RagLak- Our Cute Love Story (Part 6)

RagLak- Our Cute Love Story (Part 6)
Hi guys i am back with next part of my ff. Thank u so much to all those who commented and silent readers.
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Part 5
“I slapped her and….” laksh is interrupted by the blow he received on his cheek by sanskar making all shocked. Laksh is telling what happened in the college to all the family after doctor checked and sanskar who just came after his date with swara just listened that laksh had slapped ragini and his anger is at peeks and slapped laksh for slapping ragini.
Laksh: (holding his left cheek and shocked) bhai
Sanskar: (angry) ha i am ur bhai that is why i just slapped u if any other would be in ur place i would have killed him, i dont know why did u slap her i just know that u slapped her and it hurts her and i told u many times act cool before her she is still a kid but u never listen to me. I will never forgive u for this lucky (saying this he left from there leaving everyone shocked to see his reaction. For sanskar ragini is the person because of whom he got his family, happiness everything he was craving from childhood and he could not see even a tear in her eyes but laksh slapped her so he could not control his anger and slapped him and he did not felt it wrong as he thought that he has the right towards his brother)
These all are watched by two pairs of eyes outside the room but hid when sanskar going out. They both moved to the hall and were about to go out but got interrupted by a servant
Servant: beta when did u both come
Boy: (he has tears in his eyes and they are also very red which are showing anger) kaka we came just before few minutes dont tell anyone that we are here we will come tomorrow morning for now we are going out and ha please clean our room by morning
Kaka: but beta…
Girl: kaka please understand him
Kaka just nods his head and that boy and girl go out. After going out that boy hits the wall which makes his knuckles bleed the girl gets worried and immediately ties her scarf to his hand and hugs him the boy cools down and hugs her back
Girl: please dont get angry i know u are feeling guilt that u were not with her when she needs u but do u think lucky will ever leave her and see he saved her at the correct time so please stop these all i can’t see u in pain
Boy: (sobbing) i just went for few months from here and see her condition and who is that boy that slapped lucky how can he slap him and why is lucky calling him bhai i am not understanding anything just few months and i dont know what all happening here.
Girl: shh viren (the boys name played by Karan Tacker) we will speak to everyone in the morning ok
Viren: (breaks the hug) i love u (wipes his eyes and smiles)
Girl: i love u too (kisses his forehead)
Viren: (smiles) tho Mrs. Jeevika Viren Vadera shall we go
Jeevika: (played by krystle dsouza) ok chalo
They leave from there
Here samar is in his room and scolding all the goons for failing to bring ragini to him in the phone. In frustration he drinks a lot and falls sleep.
Priya after knowing this breaks all the things in her room listening to the sounds her father (oh u all dont know who her father is na so, Rishab khanna, who is responsible for swasan being away from his family, yes she is the daughter of Rishab khanna) comes to her room
Rishab: priya princess what happened why are u breaking all these
Priya: (frustrated) ahh dad that ragini has escaped, laksh my laksh (not at all urs ok he is only ragini’s) again saved her
Rishab: (hugs her) shh princess calm down (angry) this shekhar and his daughter both i hate them first that shekhar snatched my love and now his daughter is trying to snatch my daughter’s love and i will not let that happen dont worry princess i will think of something ok
Priya: really dad i love u so much and ha i forgot to tell u swara and sanskar came to their family back i am very happy for them
Rishab: (shocked) what they found them ahh again they are happy
Priya: please dad dont do anything to shona and sanskar already they suffered a lot though i know about them i was helpless they deserve to be happy please dad
Rishab: for u i can give my life also ok i promise i will not do anything to them and about ragini i will think something ok u dont worry
Priya: thank u dad love u
Swara keeps her hand on laksh’s shoulder who is shocked for sanskar’s reaction making him come back to senses
Swara: lucky he is just angry that u slapped her…
Laksh: (smiles) i know shona for him ragini is his sister but he forgot that she is my life it is ok i dont get hurt after all its my first slap from my brother (he chuckles)
All smiles seeing him
Ap: laksh u be with ragini ok (all knows laksh will not leave from there until ragini wakes up so instead of arguing with him it is better to let him to be there along with ragini and they all know nobody can take care of her more than him)
Laksh nods with a smile and all others go from there he comes to ragini and sits beside her and caresses her hair she smiles in sleep seeing her smiling he also smiles. He kisses her forehead lovingly then his eyes fall on the finger marks on her cheeks which are due to his slap he feels really bad and takes the ointment from the drawer beside the bed and applies it to her very gently so that she does not get pain.
