Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 12

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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 12

The episode starts with Ragini coming out of the washroom. Laksh was with his laptop. He closes it and stretches his arms and yawns. Ragini wipes her face with towel and comes and sits beside him.
Ragini : Shall I get you a coffee?
Laksh drags her towards him and she rests her head on his chest.
Laksh : This feels better.
Ragini : It is already a week after we stayed in MM.
Laksh : Now why are you reminding me that house which always brought bad luck.
Ragini : But my Lucky lived there and I always wanted our kids to grow in the place where you grew.
Laksh : Their life will become a disaster. Can we please change the topic.
Ragini : No Laksh I’m serious why don’t you rethink about going back to your house.
Laksh : I have broke all the ties with that house. That house that office everything is that man’s.
Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Laksh angrily.
Ragini : He is your papa Laksh, don’t he have right to get angry with you? If not him then who? Don’t forget it is he who united us.
Laksh : Okay baba relax, whatever he did I’m grateful but it doesn’t mean I can forgive him. He has dome big mistake to me, he threw you and our kids out of the house. The only reason I’m stepping that house is Ma and Sanskaar.

Ragini : Everything is a misunderstanding. Okay you joined your bhai’s business as a share partner and now both of you are in good position and I’m happy but you have to think about your dad too because after him both of you only have to look after the company when he has such talented sons he has rented his company. He has suffered more than enough for hurting you. Don’t you think that you are punishing him too much? He loves you Laksh he let your bhai to start a company when he was young and didn’t leave you only for one reason that is to make you the heir of the company. He knew you were the deserves it more than your bhai.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : I know my stubborn husband will never listen to me. Even Sanskaar tried to explain you but you emotionally blackmaiked him. No point of speaking with a dumb head like you.
Laksh : Achcha okay dear wife now let us sleep. I’m very tired and also I have an important meeting in the morning.
Ragini : What meeting? Day after tomorrow it Rahul’s birthday and we have to get some stuffs tomorrow.
Laksh : Oops I forgot it laado, you can go with Swara.

Scene shifts to MM.
Sanskaar : You and Ragini can go. I and Laksh has a meeting tomorrow.
Swara : You two don’t have any pain on your family. Earning so much for whom?
Sanskaar : Who else? For our kids only.
Swara : Fine whatever. Don’t come to Sawi’s birthday party also.

Sanskaar :I’m her papa and I have all my right.
Swara : Only if that papa helps for the birthday party.
Swara covers herself and sleeps. Sanskaar fumes in anger.

Scene shifts to RagLak’s apartment.
Ragini : Okay I’ll shop with Swara.
Laksh : I know that I dont have to explain to you anything unless that is the topic of you so called father in law.
Laksh smiles and gives peck on her forehead. Both of them doze off.

Next day morning Ragini has packed all the food and goes to Rahul’s room.
Ragini : Still haven’t you worn your shirt? Bhagawan ji please help (She says it folding her hand and looking up)
Rahul : Mama let mama make me wear it.
Ragini : Papa is busy beta come I’ll make you wear.
Rahul : No no let papa come. (He crosses his arms and makes a cute angry face)
Ragini : Rahul…
Rahul : Can’t means can’t.
Ragini fumes and goes to her room. Laksh was on a call.

Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh signal her to be quiet. Ragini gets frustrated and goes to Rahul’s room.
Ragini : Stop being stubborn papa is busy Rahul. You and papa are both like your daadu.
Rahul doesn’t listen to him. Ragini again goes to Laksh’s room. Laksh just then hangups through the call.
Ragini : Look at this Rahul will you he wants you to make him ready. I’m just frustrated with that boy. (She folds her hand near the chest)
Laksh : I’ll have a look
Laksh smiles and taps her cheek and leaves. Ragini tunrs and marches to Lavanya’s room.
Ragini : Are you done?
Lavanya : Haa Mama but I can’t find my geograpghy book.
Ragini : Where did you keep it kid? Just check your shelves.
Lavanya : Mama that teacher will kill me if I don’t take the book (Lavanya starts tearing)
Ragini comes and searches too. Lavnya starts crying. Ragini wipes Lavanya’s tears.
Ragini : Stop crying beta wait I will search once again.
Ragini again searches and doesn’t find it.
Ragini : You do the homeworks on dining table right go amd check there.
Lavanya runs and finds it. Ragini comes smiling and holds Lavnaya’s ear.
Ragini : I have told you to take all the books to your room after finishing the homework.
Lavanya : Sorry mama here after I’ll keep it safe.
Ragini and Lavanya hear hornk sound.

