Raglak – His Sins and her sacrifices part 9

Finally Ragini along with swara and pari had finished doing the arrangements for their stay..

Silence prevailed throughout..Finally while Ragini was about to go out of the room Swara interrupted..

” Ragini.. wont you forgive us ??”

” I dont have any rights to forgive or punish you all swar.. even i was selfish.. I expected a lot.. I expected my sister and my best friend to understand me..but none did..
Even when lakh did not understand I atleast thought you would understand Swara.. hum swaragini the na.. how could you think that i would be able to kill you.. ” Ragini said with her choked voice.. her tears were overflowing

Swara immediately hugged Ragini ..
” pls Ragini … lets forget whatever that had happened.. I want my Ragini back.. hum swaragini the nahi.. hum swaragini hai… pls Ragini.. we have got t the punishment for doing all those sins to you..  pls Ragini.. ” Swara said hugging her.. while Ragini stood their silently without hugging her .   Pari’s eyes too overflowed with tears..
” Ragini .. We are not sisters by blood .. but I have always considered you as my own sister .. pls forgive this elder sister of yours tooo for not supporting you when it was needed. ” pari too said ..
And Ragini couldn’t control anymore ..

She hugged both of them …

She didnt want to extend this issue anymore.. how much ever hard she pretended to be.. Finally she is the Ragini who can never be able to tolerate anyone’s tears..

* * % * %  % * * *  * * * % * %  * * * **

” papa .. did you miss us while you were away ?? ” asked ragya who was sitting on Laksh’s lap ..

Laksh and his two kids were in the backyard of the house..
He was cherishing each and every moment with His kids..

” haa bachu … I missed you both a lot.”He said kissing ragya’s cheeks  ..

” aww I didnt get kissie.. complained raksh who was sitting on his other thigh..

Laksh gave him a tight kis..

” btw papa.. how much did you miss mamma.. ??” Asked raksh

” bohot bohot miss kiya ..  ” he said with teary eyes..

” waise.. did you both miss me ?? He asked them.. ” he asked them..

” haa papa.. all our friends used to come to school functions and all with their papas.. but you weren’t there with us na.. even for parties and all..  ” said raksh ..

” we used to miss you a lot when our friends talk about their papa.. And some friends even made fun of us telling that we do not have a papa.. ” said ragya .. both ragrak’s eyes were filled with tears..

Laksh couldn’t hold on to himself more ..

He hugged both of them tightly.. And said.” Im really sorry .. really really sorry.  ” he said with tears in his eyes..

” its ok papa.. you know what mamma never let us know the pain of not having a dad.. She gave  everything best thing possible.. ” said ragya wiping Laksh’s tears..

For a moment he felt proud of his Ragini.. He never expected his shy Ragini to be so strong..

.,.,.,.,,..,..,… .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.   .,.,.,.,., .     .,.,.,.,    .,.,

In the hall.

” maa wo your rooms are ready and even we have prepared the dinner… ”
Said Ragini when she saw ap dp and sujram sitting in the hall..

” ok Ragini.. but before that.. We need to talk to you.. ”
Ragini could somehow figure out what they were about to tell her.

” ji tell me ”

” will you forgive us beta .. I know that you have considered us as you own family and thats is why you have sacrificed a lot for maheshwari khandan.. but still we failed as your fAmily.. ” ap said with tears eyes..

She felt worthless as a mother.. neither she could correct her son nor could she protect her daughter…

Dp was also very guilty.. even though he never showed it to the outer world .. He loved Ragini like his own daughter.. He couldn’t do the duty of a father ..

” haa beta .. pls forgive me too ..  I failed as a father .. ”

” haa chori.. We are not even fit to stand in front of you.. par bhi .. hamme tumhari zaroorath hai beta.. without you our house has become dead.. there is no happiness nothing.. ” said sujatha while the others nodded with tears..

