Raglak: rage and love (part 3) final part


There is a big pandal arrangement in which many big leaders and celebrities are present. Finally laksh comes there. Everyone greets him.
Chauhan comes on the stage and announces: hello dear people. We all are here for a very important event. That is a declaration. We along with yuva jan dal(laksh’s party) are forming a coalition and also we are not just becoming parteners we are also turning on a new relationship. My lovely daughter kavya is to be bride of laksh.
Everyone claps and congratulates them. A girl is seen hidden in the crowd who was crying seeing all this. She is our ragini. But then she remembers what laksh had told her and wipes off her tears. She is wearing a ghungat and goes to stage to bless the couple. She reaches there and says: beta kavya i hope you both stay together forever and keeps her hand on her head. Then she turns towards laksh and says: keep her happy and she touches his hand after which laksh realised that she is ragini and holds her hand tightly and says : you remind me of my mom can i hug you?
And before she could respond laksh hugs her tight.
Then after the event in chauhan’s office: he is talking on the phone: what? How can this happen? Not again.. I already have done so much to get out of this mess and now again? This was the reason behind me killing my own wife kaveri, that girl swara and now again? Wait i will come.

He reaches to a place and sees no one over their. He gets angry and is about to go when a girl comes in front of him. She is wearing a mask: hello mr. Finally you are here. Feels nice to get in the shit you created yourself? Now wait and see how I destroy you . Everyone has to pay.

Chauhan is sweating and he takes out his revolver and shoots in the direction of that girl. She gets hit and falls down. Chauhan runs from there.

As soon as he leaves laksh comes running over there and holds her: ragini nooooooo!! Why did you do this to yourself despite of knowing how dangerous it could be? You cant leave me.. I love you damn it!! I love you more than my life.. For the first time i feel that someone other than my mom loves me for eho i am and not for my position.. Plzz wake up ..
Ragini with a trembling voice: i love you too laksh but i had to do this for my swara. She has the right to justice.
And you also have a duty to complete now. You know what it is.. Please go and forget me and move on in your life. And yes promise me one thing you will always remain a truthful person irrespective of your surroundings. You will never do wrong to anyone.
Laksh: just shutup you are not going anywhere. He carries her and takes her to the hospital.
Doctor says: i am sorry we tried our best but blood loss is too much. Now we can leave it on god.

Laksh: how dare you say that? You need to save her you have to.. Then he calms himself down.
Doctor: i know what you must be going through but its better that you accept it . And one thing she was constantly telling in unconscious state that laksh please tell her.. She deserves to know it..
Laksh is crying badly and rushes out of the hospital gets in his car and goes to chauhans place: he shouts: hey you chauhan come down.. If you have had your mom’s milk just come down.everyone comes down shocked at his behaviour: chauhan: calm down beta.. You see what you can suffer from if you tell that to me.

Kavya: what happened laksh? Why are you shouting?

Laksh says nothing goes towards the dvd player and puts a cd.. It starts playing. It first shows how laksh tried to kill ragini
Then it shows that phone conversation in which he had accepted killing swara and his wife.. All were shocked.. Kavya couldn’t believe her eyes.
She was about to fall when laksh catches her. Kavya: i had never in the scariest of my dreams thought of such a thing.. This cant happen.. How can you dad? I thought of you as god and you are worse than a devil.. I just hate you..
Chauhan is in shock that he is exposed. He starts panicking and calls his bodyguards to come and kill laksh but they come and say: we cannot believe it sir.. You killed our sister like maam and you expect us to kill them. So cheap of you.. By that time police comes there and arrests them.
He goes saying: i will be back you ba*****. Just wait for me..
The police drags him out.
Kavya: thankyou so much laksh for showing me the reality. I love you more than ever before now.

Laksh remembers ragini and cries.
It is one week since that incident: laksh is lost in his thoughts when suddenly his friend comes and taps hus shoulder: dude its your wedding day aren’t you excited? You should be happy today..
Laksh: haa sanskar but i am not because the one i loved is no more..
He had went to the hospital after that incident where doctors told him that she is no more and her parents have taken her body.

Sanskar takes him to the mandap
He sits beside the havan. The pandit starts chanting the mantras and soon the wedding ceremony is completed.
They get up take elders blessings and after all the rituals leave for their home.

At night
The girl finally removes her ghungat and she is our ragini. Laksh is shocked as well as happy to see her.. But he thinks as it is his imagination.
Just thenragini comes near him: laksh?? Don’t you remember me?? Itti jaldi bhul gaye??
Laksh: n…n…nooo r..ra..ragini??
Are you really there? But how? I thought you were dead?

She says: yes laksh i am dead. This is my soul.. I am here to tell you that i am very happy . My soul is resting in peace. I am very happy that i could take revenge for my swara and also i found my true love. I live you laksh: but as you promised to me you have to move on. Kavya is a nice girl. She loves you. Her surroundings has made her like that. She needs you. She has no one.. She trusts you .. You need to drive her out of this darkness. Please if you love me promise me that you will keep her happy.
Laksh has tears in his eyes: yes ragini i will i always will. And is about to hug her when she vanishes.
Laksh falls down and kavya comes to him. She tales care of him and he wakes up after sometime.
He tells her everything.
She says: i know laksh that you love someone else and it is hard for you to accept me. But i will never force you. You take your time.

After 5 years:
A man is seen running behind a kid
Saying: yiu are making a CM run like that?? I can’t believe you ragini..
She turns and runs towards him and hugs him
Ragini: haan papa!! Mumma always says that you are a big man but i am also your daughter.. I deserve that much attention
Laksh: ofcourse my baby.
Kavya comes from behind: ohhoo papa daughter forgot mom? Ragini: no mumma i love you too.
They join in for a family hug

Okay guys i know it was terrible.. I am very bad at writing stories.. Especially suspense thriller sort of.. But i hope you liked the last part… Please please do comment. Even silent readers.

Credit to: Ananya

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