ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 38


hieee every1 once again………. ty soooo much for all ur cmnts they really inspired me, especially s. ankur ty soo much i dont have enuf words to express my gratitude to u……….. btw i have a really silly ques… r u a girl or a boy???? coz ur name is like that of a boy but i know there’s hardly any1 who uses his/her real name here.

n yes, my boards r finishing on d 31st of march….. but then i have my entrances till mid-may so i’ll be busier during that time so it will be like 1 ff in five days or so………. n after that i will be free but unfortunately that also means i wont have any reason to be online at night ( that’s when i type my ff ) bcz i m not on fb or anything also my parents dont even know that i do all this n i do not have permission for net pack on my mobile……. i dont even have my own room!!!! so there’s no privacy here i m 1 unlucky child. so all in all it will be worse after my exams….. even though i will be absolutely free doing nothing, i wont be able to continue wid my ffs.

but dont worry i will continue once i get into a far away college n live in a hostel……. just pray that my entrances r really gud n i go to bengaluru !!!!!

n yes every1 , i think i made a mistake in my last ff…… its not samar kapoor its prem kapoor, paki’s brother. as far as that helicopter guy is concerned, u ll get to know about that villain soon…

so here goes today’s ff 😛

{ but before reading this just tell me who all watch dehleez on star plus. i know ww does that, n i really want to know how many of us belong to both d ragna n swadarsh families…… even if u dont, then plz plz start watching it… its an amazing finite series n d lead couple have an awesome chemistry just like zaya of beintehaan……. seems like harshad can have amazing chemistry wid any actress whatsoever !!!!! }

kalpi is shocked listening to raghav. she cant believe ( or maybe doesnt want to ??? ) all that she just heard. she simply stares at raghav. raghav is luking at her n waiting for her reply.

samya, who have heard all this, r shocked as well. they think what kalpi will do? maya says i dont think she will say anything. i hope she doesnt, coz then raghav will be really hurt. sammy says no, i want her to say that she doesnt love him n can never do so. maya luks at him angrily. sammy says relax, u know i want d best for raghav. if kalpi says no, it will be better for us. we will be able to unite them easily then. he tells her d plan. maya smiles.

raghav asks kalpi what is she thinking? kalpi says i– i– raghav says come on kalpi, i wont say anything to u. kalpi says okkkk.

she says i dont know anything about what u just said. i mean, i dont know what is love, i dont understand what love is. i never felt that for u as a child , nor do i feel it now that we r adults. i m really grateful for d way u saved me tonight, but i dont feel anything else for u. i just respect u as my boss who achieved gr8 heights despite having been thru such tough situations in ur life. there is nothing else. n yeah, smtimes i even think of u as hitler reborn. raghav laughs at this.

kalpi luks at him n continues, sir, i dont know how u fell in luv wid me….. it all sounds too silly. i mean, i was just a small child who didnt even know she was bringing such a change in smbody’s life. i just tuk u as a friend i never had. u helped me then , u helped me today. i called u raghav bhaiya then, i call u raghav sir today. in reality sir, if u ask me, nothing has really changed between us, at least from my side. its only u who has changed from being a simple caring friend to an obsessive lover kind of a person. raghav luks on….

d helicopter guy luks at a video of ragna’s dance n thinks dance as much as u want…. u r free to anything u want to, but just wait till i avenge my insult from both of u. he turns n his face is shown. its none other than ……. ( wait for d next ff, i ll reveal it there ) !!!!!

kalpi further says i know sir this is gonna hurt u a lot, but trust me, i never thought a guy wud fall for me, especially a guy like u, who can get any girl in his life. i dont even know how to react, i dont know what wud be d best answer in such a situation. she takes a break ( n some air too !!! tough it must be, continuously speaking like that….. why dont u just say no n leave n let my samya do d work????? )

raghav says i can understand that kalpi but plz answer me clearly, for once n for all. kalpi luks at him. samya wait for her final no ( hopefully… )

kalpi says fine sir, if u r so desperate then i ll tell u my answer but then dont blame for spoiling ur mood n breaking ur heart. i dont love u sir…. i never did n i never will. i just cant think of it sir. u r way out of my league. we just dont match up to each other. n yes, i wont mind if u throw me out of d job now…. i wud have loved to work in ur company, but then i know u r d boss n after all this i m not sure if u’d like me working infront of ur eyes. she walks to d door.sammy thinks no! this cant be happening! stop her raghav.

