Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 28

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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 28

The epsiode starts with Laksh entring to MM along with Ragini sitting in a wheel chair. Sanskaar Swara are carrying the babies. Ap doesn Aartia and cries looking at Ragini. Lavanya and Rahul comes running and hugs Laksh, then Sawitha, Sandya and Sandesh also comes and hug. Laksh hugs all the kids back.
Rahul : Where is my choti bhai?
Sanskaar : Here he is.
Lavanya : How is mama? Why is she in a wheel chair?
Laksh closes his eyes and lets the tears fall. Swara thinks of divering.
Swara : And this is you choti sister.
Sandesh : Phew I thought it was you kid.
Swara gives death glare to Sandesh.
Ap : Laksh beta go take rest and rest of you come to have breakfast.
The kids go in. Laksh carries Ragini.
Sanskaar : Lucky…
Laksh : She is not a burden to me.
Laksh carries her and goes upstairs. Swara and Sanskaar places the baby on the bed beside Ragini.
Swara : If you need anything let me know. Harini will be coming in a while with all the equipments to be fixed for Ragini.
Laksh nods while Swara and Sanskaar leave. Laksh closes the door and sits beside Ragini.
Laksh : Me myself made my life a hell. I don’t know how am I going to speand my life without you crazy acts, stupid talks, lame fights, harsh caring, unconditional love.(He starts tearing)but you don’t worry I will never let my promise break.
The baby starts crying Laksh goes near him and carries then the other baby cries. Laksh sits on the bed and takes both of them on this lap and consoles them. Just then he hears a knock on the door.
Laksh : Come in.
Harini enters along with a nurse and another few ward boys.
Harini : Shall I manage him?
Laksh nods and she takes the boy baby and he clams down. Laksh calms the girl baby. The fix the machines and connects it to Ragini.
Harini : Give her only semi solids and liquids and if you need any help call me.
Laksh nods. Harini places the baby who is asleep on the bed and he has held Harini’s duppata. Laksh removes it and smiles. Harini smiles and leave. Swara enters with two bottles of milk.
Swara : He has slept.
Laksh : Harini made him sleep.
Swara : Ohh okay, Laksh what name have you decide to name them as?
Laksh : No I have not thought actually have to discuss with Ragini…
Laksh stops and realizes what he told.
Swara : I understand, btw shall I handle her?
Laksh : No I will manange
Swara nods and leave. Laksh feeds the girl baby and he makes her asleep. He places her on the bed and walks to the couch and sits and he remembers all what happened in the past few days starts tearing.

Scene shifts to SwaSan’s room.
Swara : Sanskaar tomorrow after office we’ll both go get stuffs for the babies.
Sanskaar : Laksh would have bought them before hand so stop worrying.
Swara : I don’t how to console him making him strong while me myself is not strong.
Sanskaar : We can’t shatter Swara but always be a support to them like they always supported us.
Swara nods and Sanskaar hugs him.

Scene ahifts RagLak’s room. Laksh was lost in his thoughts just then he hears a knock on the door.
Laksh : Come in.
Lavanya alomg with Rahul enter. Both of them come and sit on the either side of the couch.
Rahul : Papa, why didn’t mama comes to meet us? Is she so busy with the babies?
Laksh bites his lower lip and tears roll down the cheek.
Laksh : Beta mama won’t awake.
Lavanya : What fo you mean papa?
Laksh : She is in a deep sleep but don’t know until when. She can hear and feel us but can’t react it called coma.
Rahul gets teary.
Rahul : Then won’t mama come back papa.
Laksh : She will she has to come for us.
Lavanya rests her head on his chest.
Lavanya : Was it all because of me mama went in to coma?
Laksh : How can it be you? It is the circumstance.
Rahul : No it was all because of these babies. I hate them.
Laksh looks shocked and shakes his head.
Laksh : Both of you go and have you lunch, papa will give food for mama and come, go.
Rahul nods and leave. Lavanya still resting her head on Laksh’s chest.
Lavanya : Today that Aditya papa will come to take me hena?
Laksh hugs her really tight.
Laksh : No he won’t.
Lavanya : What if he? Papa now you have your daughter so papa will you leave me?
Laksh gets angry and makes her look in to his eyes.
Laksh : Listen Lavanya no matter how many daughters or children I get you will always be my first child. How can I make you understand that no one can replace you? You are speacial, you are the first to call me ‘papa’. You are the first child who gave me the warmth of daughter. You will always reamin speacial in me and your mama’s heart. (His eyes get welled up while Lavanya looks on) I will never let anyone take you away from me you are my life.
Lavanya : Sorry papa…
Laksh : I understand you, you thought once a new baby come I will send you away and one’s a new baby comes I love and take care of that baby more than you. It will never happen all of you will have equal love and care but you are my first princess. You are ver speacial than the other three.
Lavanya : How can you know what I exactly think papa?
Laksh : Because I’m yourpapa(Lavanya hugs him really tight and Laksh pecks her head)Now come let’s go down to eat.
Laksh takes both the babies and down while its shown tears rolling down from Ragini’s eyes.

