Ragsan a love story episode 6


Ragini is packing her dad clothes..
Where madhav is sitting next to her.
Madhav:- ragini i will manage beta you also get ready. You have to leave to your frds house today itself.
Ragini:- i knew dad your packing is almost done and now i will do mine ok.
Madhav:- as your wish…
Madhav smiles seeing her daughter arranging everything perfectly…
Ragini bids bye to her dad and she leaves to sanju house..
Here sanskar was reading newspaper and seeing her sister walking here and their..
Sanskar:- sanju come and sits when you your frd comes she will come from front door only which can be seen from here..
Sanju:- please bhai i am so much excited i will be with her for 3 months wow..
Sanskar nodes her head in disbelief..
Ragini comes in auto as usual in her simple attire..
Sanskar and sanju sees her coming in auto..
Sanskar signals servent to take luggage from ragini where sanju goes towards her and asks reason for her arrival in auto ..
Where ragini says as her car break down thats why..
By entering in to hall she sees him standing …
Sanju:- you wait here i will go and keep yoyr luagge in my room untill then you have water..
Ragini and sanskar sits little far from each other and sees at each other one after other..
Ragini:- hello..
Sanskar:- hi..

Ragini:- i hope you have no problem with my stay here for 3 months onces dad returns from..
Sanskar:- its ok you can stay here untill your dad returns from lucknow from his job..
Ragini doudtfully:- job…
Sanskar:- haa your dad works in some company and went to lucknow due to job sake right..
Ragini understands and says yaa yaa you were right my dad is a worker…
Sanskar:- what your dad name..
Ragini:- madhav krishna kashh i mean kapoor.
Sanskar:- what kashh kapoor.
Ragini:- no kash only take kapoor delete kash word..
Sanskar:- ok..

Just sanju comes down and takes ragini with her..while sanskar says that he is going to company..
Sanju says bye to him…
Ragini:- sanju your brother thinks that i am from middle class family and my dad was a worker at some company infact he thinks that he went to lucknow ..
Sanju:- oh god wait i will clear with bhai when he comes back..
Ragini:- no let him think like that only infact i said my family surname as kapoor not kashap.
Sanju:- but why.
Ragini:- for a change dear…some entertainment should be their own in our life naa and let me see how your brother treats middleclass people and high class people..
Sanju:- my bhai is good human being he will treat all good only.
Ragini:- when i said no . I am just saying that let him think what he wants to think about me ..why not me as a middle class.
Sanju:- ok ok fine as your wish…
Ragini and sanju spends time together and both sits and watches tv ..
Ragini:- when your bhai will come yar..i am hungry…
Sanju:- 10 minutes more yarr we both always had dinner together plss..
Ragini:- hi dont say please its ok even me and dad does same do chill..
Just then sanskar entres and sees them both talking and says 5 minutes i will freshen up and i will come we will have our dinner..
Sanju nodes her head while sanskar leaves to his room…
Sanskar comes and sits on dinning table along with sanju and ragini..
He sees ragini eating fastly and thinks that she is hungry and been waited for him..so he speaks to her..
Sanskar:- from tomorrow their is no need for you to wait for us you can have your food according to your habbits..
Ragini:- my dad said that all together should have food atleast onces in a day so dont worry i am habituated eating with all how much late might it happen ..
Sanskar:- but atleast eat slowly you will choke..
Sanju:- its her habit bhai..
Sanskar:- what habit ..
Ragini:- yes its my old habit i automatically eat fast i tried to control but failed to slow down ..
They finishes their dinner and goes to their rooms..

Precap:- early morning moments..

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