Tere Bin 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vijaya tells Akshay that once he comes back from Delhi conference, they will go on a dinner date. This time, it is her treat. She says she does not feel like eating if he is not around and misses him a lot. He thinks why she is loving him so much. He tells her that he does not love her and loves Nadini from the beginning. She says she married him. He says their marriage was just an understanding, nothing else. He wants divorce from her and Neeti will be with him after marrriage. Vijaya falls unconscious. He comes out of his imagination and realizes it was all his imagination. He asks Vijaya to get Neeti’s tests done and inform him results. Nandini calls him. Vijaya ses Nandini’s number and asks why is nandini calling hi, must be to congratulate him. She gives him phone. Akshay speaks to Nandini formally and gives phone to Vijaya. Vijaya says she is angry on her that she did not inform her and left home and is now calling Akshay. She tells she is coming to her house tomorrow to have tea. Nandini gets tensed.

Nandini calls Irfan and tells she is going to Delhi with Akshay and thought of informing him as a friend. He asks if Akshay agreed to divorce Vijaya and marry her. She says not yet. He asks her not to get disappointed.

Akshay gets ready to travel. Neeti says she will call Daada/daadi and ask them to pick hi up from airport. Vijaya says she has prepared badam halwa for papaji. Akshay takes phone from Neeti and says he may get busy in conference and may not meet his parents. Ratan comes with Abhaya and starts his usual witty talks. He asks why did not they inform about Neeti’s illness and Akshay’s Delh conference. Akshay says he is getting late for airport. Ratan says he will drop him and says he wanted to buy car, but lost all money, so he will drop him via taxi. Vijaya says she will drop Akshay to airport. Akshay says he will take his car and will park in airport, he will not have to take taxi while returning. Vijaya says okay.

Nandini waits for Akshay at their agreed spot. Akshay reaches in his car. Nandini gets in and says she was waiting since 10:30 a.m. itself and asks what time is their flight. He says they are not going to Delhi and takes her to a hotel in Lonavla instead. He asks her why did she come and stay in his house, if Irfan frightened her. She starts about marriage. He says it is not that easy, after files for divorce, he and Vijaya will be counseled and it will take a lot of time. She shouts he does not want to divorce Vijaya and wants to keep her as mistress..

Precap: Akshay gets romantic with Nandini and says they have come to Lonavla for 2 days and should forget all their problems and enjoy. Vijaya gets a call from constable that Naani and Neeti met with a car accident. Vijaya calls Akshay and informs that Neeti met with an accident. Akshay rushes to hospital. Vijaya asks he was in Delhi, how did he come so early.

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