Fashback 17 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Laksh was sleeping in his room while Ap was caressing his head. Sanskaar enters.
Ap : Sanskaar beta I think his medicine is getting over.
Sanskaar : I’ll go buy.
Sanskaar takes Laksh’s medical file and starts searching for the precription and suddenly his eye catch up with the operation papers. Sanskaar is shocked.
Ap : Beta if Laksh awakes make him drink the juice I have go prepare lunch.
Sanskaar is lost in his thoughts while Ap leaves.
Sanskaar : Why does she have to sign as the spouse? At least sibling would be fine than why did choose spouse.
Laksh awakes and finds Sanskaar lost in his thought.
Laksh : Bhai…Sanskaar…(He shouts and Sanskaar jerks and looks at him) Take my phone and give.
Sanskaar takes it and finds a pop up messege from Ragini asking “How do you feel today? (And a worried face)” Sanskaar gives it to Laksh and sits beside Laksh. Laksh smiles looking at the phone.
Sanskaar : Laksh are you hiding something?
Laksh : What do you mean?
Sanskaar : No Ragini has messeged you…
Laksh interrupts : I’m gonna get related to her may be she was shy to as you and the other thing is she is my classmate bhai.
Sanskaar just smiles.
Sanskaar : I’ll go buy your medicine.
Laksh nods and Sanskaar leaves. Laksh sighs and calls Ragini.
Laksh : Hello.
Ragini : How are you?
Laksh : Feeling better but we have to do something ti bhai’s matter.
Ragini : Shall I speak to him?
Laksh : No it is fine I will cook up an idea. Id Swara would have been single we could have patch them up.
Ragini : Still the idea is not bad. It is not that Swara is really interested in the marraige.
Laksh : I don’t want anyone to get hurt because of us moreoever I don’t want you to get hurt.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : Let me finish, the fact that you being called as my bhabhi kills me. I can’t even think of it so I will try my best to do something.
Ragini : Laksh don’t stress yourself too much. It is been a week since I met you.
Laksh : Even I feel to meet you and I miss your annoying face so much.
Ragini : Even I miss your monkey face.
Swara grabs the phone.
Swara : Let my friend spend a bit of time with me.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : Ok ok Madame I will hang up give the phone to my jaan.
Swara gives the phone making a angry face.
Ragini : Okay then take care, don’t stress yourself, drink you medicines on time, have your meals properly, make sure Sanskaar stay with you so when you need to use washroom or something he will help you, drink a glass of milk every night.
Laksh : Anything else you forgot?
Ragini : I love you Laksh(Her voice starts cracking) Take speacial care of my Laksh.
Laksh smiles and nods.
Laksh : Are you crying? Wipe your tears, I will take care and it is a promise. (Ragini wipes) Love you too jaan. Take care.
Both of them hang up.

Simran enters the room along with Sanskaar.
Simran : Laksh drink the almond milk it is really good for your health.
Laksh : I don’t like the taste of it.
Sanskaar : Come on Lucky drinl it.
Simran : Have to get you married too then only you will be under control.
Laksh : Darling sister when are you going to rule someone then?
Simran remembers Aditya and blushes and also she remembers the muted converstaion of him and hers.
Sanskaar : Look someone is blushing, it seems like she has already found whom to rule over.
Laksh and Sanskaar laughs while Simran fumes.
Simran : Lucky because of your accident the wedding alk the rituals are postponed or I was very busy with marraige preparations.
Laksh : What? For how long?
Sanskaar : Two months, I asked to postpone it. Ma spoke with Shekhar uncle too.
Laksh in his mind : Oh no for two months I will have to tell bhai somehow.
Simran’s phone rings and she leaves.
Sanskaar : I think she is really hiding something from us.
Laksh : Yeah Sanskaar we have to find it somehow.

Scene shifts to Aditya’s room.
Aditya : So I will also have to postpone my mission for another two months. Btw Simrwn you beleive me right?
Simran : More than myself, I saw true love in your eyes.
Aditya : I love you and take care, make sure you don’t get caught.
Simran : Love you too.

Scene shifts to GM.
Swara : So our wedding is after two months?
Sumi : Haa, I have spoke with Sujatha ji and she told that it is good as you and Aditya beta can get to know each other.
Swara : I have nothing to know about him.
Ragini comes with a big bag packed.
Sumi : Shall we leave?
Ragini, Sumi and Swara come to the hall.
Shekhar : Take care of her Sumi ji and I will send Ashley and Prakash along with you.
Sumi : Shekhar ji I don’t think they are necessary after Ragini is engaged and what will Sanskaar and his family think about her?
Shekhar : Yeah I don’t want bad name to my family so need of body gaurds. I will be returning after few weeks and not sure when. Ragini beta take care.
Ragini : Ji papa.

