(RagLak) Storm of love- part 3

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Storm of love 3

That girl’s hand and Laksh’s hands are about to meet. (That girl looks as Ragini)

Laksh holds her hand and pulls her in. She steps into train…when she is about to fall, he holds her by waist. Both are lost in eye lock.

“Nami…!!” Shouts Sanskar suddenly and pulls Laksh inside. Laksh comes out of his thoughts and realizes it as just his dream.

“Why are you standing at door and kept hand out? The electric pole was about to hit you..!! It was dangerous …!!” Shouts Sanskar on Laksh.

But Laksh was in confusion and runs to door again and peeps out. She was not there..!!

Sanskar pulls him back again.

“Nami…!!! What’s wrong with you..??” Asks Sanskar.

Laksh:: I have seen a girl. She was running…

Sanskar:: hmm, even poles also became girls for you..??

Laksh:: hey..!! I have really seen her..!! She is angel…I was never ever flattered to a girl this much..!!

Sanskar:: hallucination…!!
Sanskar drags Laksh holding his shoulder. Laksh was scratching his head in confusion.

Swara and Janaki are talking with a girl.

Swara:: teju…!! Why don’t you come in time..?? See, you happened to catch running train.

Teju:: I was looking at some book and I was lost in it…

Sanskar slowly to Laksh:: see, teju has come. You have gone for her know..!!

Laksh doesn’t even look at her..he removes his hand.

Laksh:: go away sanky. I’m thinking about that running girl….
Laksh goes away without even looking at her.

Sanky:: what happened to him..??

Teju face is shown as Ragini.

Janaki:: this girl na bhabhi ji, a book worm..!!!

Sujatha:: by the way, who is this girl janaki ji..? U never said that u have other daughter..

Teju’s face becomes sad suddenly. Swara changes the topic.

Laksh sits somewhere thinking about the girl. Her face comes as flash.

“Why am I feeling as if I know her before…” he thinks.

He again goes near door…and he finds her..!!

She was standing at the door, her thoughts are lost somewhere..her hair if waving due to strong wind and her chunni is about to fly away from her.

Laksh was lost in her… he expects her chunni will fall on his face due to wind. He smiles widely expecting that situation.

“Is this is dream or true..!?” He thinks and goes near her. She was still lost.

Janaki and sujatha are taking.

Janaki:: I said know bhabhi ji, she is the girl from the terrorist attack victim. She has forgotten past..and we don’t know how many days she may be alive..!!

Sujatha and Sanskar shocks.

Swara:: a bullet was stuck into her head temple and we didn’t remove it yet. If we remove it, her life has danger.


Laksh is about to touch Ragini’s chunni which is waving due to wind. He moves closer….
He doesn’t understand why is he behaving like that. He just made silly things with girls till now, but he never moved this close… this attracted..!!

Sujatha:: then what about the girl now..??

Swara:: till she is alive, she has to be happy at least. We made her believe that we are her family.

Sujatha:: how innocent the girl is…and she has such a big problem..!! Bhagavan, send someone into her life who makes her rest off life beautiful….


Screen shifts on Ragini’s face. Laksh moves closer. Her hair touches his nose and suddenly sneezes.

Ragini trembles at once and she slips from train….!!!

Laksh shocks and holds her hand. She is about to fall out from that running train. She is shocked. Laksh pulls her tightly back.
With that force, she falls on him. And she hugs him tightly due to the fear…

A series of melodies music flow in Laksh heart. He wanted to lock her in his embrace for ever and ever.

Ragini feels unknown happiness in his embrace…. with train horn sound, they get apart…

To be continued…


Guys, sorry for late and small part. Today I’m in hurry in a work…. plz forgive me…
Nxt time big part…!!!

And today, there is not even one fanfic of raglak…why…???? Raglak ffs are really decreasing as nikky said. And, nikky…where r u..?? We r missing you..!! From two days, ur comments were not there..,
And all readers and commentators thanks a lot for the support…. and keep supporting… keep smiling all..be happy….

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    oh!!!!! so you are planning to kill my ragu??????? i am katti with you……………. i am crying like hell now. but awesome update….. now smile 😀

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      why yar..lak will save her however..!! haha, see I have leaked the secret…

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    amazinggg i m sure nothing will happen to ragini till laksh is there why fear when laksh is there hai na btao

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  11. It’s superb…as u said day by day raglak ff nd os are decreasing…don’t know.. Why..??? only request I want to put on u… Plss write more raglak stories…

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      Sure mintu… these are exam times know, that’s why i think…

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    Astra…am so so sorry for being late…
    The story line is awesome da as usual…
    Small one or long one is not a matter…u r updating it na…
    Don’t worry drzz when Laksh is with Ragini nothing will hpn to her…
    So nami is developing feelings for her…? dr?..
    Keep rocking dear…
    And yes as said by Nikki RagLak ff’s were decreasing…

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  23. Superb!!! loved it!!! I found a thing similar in characters in your both ff’s!!! In my married life…laksh is a nerd(before ragini entering his life 😉 ) and ragini is excited girl…!! And here it’s vice versa!!

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      thank you chandu…haha.. ur right…

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    Wonderful update Astra. Aww poor Ragini, I’m sure Laksh will bring lots of happiness in her life. Also I love how Laksh’s dreams are having a big impact on him. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

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