Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 13

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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 13

The episode starts with Laksh folding his hand near the chest and looking at Ragini.
Laksh : No way Ragini, Rahul’s birthday party won’t happen there. Everytime we go there a bad happenes and last time I raised my hand to you.
Ragini :It doesn’t matter, that and this doesn’t have any connection Laksh, You are just throwing alme excuses.
Laksh scratches his eyebrows and sighs.
Laksh : Ragini I’m telling you one last time and again don’t ever make me repeat this. WE ARE NOT STEPPING MM. Understood?

Laksh goes to the washroom. Ragini comes out and sees Lavanya and Rahul playing hide and seek. She goes and sits in the couch and rests her head. Laksh comes out wearing a bottom and t shirt. Rahul and Lavanya come too.
Rahul : Papa shall we play hide and seek?
Laksh sits near Ragini.
Laksh : Why me beta? You and Di can play.
Rahul : It is not fun to play with two people. Four would be fun, mama you also come.
Ragini : I will come but papa has to agree for my condition.
Lavanya : What condition?
Ragini : It is just a request.(Ragini raises one of her eyebrows at Laksh)
Rahul : Uffo papa whatever it is just accept will you?
Laksh : I can’t.
Ragini : Then I also can’t
Laksh : Don’t be stubborn Ragini.
Ragini : Look who is speaking.
Laksh : I won’t agree.
Ragini : Then I will also not agree.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Laksh…

Lavanya and Rahul who were looking at them swifting there eyes from one side to other get frustrated.
LaRa : Stop it both of you.
RagLak : Can’t
Ragini : Ask him to agree.
Laksh : Tell her to just wait.
Lavnaya : Papa either you will have to agree…
Rahul : Or mama you have to just wait.
RagLak : No way.
Both of them fumes and turns to opposite sides.
Lavanya : Okay let’s do like this, let’s play hide and seek in both of you who ever becomes the catcher for the heighest number of time has to listen to the one who becomes the catcher for the lowest number of time. We will play for an hour.
Rahul : Good idea di
Ragini and Laksh look at each other and then thinks for a while.
RagLak : Okay.
Lavanya : Okay I’ll count.
(She sings some kind of song and makes Rahul out, then she gets out and then Ragini gets out) Papa you arw the catcher.
Laksh : That is unfair.
Lavanya : That is fair. Now go count.

Laksh goes near the main door and hides his face to the door and counts until 60.
Laksh : Ready or not here I come.
Laksh searches, Ragini is seen hiding behind the pantry, Rahul behind his cupboard and Lavanya under RagLak’s bed. Laksh enters Rahu’l room and finds Rahul. Everyone comes out. They play on for a while. Laksh is one one time more than Ragini. Currently Lavnya is the catcher. Ragini hides in between the cupboard and the wall in her room. Laksh comes there.
Ragini whispers : Why did you come?
Laksh : Why shouldn’t I come?
Ragini : Because you will make me caught.
Laksh hears Lavanya coming and gets in to the space in between the cupboard and wall quickly.
Ragini : Laksh there is not enough space so leave.
Laksh : She is coming and I don’t want to get caught and loose, another 15 minutes are only there.
Ragini and Laksh are so close to each other. Their bodies are sticked. Laksh is holding Ragini’s waist and Ragini hands are on his chest. Both of them share a intense eyelock. Lavnya enters there room and starts searching under the bed. She turns to leave, Laksh tries to make a noice so when Lavnya comes towards the cupboard Ragini will be the first person to be seen. Ragini understands this and quickly kisses Laksh on his lips. Laksh doesn’t have any choice reciprocate to Ragini. Laksh tightnes his grip while Ragini moves one of her hand to his neck and the other one is still on his chest. After few minutes Ragini breaks the kiss and grins while Laksh looks at her shockingly. They hear Lavnaya shouting.
Lavanya : I caught Rahul. (Ragini and Laksh comes out) and the time is over, papa is the looser and mama is the winner. So papa has to listen to mama.
Laksh : Your mama cheated so that is not fair.
Ragini : Achcha, then tell them how did I cheat. (Ragini winks at Laksh)
Laksh : Voh…nothing I’ll agree to your mama.
Lavnaya : That’s like my good papa.
Rahul : Mama I’m tired.
Ragini : I’ll get you something to drink.
Ragini goes to the kitchen. Laksh follows her. She opens the fridge and takes out the juice bottle and starts pouring it in to glasses. Laksh comes and hugs from behind
Laksh murmurs : My wife is bcoming naughty day by day.
Ragini : Who am I living with? Obviously I have to be naughty at times.
Laksh keeps his chin on her shoulder.
Laksh : I want it again.
Ragini : Nop, don’t expect it too much.
Laksh : I know how to get it.
Laksh makes Ragini turn and makes look up in to his dark brown eyes. Ragini’s pitch black eyes were shining. He wraps his hand around her waist and drags her closer. He slowly leans still looking at her shining eyes.
Ragini : Rahul…
Laksh leaves her and looks back and finds no one. Ragini bursts out in to laughter. Ragini takes the juice tray and goes to the living room.
Ragini : Drink this and finish all your home work. I’ll prepare dinner and Lavaya make sure you take all your books back to your room and Rahul, did you bring back the books you left at school?
Lavanya : Mama I brought them, his class teacher called me and asked me to take it back home. She also told that Rahul is very naughty in the class.
Laksh comes and sits with his laptop.
Laksh : Naughty like his mama.
Ragini gives a killer look to Laksh.
Ragini : Naughty and me?(She smirks) I don’t who used to get yelled all the time by professors and the principal during college time. Btw Rahul I have asked you not be naughty. Again if I get complains I will have to take the cane.
Rahul : I will never do it again.
Ragini : Hmm let’s see.
Ragini leaves to the kitchen.

