raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii (mixed feeling) chapter 9


@ temple
ragini is shocked
pandith ji: it’s a good sign from god soon u will be one and blessess raglak
ragini goes frm there she look in the river near to temple she smiles to see sindoor in her hairline in the reflection of water.she cleans her face with duppatta
laksh cm to her nd says : I think god want us to be more than frnds.
rab ne banadi jodi plays in bg
she looks @him
laksh: don’t worry yaar am joking

in his heart I really want to be with u for whole lyf
swara nd sankar enjoying in various place nd they sit in a park to c d sun set
suddenly sanskar forwarded his hand
san: frnds???
swara smiles nd complies nd bth share a hug.
san: I think v should go back to hotel
both get up but swara falls but sanskar holds her nd they share an eyelok.
bahom ki darmiyaan plays in bg

rags working on her lap .sumi came to her nd says rags get ready.we have to go for mehtha uncle’s son mrg
rag: ma two min
sumi: no more tym get ready.wear this lehangaa ur father brought it for u
rag: u go down I will be there with in 2 min
everbody is getting ready to go out
dp:cm we can leave now
laksh: papa am mot in d mood
dp gives him a strong look and he complies.
@wedding venue
both masheswari nd gagodia family cm.raglak feels each others presence but avoids it
ragini is talking to her nd laksh noticed her nd he is memerized to c her
sumi: ladooo go nd get that flower box, it is in kitchen
rag:yes mam nd goes to get it
she is about to enter kitchen laksh drags her to corner nd she is about to shout
he closes her mouth

laksh:ladooo its me laksh
rag:sir what r u doing her
laksh:groom is my frnd nd u?
rag:groom’s fthr is my baba’s frnd
laksh: u r looking hot nd stunning
he cups her face nd kisses on her forehead she pushes him nd goes away
she is in d kitchen nd breathing heavily
rag:I know sir ,u have feelings for me
I don’t know what is my feelings for u
I feel happy to c around me nd feel pain in ur absence
sumi:ladooo cm fast
she takes d basket nd goes frm there

laksh was hiding behind d the curtain laksh: don’t worry dr I will clear all ur confusion I will make u understand that u loves me nd smiles
@hall all r chit chatting suddenly shekher hears a voice nd he found he is heard it sm where
he looks back sees a man is talking in his phn nd goes to him and place hand on his shoulder
the man turnes nd it is dp ,shekhar is surprised to c dp nd says: durga
thum kaham de ?hamne thumem kaham kaham doonda thaaa?
shekhar: in happines saale give mea tight hug first and share a hug

they bth were studied together nd close frnds aftr clg the get seperated nd dp started his own business nd shekhar joined as a lecture in kolkatta university nd presently he is d principle
shekhar: cm meet my family
dp: ya ofcours nd takes his family members along
shekhar: ma don’t u remember durgaa
dadi: why not hw r u beta?
dp: fine ma
shekhar introduces sumi rags dada nd dida to dp nd family
dp introduces annapoorna, adarsh, pari, utthara to shekhar nd his family
dp to ap: where is laksh?
laksh:here I am
dp: he is my youngest son shekhar
dp: how do u know him?
shekhar: he is ragini’s boss.i met him while he cm to drop ragini
dp:mmm shekhar u nd ur family should join us dinner today here nd for lunch @my hm
shekhar&sumi: ofcource
all goes to have dinner they had a good family tym laksh secretly eyes ragini screen feezes on d smiling faces of gagodias nd maheswaries

precap: swara nd sanskar cm back nd gogodias cm to MM


Credit to: arshi

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