Raglak Unchain of my heart (Part 1)

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One girl sleeping on the bed dreaming of her upcoming life she is watching dream of her groom
She has beautiful brown eyes having winged black eyeliner ,pink rosy lips
She awake and see the time and get normal as groom side people r coming for her alliance
she have to wake up .. she went to washroom for having a bath as she have to get ready fast
Scene changes:
One boy drinking in bar, he trying to seduce some hot girls
He went near a girl , keep his hand on her waist . he pulled her toward himself sided her hair which is covering her ears.
Boy:( whisper) Darling, want me join for tonight. We will definitely have some fun.
Girl pulled him more close, there was not even single gap between them. Even air can’t pass
she softly pecked his lips. Suddenly his phone rang,
Seeing her bold look, he went with her in room
He highly became irritated, due to continuously ringing he pick up the phone.
Boy:what is mom? Why are you disturbing me?
Lady: did you forget you have to go for seeing a girl.
Boy: oh mom, just chill I am coming.

Scene changes
Girl come on room after having bath and wearing black color salwar and dark green kurti with dark orange lipstick ,bold kajal ,winged eyeliner and with nerdy eyebrow looking stunning in her lookHer mom maKe her kajal behind her earlobe
She become ready and went to help her ma
Manik and his family already come in gm manik is eagerly waiting for ragini ..then his eyes stuck on a beautiful figure perfect curve curly hairs
He became mad and woo to make her his.. he mKe some space for ragini to sit
Manik seeing her top to bottom, feeling his gaze ragini cheeks turned crimson red.
Manik- hey manik here
Ragini- hello ragini
Manik- u r very pretty
Ragini- thanku so much
Manik touch ragini hand ragini feel very shy so she make hand out from his hand but manik is manik he tightly hold ragini hand and kiss them ragini being shy away …

Shreya( manik mom) – ok then today we r going to do engagement right now …
Shekhar- how ??
Shreya-we r here with full preparations don’t worry
Shomi take ragini to make her ready

In ragini room
Shomi give ragini to wear her saree she wear her orange saree and wear red lipstick her hair is straight and Light make up
Manik see her from top to bottom, feeling his gaze ragini cheeks turned crimson red.
Shreya: beta, if your staring my bahu over then you can make her wear ring.
All start laughing
Manik; mom, don’t embrass me.i infront of everybody
Shomi: shreya ji, my damaad is even not less than her.
Shreya (manik Mom)-arre, my bahu is so preety anyone can loss in her beauty.
Manik: yes aunty.
Shomi: aunty nhi beta , call mom.
Manik: okay mom
Sherya: if your love is end, then can we process?
Both make wear each other ring.
At last manik give his no to ragini I she shy and take it

precap- manik make ragini wear short clothes his friends comments on ragini manik beat them being possessive..
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Laksh k wait na kro abhi bcz hero ki entry baad me hoti h?
Now shoot your cmnts…

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