Laksh: u know duckling when u are in any trouble i can easily understand it i feel like my breath is going to stop at that time. U are my life duckling u are my everything i can’t think even a minute without u I Love U a lot, i am sorry for hurting u but what should i do u were not in ur senses that i cannot do anything to get u back into senses. I am really sorry.
Saying this he lays beside her taking her into his embrace and starts caressing her hair. Seeing her hurt he remembers when he hurt her for the first time.
It was before two years when ragini is studying second year of graduation and laksh is in final year of his graduation. It was the night on ragini’s birthday, as ragini always likes to spend her birthday only with family, that day also all the gadodia’s, maheshwari’s and Sharma’s are there in the garden between mm and gm for dinner and laksh decided to propose her and all the elders know about it and helped him alot. Laksh is eagerly waiting for ragini to come out after getting ready in the dress which he gifted her saying a birthday present. He is very excited that finally after a whole one year i.e., after realisation of his love towards her he is going to propose her. He waited till then to just get confirmed his feelings later when he got confirmed he waited whether she also has same feelings towards him or not. When he found the same love towards him in her eyes he finally thought to propose her. All (all are hiding from the place but can see everything from there only laksh is standing in the middle of the garden) are eagerly waiting for ragini to come and finally the wait is over there she came wearing a white floor length gown leaving her hairs free, with white matching earrings and with a small chain having a locket R looking like an angel. Laksh is completely mesmerised seeing her he is just staring her without blinking his eyes. He is just lost in her he came to senses only when ragini came to him
Ragini: jelly where are everyone (guys ragini calls him jelly from childhood)
Laksh: (coming to senses) ha?
Ragini: where are everyone?
Laksh ignores her question and kneels down in front of her making her shocked she is just standing blankly
Laksh: ragini i know we both are friends from childhood in fact best friends. And i really dont know when i fell for u from the time i came to know the meaning of love i only imagined u in my life. I LOVE U RAGINI. I really love u alot. Will u be always beside me becoming my better half, my love, my life, my soul. Will u be mother of my children, will u hold my hand and be beside till my last breath.
Ragini standing there just blankly she never imagined that her best friend will propose her. She never expected that he will think their friendship as love. Laksh is eagerly waiting for her answer.
Laksh: ragini
She comes out of her thoughts and looks at him he is smiling whole heartedly expecting an yes from her but she just turned and ran away from there without even turning back leaving a completely broken laksh whose eyes by now started tearing as he understood it is a NO.
All of them come to him and laksh immediately hugged dp and started crying.

Laksh: (crying) she does not love me dad. I lost her. I lost even her friendship. Now she will definetely hate me. She will even stop talking to me. I can’t live without talking to her dad.
Dp: (patting his back) shh beta she really loves u. The way she cares for u, the way she shares everything for u do u think she does not love u. No beta she loves u a lot. It is clearly visible in her eyes. It is that she did not realise it. It is ur duty to make her realise it. U should make efforts to gain ur love. I know my son is not a looser he will definetely win his love.
Laksh: (breaking the hug) but dad…
Shekhar: laksh beta durga is saying right u should fight for ur love. u should make her understand that she also loves u. U know na she behaves as a kid. So it is now like a challenge to u. U should take this challenge seriously and hope for the best. And u know she loves u it is completely seen in her eyes. So it is ur duty to make her realise that she also love u.
Laksh: (wipes his tears and determined) yes papa dad u both are right now i will make sure that she will definetely realise her love towards me and i will definetely do it as soon as possible.
