raglak swasan lovestory (episode 1)


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At collage.
Swasan was sitting together.
Swara. Hi.
Sanskar. Hi.
Swara. What is your name.
Me swara.
So can be friends.
Yes both shakehands.

Ragini. Hi.
Laksh. Yea yea hi.
Ragini. Ok whatever.
Laksh. What.
Ragini. Dont talk too me ok.
Laksh. Og hello madam its you who is takling too me. I am not talking to you so plz ha.
Ragini. Og hello who told you i am talking to you.
Laksh. Ha what? all girls like lakshya
Ragini. Bakwaas.
Laksh. this is not “bakwaas”, you are “bakwaas”, ok?.
Ragini. Dont you fare whatever do called mister.
Laksh. Its laksh aka lucky.
Ragini. Ha ha unlucky.
Professor you both stand up and go out from the class.
Ragini. But sir.
Laksh. Iske saath tu kabhi nahi kis hot ladki ki saath challo ga.
Sir. Shutup laksh maheswari.
Ragini. But???.
Sir. No out and take you books do work on page 152 and i will check it ok.
Ragini. Yes sir and leave.
Laksh also leave.
Swara. Ragini.
Sanskar mere bhai nahi kuch kia hoga.
Swara. Nahi ragini na kiya ho ga.

Ragini. All because og you.
Laksh. Oh hello it was your mistake not my.
Ragini goes from there too another bench and sitt there and do her work.
Laksh also do the same.
Ragini was finished.
She was going egen she sliped and fall on laksh.
Both share en eyelock.
Ragini. Sorry.
Laksh. Its ok.
Ragini and laksh are finished and goes to classroom.
Sir. Are you both finished.
Raglak. Yes sir.
Sir. Ok sitt down.
Raglak. Ok sir.
Ragini. Sorry yaar it was my mistake.
Laksh. No yaar it was my.
Both become friends.

Precap. Swasan and raglak goes to party.

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And hopefully you guyz liked it thanks.

Credit to: unkown

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