Flashback 17 years ago (I’m sorry about the wrong year I have been mentioning until now, it must be 17 years as Sanskaar and Swara are having 15 year old kids and if it is 13 years its illogical as they are un married in my flashback. I’m sorry for the wrong year) (No one is thinking or narrating)

Ragini and Laksh are hugging each other. Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Laksh. She moves away and doesn’t say anything. Ragini goes to her room and lies on the bed.
Ragini to her self : I think I should move away from Laksh or he might fall in problem because of me.
Ragini’s thoughts break when her phone started ringing. She goes to dressing table and picks it.
Ragini : Haa Swara bolo.
Swara : How are you? How was your first level?
Ragini : I’ll come home and say you everything.
Swara : Okay babaa..Hmm I think it’s night for you and have to sleep. I just came after the college. It is boring without you.
Ragini : Same here Swara. It is like a part is missing. I have so many uncleared thoughts.
Swara : Come back soon I’ll clear them up for you. Ok I’ll hang up then
Ragini : Okay Swara bye bye.
Ragini hangs up.

She sleeps with the thoughts of Laksh and her moments with. Ashley comes and check if everything is alright and she sleeps on the couch. Next morning Ragini awakes and goes to the washroom. She comes out and gets changed in to a three quarter and sleeveless t shirt. She ties her hair in to a messy bun and goes down stairs.
Laksh : Morning.
Ragini gives a cold smile.
Ragini : Morning.
All five of them sits.
Ragini : Asley where did you go last night?
Mr. Malhotra : Three of us went for a walk.
Ragini : Ohh that would have been great. Three means who three?
Laksh looks at Ragini as she already knows who three went.
Prakash : Myself, Ashley and Professor.
Ragini : Ohh okay (She nods for few times looking at Laksh)
All fives them finish eating. Ragini comes to her room.
Ragini’s monologue : Today Laksh seemed silent. Hope he is alright. Ahhhh Ragini get rid of his thoughts. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him(She closes her eyes) I hate him, I hate him, I…love him(She suddenly opens her eyes in shock) It can’t happen.
She gets up from her bed and starts walking from one corner to another. She walks faster chantering “I hate him” suddenly she collides with someone and looses balance and two arms masculine holds her by her waist. Ragini who closed her eyes in fear of falling slowly opens her eyes and meets two chocolate brown eyes staring at her, her black eyes meet his and they share a cute and intense eye lock. The hair which has come out of her messy bun were disturbing there eye lock so slowly tucks it behind her ears. (The guy is Laksh)
Laksh : Whom do you hate so much that you were chanting?
Ragini breaks the eye lock.
Ragini biting her teeth : LEAVE ME.
Laksh leaves her and she falls down on the ground.
Ragini : Ouch.
She gets up and composes herself.
Ragini : You are seriously an idiot. A gorilla who I would never want to look at and you asked me right for whom I was chanting, it was for you and only for you I HATE YOU.
Laksh felt as if someone pulled the heart infront of his rib cage and started breaking it. It was so hard for him but also he felt that those words were just uttered by mouth but not by heart. He also felt that there is something behind that words which she is meaning him. Laksh holds her by her waist and drags her closer her front hits his back.
Laksh : I know you love me and these I hate you clearly means I love you but I can’t accept it and I don’t want to see you really means I need you the most.
Ragini is shell shocked as he just told what is exactly happening. Ragini frees herself from the grip and turns the other side.
Ragini : Nothing like you think. They hear foor steps Ragini gets tensed. Laksh quickly drags her and goes to the washroom just then Ashley enters.
Ashley : Where is madame? Maybe in the washroom.
Ragini is pinned to the wall while Laksh’s one hand is around Ragini’s waist while the other one is closing her mouth. Laksh is looking at the door while Ragini is looking at Laksh.
Ashley walks towards washroom and gently knocks it.
Ashley : Madame are you in?
Laksh looks at Ragini and nods yes. Ragini removes his hand from the mouth and takes a deep breath.
Ragini : Yeah, I’ll be coming out in few minutes.
Ashley : Sure madame.
Ashley goes and sits.
Ragini whispers : Now what should we do?
RagLak conversation takes place through whispers
Laksh : If you ask me how will I answer?
Ragini : It was probably your fault.
Laksh : Achcha okay then I’ll go.
Laksh turns to leave but Ragini holds his wrist.
Ragini : You will fall in trouble (Clear comcern is shown in her face)
Laksh : Who cares?
Ragini : I do care…I mean I don’t like people falling in trouble because of me.
Laksh : I will take the blame.
Laksh frees himself and turns to go. He walks few steps. Ragini walks behind him to hold Laksh but she steps on a soad and slips. She holds shower pipe in one hand and breaks it while her other hand reaches Laksh’s t shirt and drags him also under the water. Both of them fully gets drenched in the water. Laksh gets mesmerized seeing Ragini. Laksh comes forward and unties her bun and lefts her hair open and tucks it behind her ear. Ragini shivers for each of his touch. Both of them share an intense and lovely eye lock
Laksh : You look beautiful with wet hair.
Ragini blushes little while both of them are still looking at each other.