Dp: (patting his back) that is like my son and i know urs is a true love so u need not to worry and u both are destined to be one so now start planning and make her realise her love towards u.
Laksh nods his head determined
Laksh: (to janaki) ma u please go and check her i know she must be crying now
Janaki: (smiles and pats his cheeks) i will take care dont worry
Laksh: (Sad) her birthday is spoiled because of me i should have proposed her some other day
Shekhar: no beta dont think like that. And now just concentrate only how to make her realise before that have ur food and have a sleep and from tomorrow start ur mission RR
Laksh: (confused) RR
Shekhar: Ragini’s Realisation
All let out a small laugh

Janaki: i will go and see her hope she is fine
Shekhar: let me also come she might not listen to u
Janaki nods and they both go inside while laksh looks at them sad ap and dp puts their hands on his shoulder either side and assure him that everything is fine.
Harish: lucky this time i with u so feel happy always u will be jealous that i support gudiya na
Laksh: mamu please ha i am not jealous in fact i will be very happy to see her getting love from every one ok
Avantika: ha my lucky will always sees his happiness in her happiness anyways all the best beta hope u get her love as soon as possible
Laksh nods his head and they go back to their homes back

Ragini is in her room sitting down at one corner leaning to the wall. She is sitting hugging her knees and hiding her face in between her knees and sobbing.
Shekhar and janaki came there and saw her condition. They are very sad to see their daughter like that. Shekhar went and sat beside her and kept his hand on her shoulder she raised her head and saw him and immediately hugged him and started crying more
Shekhar: shh bacha why are u crying?
Ragini: (sobbing) papa how can he do this to me? We both are best friends but he spoiled everything by saying that he loves me. I am really hurt papa i never expected he will do like that now i hate him papa i will not talk to him also… (she sobs in his embrace)
Shekhar: shh stop crying for that leave it, come let us have something i am very hungry (he breaks the hug and wipes her tears and kisses her forehead)
Ragini: no papa i am not hungry
Shekhar: huh i thought i can have my food with my princess but she wants me to be hungry ok then i also will not eat anything (he keeps a sad face)
Ragini: (smiles seeing her father and pulls his cheeks) aww my papa is so cute come we will eat
Shekhar: (smiles as she is back to her kiddish nature though she is sad she never forgets to become happy for her family and she shares everything with them and always will be happy with them, she can do anything for them. She forgets everything very easily she forgives everyone very easily and come backs to her kiddish avatar which is the pure nature of her. She never pretends she just does everything whole heartedly which always makes her happy) chalo then
They were about to come out of her room but janaki comes there with food and they enjoy their food having a great family time. Janaki and shekhar smile to each other seeing her happy but also wished that she should realise her love for laksh which will make her happy and her life which will be full of happiness. They dont want to talk to her about it as they only want laksh to do that and realise her love towards him. Laksh who is seeing all this from outside the room smiles seeing her smile but also feels sad that she said that she hates him though he knows that she did not mean that she is hurt because of him but she does not realise that even she can’t stay without talking to him.
Laksh: (in mind) i am sorry duckling for hurting u i am really sorry i did not think that u will be this much hurt. This is the first and last time i am hurting u dont worry after ur realisation it will always be only happiness it is my promise ur jelly’s promise. I love u a lot get ready to see my love good night my duckling (thinking this he goes from there by giving a final look to her)
Janaki and shekhar smile seeing him as they know that he is watching everything.