raghav calls behind her n says listen. she turns back. raghav says office begins at 8.30. dont be late. he smiles at her. she smiles back n says i wont be, i promise. she turns back n leaves. sammy thinks wow now just wait n watch what i do……… love u raghav. he signs to maya, who leaves.

kalpi walks out d door. maya comes to her n says congratulations kalpana. so u finally succeeded in attracting raghav d billionaire towards u……… but dont worry, i wont let u guys ever get united. i ll snatch him n his property both …. just wait n watch. she smirks. kalpi rolls her eyes n thinks so that’s why she framed me today, but i m sure raghav sir wont ever get into a relationship wid this dumb girl. she tells maya that she wont let her plan succeed either. maya says is it a bet? kalpi says no, its a challenge. maya nods n they shake hands n leave.

precap : sammy’s mindblowing planning

Credit to: sweety

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  1. Wow….Amazing…..I have no words to express myself right now.

  2. Your way of interpretation is great.And I am eagerly waiting for your next update.Jab bhi time miley tab update kijiyega and don’t worry I will always be there to support you and your ff.And its my request give as much time to your studies as possible so that you can reach new heights of success.God Bless.☺

  3. By the way who is that helicopter that. Kya serial mein koi villain tha. Shayad leap ke baad jab kalpi badal gayi thi taab ka koi villain hoga.I love suspense.

  4. Actually I was a silent reader of ur ff …. Ur writing very good …..

    1. thanx a llot dr…

  5. And I am a girl who is studying in class 11 but will go to class 12 in next month itself.I am using my real name too and S.Ankur means Smriti Ankur.

  6. Kkahin Sammy ke mindblowing plan ko woh idiot paaki spoil naa kar de.

  7. Sweety didi agar kabhi aapko time miley toh maine aapna ek naya ff banaya hai Swasan par usse zaroor dekhiyega. Its title is Swasan happy ending.Aap aur Sam hi meri es ff ko likhne ki inspiration hain.

    1. sure, i will……. just send me d link.

      1. Thanks Sweety di for your reply and Sam too writes an ff.And please read my ff episodes and give me your precious advice so that I can improve my writing skills.

    2. ty soooo much smriti…………. trust me , u r perhaps d only person who uses her real name here.

      n btw who is sam????

  8. Hey SMRITI (cn i cl u that)….same here with me….class 11 now nd class 12 next month (hopefully)….tell me the name of ur ff…..nd cn i kno from whr u r nd which stream u hav opted??

    SWEETY…..my parents also don’t kno this abt TU nd that i write ffs…..

    Nd ur imagination skills are mind blowing

    so don’t call urself unlucky…..

    Nd yeah….i do watch dehleez nd cmnt on that page

    1. ohhh gr8 dia……… ty soo much

      actually i called myself unlucky bcz i m in 12th n still dont have my own room n no privacy at all.

    2. Yes Dia you can certainly call me Smriti.And I am studying in Biology stream(PCB) and what about you.And please see my update whenever you have any spare time left:

      1. M in commerce section……

        R u studying in KVS?

      2. No Dia,I study in Model School,Dalmianagar,Bihar.
        And where do you study??Are you from Patna???

      3. I want to tell you one thing my best friend Deepali is also from commerece stream.And I keep telling her to focus on her studies and keep revising class 11 commerce concepts so that she can crack any competition that she wanted to and can secure a reputed future..I am giving you the same advice,with love and affection .And kya mujhse dosti karogi?(SRK style)☺

      4. Yup surely……nd m from himachal…..

  9. Hey sweety u r a mind-blowing writer ur word to describe someone emotion are really deap nd one more think don’t end this ff so soon it’s a humble request

    1. thanxxxx

  10. Hey sweety nice epi. But why there is only one epi today you told us when u write u’ll make atleast 2. And ha i wil always read ur ff because i am big fan of ragna nd ur writting skills are too good. But some tyms i didn’t cmnt bcoz i don’t have tym. Plz cntinue this ff

    1. hi sanjana actually i m in 12th n giving boards n preparing for entrances so i didnt get time…………. n its always gud to have a bit of suspense.

      btw where do u belong to n which class r u in.