Ragini : Bade papa has come. Here take your food and warer bottle.
Lavnya puts all the things and Ragini makes her wear the shoe and kisses on her forehead.
Lavanya : Bye mama I love you (She says it while running)
Ragini : Love you too

After a while Rahul comes after getting ready. He sits Ragini makes him eat the corn flecks. Laksh makes him wear the shoe.
Laksh : Okay champ shall we leave?
Ragini : Rahul don’t leave the books at school and come okay? I got a complain that you don’t do home work.
Laksh : Really? Why beta is your bag heavy that you can’t carry the books back home?
Rahul : No papa I forgot to bring.
Laksh : Okay but you should not get nad name again.We should not get any complains regarding you okay?
Rahul : Okay
Rahul puts his bag and runs out. Laksh gets up as he was kneeling down.
Laksh : Take care.
Ragini smiles and nods.
Laksh : Don’t get too tired and if it any emergency call me don’t wait without calling thinking I’m busy(He says it keeping his hand on her cheek)
Ragini : Okay pati dev.
Laksh smiles and kisses on her forehead and leaves.

Flashback 13 years ago (No is thinking or narrating)

Ragini was sitting on the couch thinking what happened that morning.
Ragini’s monologue : Did he go out to lunch with anyone else? No no he won’t go (She smiles). What bothers you even if he goes? (She makes a cute angry face). Ahhhhh I hate him so much, he disturbs me alot. After we returned from the compition I didn’t hear a single noise fron his room. Should I have to go and check? (She checks the time) It’s already 8.00 p.m

Ashley comes in and sees Ragini lost in her thoughts.
Ashley : Madame it is dinner time.
Ragini is just lost in her thoughts.
Ashley : Madame, madame. Ragini madame (She shouts)
Ragini jerks and stands up.

Ragini : Ahh…voh…What?
Ashley : Sorry for disturbing but it is dinner time.
Ragini : Dinner? (She remembers Laksh) No I’m not hugry. (Her stomach growls that Ashley could hear it)
Ashley : Are you sure?
Ragini : Yes, you can go have.
Ashley nods and leave. Ragini in frustration shakes her head and lies on the bed.

Ashley comes down and finds that Laksh, Prakash and Mr. Malhotra are waiting for her and Ragini.
Laksh : Where is Ragini?
Ashley : Madame is not hungry so she asked me to eat and come.
Praksh : She said the same thing in the lunch time.
Laksh : What do you mean? Didn’t she eat for lunch?
Ashley : No she was a bit frustrared so she had a nap.
Laksh : Okay I’m hungry so I’m gonna eat.
Laksh goes and sits while the others too sits. He starts serving but he is unable to eat. Laksh feels restless too. He takes a spoon but he is not feeling to insert it in his mouth. The three of them finish eating.
Mr. Malhotra : I’m going out to have some fresh air. Do you wanna join?
Laksh : I’m tired and sleepy. (He yawns)
Prakash : Shall I accompany you sir? After all I ate alot (He is in his casual clothes and he taps his tummy and grins)Do you wanna join Ash?
Ashley : Ofcourse why not?

Laksh waves bye to the three and walks. He goes towards his room door and unlocks it. Before he opens he looks at Ragini’s room. He goes near it and hold the door knob to open but then changes his mind not to open. He goes back to his room and opens the door amd is shocked to see Ragini on the ground.

Scene shifts to MM. (Its evening nearly 3.30 – 4.00 in India) A car comes and stops and a handsome guy gets down. He removes his shades and his brown eyes are shown. He walks towards the entrance and rings the bell. He is having a travelling bag along with him. Ap comes and opens the door and is shocked.

Ap : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar : Ma Surprise.
Sanskaar takes blessings from Ap and hugs her.
Ap : Very bad surprise. If you would have informed me I would have made all your favourites. You never stay here for months but only weeks.
Sanskaar sits and sighs.
Sanskaar : Maa this time for a different I’m gonna stay here forever.
Ap widens her eyes.
Ap : Forever?
Sanskaar smiles and nods.

Scene shift to Sydney in Laksh’s room.

Laksh : Ragini…
He gets tensed and taps her cheeks.
Laksh : Ragini it is not the time to play get up.
Ragini doesn’t get up. Laksh carries her and places on his bed. He starts sweating in the AC and starts tearing. He calls the receptionist and demands for a doctor.
Receptionist : Yes sir the doctor will be there in another few minutes.
Laksh : Thank you.
He hangs up and looks at Ragini. He splashes water and Ragini slowly tries to open the eyes.
Ragini softly : Laksh…Don’t leave…Me…
Just then the doctor arrives. He starts checking Ragini.
Doctor : Helle Mr. … (He looks on)
Laksh : Laksh.

