raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 36


thank u everyone for ur cmmnts.aftr ao many days I had posted my ff.thanks for waiting for my ff.so sry frnds I have to take a break until 10 jan as I have sm important work(am a pharm d atudents as we r going to manipal university to attend a conference. am busy with am works).but I will try my best update d next part soon. I hope u guyss may understand my situation

recap: sm goons chases rags and she runs frm there falls on road

screen starts on d tensed face of rags suddenly a car cm near her nd lakah get down frm d car
rags screams: laksh
laksh cm to her makes her stand up.
one of d goon: its between us hero.give her to us . don’t try to mess with us . It’s not gud for u
laksh fumes in anger.one goon cms forwards. is abt to touch rags.laksh punches him.
goons fights him . suddenly them hears horn of a police jeep.they ran frm there
laksh goes nd hugs rags who is in a shock.
rags burst out nd huggs him tightly.
he takes her to mm
everyone is shocked to c rags in a such a state
ap: what happened dr.utts go nd take first aid box
laksh: ma on road sm goons attacked her.but I cm there on ryt tym.
sujatha: bhagvan ki lak lak shukriya kuch ulta seetha nahi ho gayaaa
payal: ha maa ji.its all happened because of me if I wont sent her to take d parcel.it would not be happen
she starts her acting .sheds sm crocodail tears

swara nd sanky cm there.
swara:u only planned this naa payal
payal: swara what r u saying
swara: don’t act smart dr

police brings goons to mm who attacked rags.payal shocked to c them
swara: u only call them naa
payal: swara why r u blaming me.
swara slaps her
swara: hw dare to touch my sis
dp: what r u telling betaaa
sanky: she sid d truth papa

swara says hw payal done this
fb shows
aftr fire incident swara have sm doubts on payal.she hears suj convo with ap
suj says to ap that avinaaah is out of town nd there is no range in d place.
so she has doubt on payal because she claimed that while temple got fire she was talking to avinnash
swara checks her phn nd finds avinaash didn’t not call her nd swara finds a match box infornt of temple nd a piece of pallu of payals saadi which is stucked in d oil pot

swara also heard her convo with goons.she tried call rags but don’t get connected. she goes to find rags with sanky nd calls police.but lakah reaches there on tym nd saves rags .goons was caught by police.
fb ends

at present
swara: she planned to kill rags to take revernge frm laksh jiju as jiju rejected her
payal: why r u lying
swara again slaps her hand
swara: am lyeng
she again slaps her hard
but swra takes her phn.nd calls on last dialed no nd a phn rings.police takes its frm goobs hand

laksh hols payal neck: hw dare to touch my rags .I won’t leace u.
he tries to hur her
but rags stop
rags slaps her

payal: in a range
ya its ne who put fire in house temple nd send goobs to kill rags.i wnt to take revenge frm.
I will take it surely

rags: he reject ed u becoz u r aftr his wealth. she again slaps
rags: love is an unconditional feeling.which u never understand
payal: hw dare u
she is abt to slap rags .but laksh holds her hand
lk: don’t even think abt it

payal gets anotger slap by a man.man was shown to be avinnash
avi: I never loved u.but I was decided to give a chance our relationship .but u
I feeling shame to say u as
my wife.
plz sir takes her along with goons.i will send divorce papers to jail.
police takes payal nd goons.
payal eyes them angrily
payal in her mind: I will cm back rags for sure.i will also takes d revernge for d slap also.swara u did qrong by messing with me.i sware dr swaragini.i will anatch ur happiness for sure

suj: sry bhaisaa mari vache se .rags beta forgive plzzz
she goes to her room.ap consoles avinaash.laksh hugs swara
lk: thank u dr
swara: its my duty to save my sis.hum dono ek hai.mein apne apko kaise kuch hone detheee
rags hugs swara nd cries.while sanky consoles laksh
swaragini tittle song plays
screen freezes on crying faces of swaragini nd sanlak

precap: rags collaps on her room.

Credit to: arshi

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