Gangaa 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janvi is excited about going on a bus. Ganga notices Pulkit. I want to say something important. Madhvi tells her to keep the bags in the bus first. Later, check if Maharaj ji has got the food ready.

Amma ji and Madhvi request Niru again to come with them. Niru agrees.

Ganga knows Madhvi does not want her to tell BHaiya anything. How do I tell him then? Sagar notices her tensed. He taunts her for challenging him. She calls out for Pulkit. I will tell now. It isn’t late. Sagar covers Ganga’s mouth so she could not tell the truth to Pulkit. Pulkit tells them to come before papa comes. He sits in the bus. Sagar removes his hand from Ganga’s mouth. He teases her for failing again. They share an eye lock as they stand very close to one another. Ganga wonders what happens to her whenever Sagar stands close to her. I am speechless every time.

Sagar and Sahil notice Ganga trying to open the food box. Sagar steps forward to help her. Janvi, Madhvi and Amma ji look tensed. He sits back once Madhvi tells him. Sagar taps at a chair. Ganga is about to sit there when Amma ji asks her to massage her head. Amma ji and Madhvi observe Ganga looking at Sagar. Sagar suggests playing a game. They play passing the pass. Janvi sings a song when the music stops at her. She sings a song. Ganga finds her voice weird. Amma ji enacts her neighbour. Niru is asked to say a shayari. He initially refuses but then agrees. Sagar asks Ganga to sing a song from the latest song. Amma ji and Madhvi tell him to skip. She is nervous. Janvi points out that Ganga looks shy. Ganga sings a romantic song. Sagar and Ganga look at each other throughout the song while Janvi, Amma ji and Madhvi notice Sagar. Sagar is asked to give his opinion about everyone in a line or two. He calls Janvi beautiful. He calls Ganga pure like her name; simple and intelligent. She is there for everyone in their problems and helps them. Amma ji thinks Sagar started with Ganga-puran. Sagar says sorry to everyone. It is impossible to describe Ganga is a word or two.

The family reaches Ashram. Janvi and Sagar make Sahil click their pictures. Ganga is irked to see Janvi standing so close to Sagar all the time. Sagar is such that anyone would stand next to him. He is only mine! Sagar notices Ganga. He poses for a picture with her. Janvi looks uncomfortable. Ganga tries to excuse herself but Sagar asks her to pose. Madhvi asks Ganga to wash the fruits. Sagar tells her it can happen later. Janvi pulls Sagar aside for a selfie. Ganga begins to go inside when Sahil requests Ganga for a photo. Ganga excuses herself citing an excuse.

Madhvi notices Ganga all lost. You are grown up now. Janvi and Sahil are out guests. What will they think? Ganga says Sagar only troubles me. Madhvi tells her to learn from Janvi. Ganga calls her shameless. She was standing so close to Sagar while getting her pictures clicked. Madhvi does not find anything wrong with it. They are friends. Plus she is from the city. Janvi offers to help Madhvi but Madhvi denies. Ganga thinks Janvi is buttering Bahu ji so much. Janvi asks Ganga what she should do. Ganga gives her bottle gourd to cut. Janvi does not know how to do it. Ganga smiles seeing her lost expressions. Janvi sits down next to her. I so wanted to meet you once. Sagar speaks a lot about you. He calls you your best friend. Ganga says I am very special for him. everyone used to say he went abroad, made new friends. I knew it is only Ganga in Sagar’s life. She tells Janvi to let it be. I will do it. Sagar comes there. He teaches Janvi how to do it. Ganga angrily starts cutting the veggies. She cuts her finger. She shouts in pain. Sagar immediately rushes to her side. He sucks sat her wound. Janvi looks startled. Amma ji calls out for everyone. Sagar asks Ganga if she is alright. She nods. Janvi and Sagar go outside.

The families exchange introductions. Ganga looks at the girl (Supriya) who has come to meet Pulkit with her family. She is indeed beautiful, but Bhaiya is not ready for marriage yet. I have to talk to him first. He should know what is going to happen with him. Sagar stops Ganga. Madhvi asks him to stay here only. Ganga leaves.

Pulkit is shocked to know that his family has brought him here to see a girl. Ganga says I understand your pain, but they are here now! Pulkit refuses to marry anyone. This is what Ganga feared. Hope both the families don’t have to be embarrassed because of Bhaiya’s anger.

Precap: Everyone waits for Pulkit’s answer.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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