raglak ff : HUM TUM epilogue

hello friends…seems like all of you are angry….well next time it won’t happen pakka se….
as I said I am back ….

now let’s go on with the epilogue…

6 years later……..

let’s see what changes have come in the life of raglak after 6 years……

a regular morning….but not so for ragini…..

We can see her running behind a 5 year old girl…any guesses who she is???
R: OFFOO THIS GIRL NAA….BILKUL APNE PAPA KI TARAH H…..naughty runs from milk….ragya beta…stop running and have your milk..(yes she is raglak’s daughter)
Rg: no mumma…if I will stop running naa then you will definitely make me drink milk…I hate it
R:aisa nh kehte ….chalo be a good girl and drink it fast
Rg:ummmmm….noo I don’t wanna drink it..it’s not fair
But our ragini is ragini she forcefully makes her drink it
Rg:I will complain to papa
R:ok do it….then you won’t be able to go out with me for shopping…

(our ragini naa….no one can backmail her…..hehe)
Rg: no no…u are my good mumma..please I wont do it…pakka se
R:good girl now go and do hom…
R:offo…now what happened
A young boy of about 5 years and a man in his mid thirties come running
B:mumma mumma please save me..
R:raksh what is this and lucky why are you wet
L:raguu dekho na he made me all wet
Raksh hides behind ragini
Rk:no mumma I didn’t make him wet the pipe did it
L:liar…..he did it intentionally
Rk:I didn’t ..seriously…
R:chuppppp…..stop eating my brain and tell me what happened?
Rk:I will tell u…I was watering plants and by mistake I put my foot on the pipe blocking its way I was not able to understand what happened…as papa was standing beside me I asked him for help….while checking he brought the nose of the pipe near his face and unknowingly I removed my foot from the pipe…and suddenly a strong flow of water came and made him all wet
Hearing this ragini and ragya started laughing
Rk:now tell me what did I do mumma?
L:mumma ke bacche…main batata hun kya karna chahiye tujhe….u did it intentionally
Laksh started running after raksh (poor raksh…..hehe)
L:ruk jaa….
Rk:(while running) papa why are you getting angry…last Saturday u were only saying that u don’t feel like having a bath on a Sunday…so u should be happy that I did it for you
Ragini and ragya started laughing harder

Laksh was getting pissed off and embarrassed (haha lucky doesn’t have bath on Sunday…..dirty laksh)
The scene was epic
Laksh running behind raksh in the whole area and ragini and ragya laughing like madmen..(dekhne mein maza aayega)
A couple enters the room
The lady shouts silencing every activity happening in the room
R: maa?
Yes…its ap and dp
Well guys….after the marriage of raglak…ap and dp reconciled with the help of raglak..and they have been living together like one big happy family….and janki has gone on a pilgrimage
Ap:yes me..what is happening over here?
Dp:oh god anu leave the children naa and its Sunday let them have fun
Ap:duggu u are spoiling the children
And she goes to her room
Dp:guys have fun…the lion oops..the lioness has gone in her den..let me go to her
And he goes off too
Raglak and the twins start laughing…..
L:waise ragini when are swasan coming?
Ragya:swara masi aur sanskaar chachu are coming?
Raksh:phir toh swayam aur sanskriti bhi aa rahe honge
Rg & rk: yippeeee bada mazaa ayega?
R:kids stop shouting…lucky they are coming today evening?
L:and for how long?
R:u forgot naa…now they will be staying here only naa
L:arre haan my bad….waise tumhara idea accha thha of collaborating our businesses together
R:when I have ever been wrong mr. maheshwari
L:accha mrs. Maheshwari…bataun main?
Rg:guys….we are also there..
Rk:yaa get a room

( these kids are so bad …hehe….they don’t even let their parents romance)
Rg & rk : shollyyyy
And the kids run offff

So guys…how was the epilogue?
I know it was not up to the mark…but I tried to make it hilarious….
Please comment guys….if you like it and even if you don’t then also…hehe
Seriously guys comment yaar….

And the next story kank will be out soon…..so stay tuned….and if you want it real fast….then also comment…comment ke bina kuch nahi…
Bye guys

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