  11. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    Awesome di…… SAMYA JUST ROCKZ….. but very bad of kalpi…… anyways i will tell the truth….. the same s with me….. actually i share room with my sis n she s in hostel….. so thats why i m visiting Tu….. but ven she s there i wont think about tu…… but i cant hide things from my mom n sis for a very long time….. so slowly i m telling the truth to them….. they dont know that i m writing ffs bcoz if they come to know before my exam they will stop me….. actually i myself stopped it till my exams….. slowly after my exams i will tell them this s also….. but pls dont urself unlucky…… all r luky in different ways……

    1. ohhh dear ty sooo very much again……….. actually i meant that at least u guyzz share rooms wid sm1 of ur own age grp

      but i do that wid my parents coz i m their only child 🙁

      n that really makes me go mad bcz they r like ” u cant meet ur frnds … even girls when we r not around n dont u ever talk to boyz. no fb, no whatsapp. when i talk to my friends on d fone fr imp. project works, they ask me about my convo even though they r always standing behind. n i can’t even watch tv. when i do, 1 of them comes to see what i m watching

    2. so that’s why i called myself unlucky……. not that i hate my parents or smthing like that, its just that i wish they’d give me sm freedom ( just got reminded of swadheenta ) n respect my privacy smtimes. even r8 now i broke off my cmnt in b/w bcz my dad came in to check on me.

      btw smtimes i dont really understand why r parents so over-protective. trust me, even though i m in 12th, i dont have enuf courage to go to my neighbour’s house alone. n that’s all bcz of their “caring” attitude. n yes i dont go to any trips, i have never been allowed on camps, n i have really few cousins who r all busy in their own lives as all of them r elder. so all in all my life is just a huge joke. n its no use of their protection bcz i still do whatever i want to, even if i have to hide things frm them. in fact, i feel that i have hidden more things than d no. of things i have told them !!!!

      but its a blessing in disguise bcz i have become really emotional n so that’s why my ffs r like this. n yes, i dont really mind their restrictions now bcz god has taught me to find a way out of all those…… i have sm really amazing frnds like that shireen who cmntd on d dehleez pg…….. she made my gmail id n my fb id n even operates those when i m not able to !!!! so all in all its ok.

      n yes, i do hope it will be much better once i get into a hostel…. away frm my family n away frm all this nonsense they’ve put into my life… 🙂

      btw ur dp is awesum.


        its okay di……… soon u will get what u want……… smtimes parents r over protective…….. my father is but my mom is totally opposite. so no props for me. hope ur parents soon understand about ur privacy………..

      2. I do share room with my bro who is two years younger to me……he knows ki i read TU but not that i talk with u all nd write ffs…..my parents sometimes irritate me with their lectures nd scoldings for studies or doing house chores or my overweighedness…..but m allowed on fb nd whatsapp……i’m allowed on trips for 4-5 days if the teachers are with us…..but not for a single day outing with only my friends

  12. Omg u r in same situation in which I am u know I live with my bua and she is over protective and I also hide lot of things with her and ln name of tutions I go with my friends to hang out I don’t have my own phone I rob bua’s phone at night and use my fb and read telly updates and also she checks my simple basic phone which I have with no internet and whenever my phone rigs she is like who was on phone whom have u given no blah blah blah even I don’t have my own room but this is just for 15 days more after that I m going to Kolkata for my further studies and I watch TV at n8 is dahleez ,ek duje ke vaste and piya rangrezz

    1. oh gr88888 we r like sisters………….. same class too.

      n btw how did ur exams go???

      1. btw d ques. of hiding things frm my bua doesn’t even arise bcz i hate all my relatives except my nanu n 1 cousin bro who seriously loves me………….. n ii dont tell my nanu anything bcz he cant understand me due to gen. gap. n my bro luvs me but doesn’t like my girly gossip 😛

      2. 1 more thing………. what is gonna be ur future course n which college r u going to join???

  13. My exams r gng amazing and wanna go to du or Xavier Kolkata and going to Kolkata on 5th for cpt exams

  14. U r trying for nlu Delhi or banhlore r8 my bf is also trying for it and she is amazing we call her newspaper and she starts giving a big speech on any issue

    1. bengaluru………..btw is ur frnd in career launcher?????

      n yes when i read bf i thought ur boyfriend !!!!!!!!

  15. Soall prepared for eco on31st I HV not yet started that ad as is very ganda

    1. even i hv that subject yaar……………. but i have another 1 before it………. v.bad datesheet dis time …. 🙁

  16. Such a nice epi

    1. ty so much dear….

  17. Yes she is in cl my lots of friends are in cl even I was also suggested to go for clay but I rejected cause acc to me its not my cup of tea and I don’t have any boyfriend cause its difficult for to handle them yarrr I meet any guy and he becomes my brother

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