Fb ends
His thoughts get disturbed by the movement of ragini in sleep he looks at her beautiful face
Laksh: i broke my promise today by hurting u again i am sorry jaan i love u so much (he kisses her forehead and slowly he too dozes off)
Swara goes to sanskar who is standing in his room balcony all frustrated and places her hand on his shoulder
Sanskar: (without turning) please shona i dont want to talk about anything now please leave from here
Swara: (ignores him) u did wrong by slapping lucky
Sanskar: (angry) better u dont come in between me and my bhai
Swara: (hurt but composes) i will not come in between u both but this all happened because of my sister
Sanskar: no she did not do anything
Swara: first listen to me completely u did wrong by slapping him u should know what had happened (she tells him everything and leaves from there without allowing him to say a word. She also got to know everything from ap)
Sanskar: (frustrated) shit how can i think that lucky can hurt her, ahh what have i done how can i slap my own brother oh god now i should go to him and apologise
He goes to ragini’s room only to see both sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace and smiles at that time somebody put hand on his shoulder he turns and see only to find dp standing there smiling at him. He immediately hug hims
Sanskar: i am sorry dad i should not have slapped him i could not control my anger when i heard that he slapped her she is very important in my life i can’t see her hurt
Dp: shh why are u sorry beta u have that right
Sanskar breaks the hug and looks at him
Dp: ha in fact i am happy that u are accepting us as ur family i thought it will be hard for u to accept us but when u said that u slapped as he is ur brother i felt very happy to see my both sons together after these many years and u know what that nalayak is laughing that he got his first slap from his bro
Sanskar and dp laughs for that
Dp: now chalo go and sleep
Sanskar nods and about to go but dp stops him
Dp: sanky wait
Sanskar: ha dad
Dp: how is ur date
Sanskar: (smiles) i proposed her and she accepted it
Dp: so u enjoyed
Sanskar nods with a sad smile as he remembered what he said to swara and both leave from there
Morning rays fall on our ragini who is sleeping in laksh’s embrace she opens her eyes and sees her love sleeping besides her hugging her protectively she smiles and slowly moves but it disturbs his sleep he opens his eyes
Ragini: (smiles) good morning jelly
Laksh: good morning jaan are u ok
Ragini: what will happen to me when my jelly is there with me (she hugs him tight)
Laksh: tho get up and get ready i have some work i need to go somewhere i will be back as soon as possible ok
She nods and he kisses her forehead lovingly and leaves from there she smiles seeing his care towards her and goes to get ready
Laksh goes to his room in gm and gets ready and comes to the hall only to see all sitting there
Laksh: good morning every one (smiles)
Janaki: good morning beta how is ragini now
Laksh: she is fine ma u know about her she takes everything easy so she is fine now
Janaki: (smiles) so come have this tea
Sanskar is just seeing him with sorry face
Laksh: no ma i have some work so i need to go out i will be back after some time
Dp: where are u going?
Laksh: woh dad i have some work now only i told na
Dp: laksh
Laksh: please dad (to sanskar) bhai come with me
Sanskar just nods his head and goes along with laksh
Sanlak reaches a house it is not very big. In whole journey they both are silent laksh did not speak anything as he thought that sanskar is still angry on him and sanskar is thinking about how to speak to him
Laksh: bhai u please park the car and come inside
Sanskar nods and laksh goes inside as soon as he reaches to the main door of the house he saw him ‘samar’ (yes he came to samar’s house) his eyes became red in anger he immediately shouts
Laksh: (shouts in anger) samar
Samar: (who is drinking juice sitting on the couch spits the juice for the sudden shout and sees towards laksh he gets fear seeing his red shot eyes) la…lak…ksh
Laksh immediately goes to him and starts to beat him samar’s father who saw this immediately comes to them and tries to separate them but laksh is not in his senses he continues beating him blue and black sanskar who came there gets shocked seeing laksh like that. Sanskar immediately comes to him and separates him from samar
Laksh: leave me bhai he only told that goons to kidnap ragini i will not leave him
Sanskar: laksh control what are u doing will u kill him or what ha see he is already unconscious chalo
He drags him but laksh stops and says
Laksh: (anger) Mr. Goenka i am warning u if ur son again atleast looks at my ragini u will see his dead body understood
He just leaves from there along with sanskar after coming out side he punches the car.
