Doctor said I should walk so my blood which I donated will get circulated.
Sanskaar doesn’t find any sense.
Swara : Are you gonna come or not?
Sanskaar looks at Ragini and Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Both of you go.
Sanskaar nods and leaves along with Swara. Ragini takes the soup bowl and sits beside Laksh and starts feeding him and she is still tearing.
Laksh : Stop balming yourself.
Ragini : I love you.
Laksh smiles and holds her cheek.
Laksh : I love you too.
Ragini : Btw don’t you think that we should tell Sanskaar?
Laksh : When the time comes I will tell.
The nurse enters.
Nurse : Mr. Maheshwari there is an injection to be injected.
Laksh : Injection? No way
Ragini : Laksh…
Ragini moves towards him and rests his head on her stomach and he hugs her like a small kid by that time the nurse injects him.
Nurse : Nurse make your husband finish eating and then give the medicine.
Ragini smiles and nods while Laksh rests back. He makes Ragini sit beside him and holds her hand.
Laksh : How did you feel when I was called as your husband?
Ragini blushes and bends her head down and looks deep into Laksh’s eyes.
Ragini : I can’t express the happiness in words.
Laksh : What about in action?
Ragini hugs him really tight and Laksh hugs her back. Ragini breaks the hug and pecks his forehead. Laksh smiles gently both of them share and intense, lovely, painful, passionate and a cute eyelock which showed how much each other love each other.

Flashback ends

Laksh slowly opens the eyed and whispers “Ragini”. The machines come back to normal. The doctors get relieved and relaxed. Docotr come out.
Docotr Mehra : He is saved and nothing there to worry. Don’t give him any shock for few days and let hime take rest. Make sure he doesn’t go umder any stress.
Sanskaar is relieved and is hapoy. He rushes to Laksh along with Dp. Laksh has his eyes opened.
Laksh : Where is Ragini?
Sanskaar : Nothing happened to her?
Laksh : No Sanskaar I’m feeling restless I have to mee them.
Sanskaar : No way…
Laksh interrupts : I said I want to meet my Ragini and my baby. (He doesn’t know the fact that it is not baby but babies)
Sanskaar nods and leaves to arrange everything to make Laksh meet Ragini. Laksh enters Ragini’s room seated in wheel chair and all his tubes are connected. He sees Swara holding a baby and trying to console and Harini holding another baby and consoling. Laksh looks at them confusingly and then his eyes moves to Ragini lieing on the.
Laksh : What is happening?
Swara and Harini turn and finds Laksh. Laksh looks at the bebies and the babies are still crying. Swara and Harini has tears in their eyes.
Swara : I know Laksh it is very hard for you to control but you have to accept the truth.
Laksh : What truth? (He is tensed and panicking) Tell me.
Swara closes her eyes and lets her tears flow. z
Harini : She is slippd in to coma.
Laksh and Sanskaar are shocked.
Swara : And these are your babies.
Harini and Swara comes and shows them to Laksh. Laksh is numb he just looks at them with teary eyes. He then moves towards Ragini and holds her hand.
Laksh : You are in this condition only because of me. I will never forgive myself for seprating you from your kids. My sorry won’t change anything(He starts tearing)I’m the total fault for seperating you from your husband. I need you moreover out kids need you.
He cries and rests his head on her hand. Sanskaar comes and holds Laksh’s shoulder while Laksh keeps sobbing.
Sanskaar : You have to be strong Laksh, strong for you kids. Look they need you.
Laksh then turns to the babies and takes the girl to the lap and she stops crying. Swara and Harini are surprised. Laksh smiles among his tears.
Laksh : Will you forgive your papa for seperating your mama from you?
The baby just keeps looking at him and then smiles.
Laksh : She is just like my Ragini when she smiles.
Swara takes the baby and she cries so Laksh just holds her and hugs the baby tightly and cries. Laksh the looks at Harini who is trying to calm the baby and the baby calms down and Laksh smiles. He looks at Ragini and tears starts rolling from his eyes. His heart pained as if someone was stabbing it. His silent sobbing turned out to be loud cry when he remembered their moments. He closes his eyes and remembers all theur moments when Ragini was pregnant.

The screen freezes on the crying and painful face of Laksh.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna -Sawitha

Shakti Arora – Aditya
Radhika Madan – Simran
Preetika Rao – Dr. Harini

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