The three of them leave. The enter BM, swara and Ragini go to Swara’s room. Ragini sits on the bed and relaxes.
Ragini : Free at last.
Swara laughs.
Swara : Don’t forget you have entered another prison.
Ragini : At least you rule on your prisom but me?(She makes sad pout face)
Swara : Just forvfew days and your Orince Laksh will come in a horse and kidnap you and go, but me? Then I will enter another prison where I womder whether I eill be able to rule or not. That mother in law is basically a comedy role. All the time “chori come here, chori do this, chori chori chori” (Ragini starts laughing) but ypur mother in law is so sweet. “Beta it is okay don’t do this, beta you can have this, beta beta beta” She is such an adorable woman.
Ragini : We could have patched you up with Sanskaar if he is not engaged with me and you not engaged with that Aditya.
Swara : Who that khadoos? Forget Aditya is far better than that mental. Such a tube light he is.

Scene shifts to MM.
Laksh : So bhai what do you think about Swara?
Sanskaar : That jhansi ki rani uffo Lucky why are you spoiling my mood reminding her? Drink the medicine (Sanskaar hands the medicine to Laksh)Ragini is far better far better than that chipakali(Laksh chokes the water about and Sanskaar taps his back) Are you okay?
Laksh : Ha…Haa I’m okay.
Sanskaar : Such a chipakali she is, I don’t why whenever I see that girl she does something stupid and crazy. Why did you ask me about her? Do you have feelings for her?
Laksh : No way there is no way I will love other than my… (He stops and realizes what he was going to say and grins) my…
Sanskaar : My?
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : Myself. Did you get scared that I fell in love with someone or not.
Sanskaar : Nothing like that I know you will share everything with me. Okay Luck I’m sleepy have to take Ragini to a movie.
Laksh tightens his fist
Laksh : Movie?
Sanskaar : Yeah Ma asked me to take and promised her.
Laksh : That can’t happen.
Sanskaar : What can’t happen?
Laksh : You can’t leave me akone and watch a movie.
Laksh makes a cute sad face.
Sanskaar : I’m going with my fiance.
Laksh : But still, let’s do like this we will watch in our home a movie instead. What say?
Sanskaar : The idea seems good don’t know what will Ragini say.
Laksh : She will surely say ok.
Sanskaar : How do you know?
Laksh : Just a guessing ๐Ÿ™‚
Sanskaar : Whatever I will ask and let you know. Now sleep good night.
Sanskaar sleeps and Laksh sighs and sleeps.

Flashback ends.

Swara and Ap were having the babies while Laksh comes downstairs after feeding Ragini. The kids were doing homework on the dining table.
Sanskaar : Sandesh go bring my file in my room the red one.
Sandesh goes upstairs, Laksh comes and sits beside Sandya and starts explaining some doubts. Just the the door bell rings.
Sawitha : I will see who is it.
Sawith rushes to the door and Sandesh comes back down. Sawitha opens the door and is shocked. She comes running downstairs and Samdesh follows her.
Sawitha : That uncle has come.
Swara : Which uncle?
Aditya enters.
Aditya : It is me Aditya, Aditya Singhania
Everyone gets up and comes to the living room. Lavanya hides behind Laksh and Laksh covers her.
Sanskaar : Aditya please try to understand Laksh’s pain, he has lost his wife’s presence and will he be able to stay without his daughter too.
Aditya : But now he has his own daughter.
Laksh grits his teeth and his eyes turn red in anger.
Laksh : Lavanya is my daughter.
Aditya : Ohhh Laksh not agin from the beginning, I have got the order from the court.
Laksh looks at Lavanya and Lavanya hugs Laksh tightly.
Laksh : Tell me anything I’m ready to anything ti her keep her with me.
Aditya : I’m not here to play but to take my right Laksh.
Swara : From where did the right come from? You forgit the right for the past 13 years and from where did the right come?
Aditya : There are some questions which will be unanswered forever and that 13 years I have been living in pain which none of you will understand now I’m here back again to take my right.
Laksh kneels down and wipes Lavanya’s tears and kisses on her forehead and shakes his head indicating not to cry.
Aditya : Okay I will come up with a conclusion. (Everyone looks at him, he removes the shades and looks at Laksh) You can keep Lavanya (Laksh and Lavanya gets happy) But you have to give your new born daughter.
Everyone is shell shocked. Laksh stands up and heads to Aditya while Lavanya looks on.
Laksh : Are you even a human?
Aditya : You can consider me anyhow you want but I want my right ifvyou are rufusing it I will have to take yours.
Laksh turns and looks at Lavanya and the baby. Laksh sighs and remembers all his moments with Lavanya and the family. He closes his eyes an lets tears roll down from his eyes.
Laksh : You can take the baby.
Lavanya is shell shokced and the rest are shocked as well.

The screen freezes on the shocked face of everyone.


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