Sanskar: (places his hands on laksh’s shoulder) lucky
Laksh takes deep breath and controls his anger and turns to sanskar and smiles
Laksh: (smiles) chalo bhai ragu will be waiting we need to go to college also
Sanskar nods his head with a smile on his face. He never saw laksh that much angry in this one year he was always cool and handles every situation coolly but today he saw him like this which showed how much he loves ragini. They both sit in the car and they start to go home.
After sanlak went from there ragini came from her room jumping on the stairs like a kid humming a song with a beautiful smile seeing her all smiled, she went and sat beside swara and hugged her
Ragini: (hugging swara) good morning my sweet di (she kissed her cheek)
Swara: (smiled at her) good morning my chweetu (she pulled her cheeks)
Ragini: di where is jiju
Listening this swara’s face become sad and ragini observed it.
Ragini: ma me and di are going to garden (saying this she drags swara to garden)
They reach to garden and ragini makes swara to sit on the chair there and she sits down near her legs and holds her hand
Ragini: di did jiju say anything to u
Swara nods no
Ragini: di u are hiding from me
Swara breaks down and starts crying and says what sanskar said to her
Ragini: what he said u not to come between his brother and him, he even slapped my jelly without his mistake now i am not going to talk to him. He hurt my sister na now he will see ragini’s anger huh
Swara: no no ragu please he will be sad for that
Ragini: oho di i am not angry i will just act so that he will convince us especially u he should know that he hurt u na (winks at her)
Swara: (smiles) u big dramebaaz but still
Ragini: please na please (makes a puppy face)
Swara: (laughs seeing her face and pulls her cheeks) fine u can do whatever u want ok my chweet kiddo sissy
Ragini jumps in happiness and makes swara stand and twirls her happily both are laughing and enjoying. Suddenly ragini’s eyes fall on someone she immediately stops and runs to that person and hugs him tightly leaving a confused swara there
Ragini: (hugging the person) bhayyu i missed u so much
Viren: even i missed u so much ladoo
Ragini: (breaks the hug and kisses his cheeks) i love u so much bhayyu where is bhabhi and my darls
Viren: ur bhabhi is coming she went to meet mamu and ur darls went to school camp
Ragini: what he went to camp he is just kindergarten bhayyu
Viren: tho he went with his friends to enjoy
Ragini: ok leave it (excited) chalo bhayyu i need to make u meet with someone (he drags to swara)
Ragini: bhayyu she is di swara di
Viren: (shocked) swara means our shoru
Ragini nods her head smilingly viren immediately hugs swara tightly while swara is still in confusion
Viren: (breaks the hug and holds swara’s face fondly) my shoru i thought i lost u
Swara is just looking at him confused
Ragini: di he is our bhayyu our masi’s son masi and her family were dead in an accident when bhayyu is 5 years from then he is with us only. Ma told me that bhayyu loves u alot and always took care of u when u were small.
Swara: (looks at him teary eyes) bhai
Viren hugs her and pulls ragini also into the hug.
Ragini: ho please now stop rona dona it is time to enjoy
Viren: tho tell me where my ladoo and shoru wants to go we will go there
Swara: but college
Viren: who will go to college when ladoo is not well. (he winks to them)
They both laughs

Viren: (serious) ha ladoo i forgot to ask yesterday night we came (and he tells what he saw) who is that who tried to harm u (he says this cupping ragini’s face)
Ragini’s face become scared remembering it
Viren: (understood) ok ladoo leave it we will not talk about it
Ragini calms down and tells all what happened and how laksh saved her.
Viren: (angry) how dare he? I will not leave him
Ragini: bhayyu please leave na
Viren: ok we will talk about this later but tell me who is the person who slapped lucky
Ragini: oh di said me that jiju slapped lucky as he slapped me to bring me to senses
Viren: jiju
Ragini: ha lucky’s brother who was lost along with di
Viren: what sanskar means even he is ok oh god today i am so happy but i always miss these happy moments first i missed when lucky proposed u later i missed the moment when my sissy is back (he pouts)
Swaragini laughs seeing him
Swaragini: aww bhayyu (hugs him)
At that time janaki comes there to call swaragini and gets surprised to see viren there
Janaki: oh met ur sisters forgot ma
Viren: (turns and goes to her and hugs her) ma
Janaki: how are u beta
Viren: fit and fine
Janaki: where are jeevika and ayan?
