yuvani ROCKS (Intro)

i saw many ff’s on many serials like swaragini , yeh hai mohabbatein and many others …..
my favourite couples are swasan(swara and sanskar of swaragini ) ,,,, manya (mantu and amaya of tere sheher mein ) and yuvani (yuvraj and suhani of suhani si ek ladki ) so i want to write a ff in which swara , amaya and suhani are besties and on otherside sanskar , mantu and yuvraj are best friends …

SUHANI : a fun-loving and friendly girl …..friend of swara and amaya
YUVRAJ : a handsome boy who loves cleanliness and cant live in dirty or unhygienic environment… friend of mantu and sanskar
SWARA : a cute and bubbly girl who loves to flirt 😉 but a good-hearted girl and cant see anyone in trouble…friend of amaya and suhani
SANSKAR : a simple but dashing boy who hate love stories but lives books …friend of mantu and yuvarj
AMAYA : a modern and sweet girl but she has a long list of qualities she wants in her dreamboy
MANTU : a good-hearted but arrogant from outside and egoistic boy and loves his friends yuvraj and sanskar
AMAYA-SUHANI-SWARA group is called FLY BIRDS i hope u all like it

  1. Radhika arjun

    I like it

  2. Yes its superb……. continue……..

  3. Super……plzzzzzz continue.

  4. Nice story

  5. Woww all three are my favorites ???i am eagerly waiting

  6. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Very good start,actually,three pairs n it would be interesting,also huge scope in itself.

  7. Woow..plzz continue..m eagerly waiting for ur update

  8. Good strt they r also my favorites

  9. Super continue plzzzzz

  10. Plz continue…
    yuvani is ma fav.

  11. Radhika arjun

    Can anyone say how to watch ssel episode from first please don’t say hotstar be coz iam from abroad so I cannot download it

  12. hey , sorry for all mistakes in my ff because it’s my first try and i will try my best and thanks all of u for lovely comments

  13. Manya and yuvani my favs !!!!!!

  14. Ya it’s very nice. Plz continue. At last smbdy z writing on aaya and mantu and Susan and yuvraj. I love dese all couples very much and da most favourite z swasan.

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