” maa papa chachiji chachaji pls dont make me embarrassed by asking sorry..  I am no one to forgive or punish anyone.. I am just leaving it to  destiny.. I can forget everything but not what Laksh did to me.. It might take time for me to forget everything but that place that you all have in my heart will always remain the same ma.. ”

While al this was happening swasan and adri were watching them being emotional ..

” even I failed being your dosth na..” said sanskaar coming ng forward to Ragini…

”  sanskaar.  Lets stop talking about the past..  pls.. I just want some time.. to forget everything.. to get used to you guys after a long time.. ” she said..

” haa now lets have dinner and you all should sleep.. I know all of you might be tired.. And tomorrow we have diya’s wedding to attend.. ” Ragini said..

That is when she noticed laksh and the kids were missing.. She knew he might be spending time with ragrak..

She didnt want to go call him.. going close to him reminds her of their past ..

” Ragini .. Laksh and the kids are in the backyard .  You go call them by the time ill serve the dinner.. ”

Said Swara as she wanted Ragini to spend time with Laksh and sort out everything betweem them ..

” nahi swara you go call them ill serve .. ” Ragini said as she know it would be  really awkward for her to face Laksh alone .

” Ragini .. go call them beta.. kids would be really happy spending time with you both.. ” said ap caressing her hair..

” ji maa ” Ragini said.. She could go against her mother …


” ok papa.. one more question. ..  did you miss mamma ” asked raksh out of curiosity.  He had always seen his ma’am crying holding his pappas picture..

” I missed her a lot.  I mean .   I missed everything about her.. The way she used to call me Laksh..  how she blushed when I go close to her. How she was ready to do anything for me.
How she knew inside and out .. She knew things about even my mom didnt know .. how she sacrificed everything just for me and my family .. And how he LOVED me with all her heart ..  ”  his eyes was overflowing with tears ..  there was someone else behind them in the same condition..

It was Ragini who came to call them..

he couldn’t believe that it was the same Laksh who betrayed her once ..who broke her heart into so many ieces that it cannot be brought back together…

” papa dont cry.. now mamma is with you na..you will never miss her again.. And we will never allow anyone to separate all of us.. ”  raksh said wiping his tears..

“Raksh ragya .. ill tell you one thing.. you both are the luckiest  ones for having a mother like Ragini..  you both should make your mother proud.. ” laksh said cupping their faces..

While Ragini adored the trio.. this was something she had always dreamt about and today unexpectedly her dreams have come true..

” sure papa.. we will make both you and mamma  proud some day. ” said ragya hugging Laksh..Thats when she noticed Ragini standing at the door..

” maa aap bhi ayiye na..” ragya ran towards Ragini and made her sir next to Laksh…

She was feeling really awkward and was avoiding eye contact with Laksh..

” wo.. its time for dinner.. all are waiting for you .. ” she said looking everywhere except him..

” muumma before that can we take selfie..pls.. ” raksh asked..

” no raksh.. all f of them are waiting for us.  We can do all that later come .. “Ragini said and was about to get up..

When Laksh pulled her back..

” Ragini .. kids are asking na..its just one selfie.. ” laksh tells her.

” par … “she was interrupted by raksh..

” papa give your phone .  ”

Laksh gave him his phone .
Ragrak pushed raglak closer
Ragya sat on Ragini’s lap and raksh sat on Laksh’s lap..

Ragini was feeling nervous. As if it was the first time she was sitting so close to Laksh.. even he felt the same..
While raksh was button take the picture.. Laksh slowly placed his hands on her waist pulling her closer .. While gasped and looked at him..  they both fell into an eyelock..

” mamma.. pappa.. look at the camera na.. ” ragya’s voice brought them back to the world..  And both of them faked a smile.  Unaware of the fact that these fake smiles would turn true soon..

Late R the trio went back and the maheshwari ‘s had their dinner..

( guys Ragini and the kids ha their dinner before maheshwari ‘s arrived .. remember ???? ?)

Note : guys.. next update might be the last episode ..

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