Flashback ends

Ragini is arranging pillows in her room. He hears some laughter sound. She goes to Rahul’s room and sees Laksh, Rahul and Lavnya playing pillow fight. Ragini opens her mouth wide open and closes it through her hand. Cotton is spreaded all over the room. Ragini moves to Laksh and hold him by his ear
Ragini : What have you three done? Laksh you are their papa and you are not…
Before she could complete it a pillow comes to her face and Ragini leaves Laksh and gives a killer look to Rahul. She takes a pillow while Rahul runs and Ragini runs behind him. He goes to Lavanya room Raginivhits him woth the pillow and he takes another pillow and hits Ragini back. Both Lavanya and Laksh come there. Lavanya starts hitting Rahul while Laksh hits Ragini with pillows again all the cottons spreads. Rahul runs and Lavanya runs behind him out of the room. Ragini and Laksh are tired, Ragini breathes heavily. She suddenly feels dizzy before she could fall Laksh holds her. She composes herself.
Laksh : Ragini…Ragini are you okay?
Ragini : Haa I’m fine.
Laksh : I think you are too tired laado so come let’s sleep. You went shopping and then we played alot. You had to cook so come.
Ragini nods. Ragini slowly walks while Laksh holds her by shoulder. Laksh openes the room door and makes her sit on the bed.
Ragini : Ask them to come and sleep here with us. The whole house is full of cotton it is not good for them.
Laksh : Okay.

Laksh leaves the room and goes to Rahul’s room.
Laksh : Both of you come and sleep with us, the whole house is full of cotton so come fast.
Rahul : One minute papa.
Laksh : Beta mama is also not well come.
Lavanya : She was okay right? what happened papa?
Laksh carries Rahul and takes off the cottons. Lavanya was standing on the bed. He removes her cottons too.
Laksh : Probably she is too tired. Now you also come. Both of you are troubling her too much.
Laksh carryies Rahul while Lavanya comes walking. Ragini gets a call just then Rahul and Lavanya climbs on the bed and lies down.
Ragini :Haa Swara bolo.
She goes to couch and sits. Laksh closes the door and goes out to the kitchen. He makes milk for Ragini.
Swara : So coming tomorrow hena? I sent Sawi and Sandya to mama’s house.
Ragini : Ohh thats good. I’ll call you in the morning Swara.
Swara understands that the kids are close to Ragini that is the reason Ragini is not answering properly.
Laksh enters the room with three glasses of milk.
Laksh : Luv, Rahul drink this and sleep.
Lavanya : Mama are you okay?
Rahul : Sorry for troubling too much.
Ragini smiles looking at their cute puppy faces.
Ragini : I’m okay now and I love you more when you trouble me.
Lavanya and Rahul drinks it faster as both of them are tired they doze off.
Laksh : They drank, making you drink this is the hardest thing ever.
Laksh comes and makes her drink half while Ragini makes an eww face.
Laksh : Another little more Laado.
Ragini : You know right I hate milk.
Laksh : But it is healthy, here another two sips only.
Laksh places glass on her lips, Ragini while looking at Laksh drinks it with great difficulty.
Laksh keeps the glass on the table. Ragini sleeps on his lap while Laksh caresses her hair and he is looking at Ragini. After while Ragini dozes off. Laksh carries her and places her on the bed and makes all three of them cover with blanket. Laksh kisses on all three’s foreheads and sleeps. Lavanya and Rahul are sleeping in middle while Laksh and Ragini are on the either side.

Screen freezes on their sleeping position.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahu

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

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