Doctor : Ohh Mr. Laksh. Nothing to worry your wife has just fainted (Laksh widens his eyes when the doctor called Ragini his wife). I think she hasn’t taken any food since this morning and probably had some stress too. I don’t think pills are necessary (Usually in Australia they don’t give pills unless it is really serious). Let her take some rest and make her eat something. Take care
Laksh nods and the doctor leaves. Laksh comes near Ragini and caresses her face. He goes out and come with a roomboy and trolley with food.
Laksh : You can leave now.
The roomboy leaves.
Laksh : Ragini…(He shakes her and awakes her)

Ragini slowly opens her eyes and she sees blur image of Laksh. She hardly opens and sees Laksh sitting beside her. She opens her mouth to scream but before she could Laksh closes her mouth. Both of them have a cute yet lovely eyelock. Laksh removes his hand.
Laksh softly : How are you? Get up and drink this.
He takes the juice from the trolley and makes Ragini sit properly. Ragini takes the glass yet looking at Laksh with blank expression. Ragini finish drinking. Laksh sighs and looks down and both of his hands are entangled. Ragini looks at him and finds that he is tearing he the looks other side and wipes his tears.
Laksh in his mind : Thank god nothing happened to her. I forgot to breath when I saw her on the ground.
Laksh takes the food and feeds to Ragini. Ragini doesn’t take it to her mouth she just looks at him.
Laksh : For god sake eat Ragini. You didn’t eat anything from morning. No wonder you collapsed, now eat.
Ragini eats.
Ragini : I’m sorry for troubling you.

Laksh : Leave it all but what were you doing in my room?
Ragini looks up and down and bites her tongue.
Laksh : Tell me what were you doing here?
Ragini : I came to check whether you had gone to dinner or not.
Laksh : What do you mean?
Ragini : From the time we returned there was no sound from your room. So…
Laksh : As I told you I went for the lunch…(Ragini clutches the sheet in anger her eyes turned red, to hide it she looks away. Laksh notices and smiles)…but alone and I came and had a nap.
Ragini looks at him and leaves the sheet.
Ragini in her mind : I was not ready to hear that you went for the lunch with another girl. I felt hearing it would be the hardest thing ever in my life but why? When it comes to you why am I always like this?
Laksh takes the other food plate and goes to the couch to eat.
Ragini : Didn’t you eat?

Laksh : I didn’t feel to eat.
Ragini : Why didn’t you feel?
Laksh : Why didn’t you eat? Answer me then I will answer you back.
Ragini : I don’t have to answer.
Laksh : Even I don’t want to answer.
Laksh finishes eating and comes and stands near the bed. Ragini too stands up.
Ragini : I’m sorry for coming to your room, thanks for helping me and good night.
Laksh looks on at her.
Ragini in her mind : I’m sorry Laksh for giving so much pain but I mslef don’t know the reason why am I behaving in this way with you.
Ragini walks a few steps and then turns and looks at Laksh who is staring at her. She suddenly comes and hugs him really tight. Laksh also hugs her back both of them feel that some kind of current passing all over their body.
Laksh in his mind : I don’t know what do you feel about me Ragini but I’m in love with you. I love you Ragini. I have no idea when I fell for you but now when i saw you collapsed I realized that I love you and only you. The fear of loosing you just killed me. Now all your problems are mine. Anything has to face me before it faces you. You are mine and only mine and I’m vowing to myself that there will be no pain in your life until I’m there.
Laksh tighens his grip.

Flashback ends.

Swara and Ragini comes out of the mall and heads to the parking lot.
Swara : As usual let’s celebrate both the birthdays together hena?
Ragini : Swara I don’t know what will Laksh tell. I’m scared to ask him.
Swara : How happy we were together last year on Rahul’s and Sawitha’s birthday (Both of them were born on the same day but different year)
Ragini : Haa Swara that was the night everything changed. Papa also got angry with Laksh on that night.
Swara : Forget it Ragini now papa has realized his mistake asking forgiveness but Laksh…
Ragini interrupts : He is not ready to forgive papa. Laksh always respects my words but if he is not ready to listen to me also then what can I do?

Swara and Ragini get in to the car after putting all the things in the back. Ragini sits in the driving seat while Swara next to her. Both of them leave.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahu

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

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