Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 7

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From tomorrow I will post this ff regular!. Bcoz I found that it is very difficult to post 2 ff daily. So I decided to take a break on writing my another ff ADHURI KAHANI-PAIN OF LOVE& concentrate only this now! After my exams I will continoue with my another ff. So if anyone read that also,pls notice this;

Scene 1.
GH. Morning. Ragini’s room. Ragini is getting ready to go to laksh’s office. She is wearing a white kurthi&blue jean with opened hair!!!!She look damn beautiful in that dress.!!
She packed Laksh’s coat&came down.
While she is going to the car sumi saw her!
sumi:laadoo,where r u going?
Ragini:voh….maaa…I am going to meet my Friend!!!!
Sumi:kon he?
Ragini :voh..maa.even I told u, u don’t know him!
Said this she start the car & go from there.

Scene 2
Laksh was sitting on his cabin&verify the file.He is wearing a suit in white& aash combination.
Siddenly Dp came in to his cabin.
Dp:every thing is ready for meeting,isn’t it?
Laksh:yes dad.
Dp:then lets start.
Dp went to the conference hall. Laksh didn’t got an important file.
Laksh:where is it? I keep it in here.
He started searching….
In that time Rags reach there. Ragini park the car&take the cover.
Ragini:where did I find him?
She entered in to the office&go to the reception.there was a lady.
Ragini:excuse me where is MD’s cabin?
Lady:in the first floor.2nd room,from right.
Ragini:thank u..

She stepped in to 1st floor.
When she turned to the way,she suddenly collide with Dp!!!the files fall down from Dp’s hand.
Ragini:ufff…I am really sorry!! I didn’t see u!
Dp look at her angry. Ragini takes the files from floor&gave it to him.
Ragini stepped 2/3 steps front. Just then she heared Dp’s voice.
Dp:aag ki ladkiyaam kyaa soch chaltha hei!
Only think about making new boy friends.!!uske baare meim soch soch kisi or is ladkiyom ke nazar par nahi dikhthi hei!!!
Ragini hear this !! She become soo angry.!! She turned back&go to Dp!
Ragini:excuse me sir,aap kyaa baath karthi dhi?
Ragini:kuch or nahi! I heared that!
Dp didn’t respond.
Ragini:look like a gentle man! But talk! ! Like an illitrate person.!!

Dp:kyaa bath karthi hei tum!! Kaise himath hongi mujse ise baath karne ki!!
Ragini:kyaa sirf aap ko batha sakthe hum??
They started arguing!!!
Hear this every one came there!!
In that time in Laksh’s cabin.
He got the file.!!
Laksh:ohhh..got it. Lets fast laksh,u r already late!!
He came out from the cabin. In the way of conference hall he saw the crowd.!!
He heared Dp’s angry voice
Laksh:(to him self):y what is going on here! Y dad is so angry?
He also heared Ragini’s voice!!
Laksh:who is that?But the sound seem like familiar to me!
He entered in to the crowd. To see Ragini he became shocked.!!
Laksh:wat is she doing here!!
In that time Ragini point her finger to Dp&said;
Ragini:do u know one thing?u r the worst man I ever see in my life!!
Laksh became soo angry to hear this!!!
Laksh:stop it….!!!
there became a huge silence!!!!!
Laksh:how dare u to talk him like this???
Ragini didn’t respond!!
Laksh hold her hand tightly& dragged her out..!!



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