Viren: jeevika went (before he could say jeevika comes there) lo aagaya ur bahu and ur pota tho went to school camp
Jeevika comes there and gets introduced to swara and all go inside after going inside they meet all and they all are talking happily
At that time laksh and sanskar enters. After seeing jeevika there
Laksh: (screeches like a kid and runs to her and hugs her) ddddddiiiii
Jeevika: (hugs him back) oh my lucky i missed u so much
Laksh: even i missed u di where is ayan
Viren: huh only u will meet ur di and ayan then what about ur jiju
Laksh: oh jiju please dont get jealous ok (makes faces) i missed u also
Viren: i am not begging u to say that u missed me
Ragini sees that laksh’s hand is bleeding she gets worried
Ragini: (holding laksh’s hand) jelly ur hand how did u hurt
Sanskar: vo ragu… (he was about to say but laksh interrupted)
Laksh: it is that when i am closing the car door i got hurt
Ragini: cant u see before doing any work let me bring first aid box
Saying this she runs and brings the first aid box and starts treating him while all see her with a smile on their face
Laksh: duckling i am fine it is a small wound that is it
Ragini: shut up
Laksh stops after completing she looks at everyone who are staring her
Ragini: what
All: nothing (laksh remembers about viren dont know about swasan)
Laksh: jiju meet bhai and shona
Viren: i already met shoru but not sanskar
They meet him.
Ragini: Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari
All looks at her shocked
Sanskar: ragu
Ragini: shh dont speak anything u hurt my di and jelly so now it is ur duty to get forgiveness from them till then dont talk to me also
Sanskar: arey ragu how can i be without speaking to u (holds her shoulders) sorry na my ragu please
Ragini: (turns her face) no
Sanskar: ragu please na
Ragini: first ask whether jelly and di forgave u or not
Sanskar: lucky shona please yaar
Swara: ragu please for me
Laksh: but i am with my duckling (teasing smile to sanskar)
Sanskar: lucky ke bache i will not leave u wait (he starts chasing laksh and all laughs seeing them finally all gets settled on the couch)
Ragini: ma i am hungry
Janaki: ha chalo let us have breakfast u should go to college also
Swaragini: no college today
Janaki: why and please dont shout tell me slowly
Viren: because we are going out what say sissies
Swaragini: yes
Laksh: then even me coming with u all
Sanskar: even me
Swara: no only bro sissies’ day out
Jeevika: then we will go out sanskar and lucky we also will have sissy and bro day out
Sanlak: yeah
All elders smile looking at their children
All have their breakfast having a family time.
Viren: ladoo shoru go get ready we will go out
Swaragini: ok bhayyu
They both go to get ready after they leave laksh goes to ragini’s room without anybody’s notice. Ragini is standing near the dressing table combing her hair laksh goes and back hugs her.
Laksh: duckling i am sorry for slapping u i promised u that i will never hurt u but see i hurt u again
Ragini: jelly u did not hurt me u just did it to bring me into senses and i love u so stop feeling guilt ok
Laksh: i love u jaan
Ragini: i love u more ok
Laksh: ha u only love me more happy
Ragini: (turns towards him and hugs him) very happy (kisses his cheek)
Laksh: why dont u change the place of kissing yaar
Ragini: jelly shut up (she blushes)
Laksh: arey why dont u try by changing the place it will be more sweet
Ragini: (trying to free herself) jelly let me go
Laksh: no i will not till u change the place
Ragini: jelly please na (makes a puppy face)
Laksh pecks her lips and leaves her
Laksh: now i left u next time no chance
Ragini blushes and runs from there while laksh follows her with a wide smile on his face. They all go for day out and enjoy a lot.
Viren Vadera: janaki and harish sister’s son. His parents died in an accident when he was 5 years old. He is elder to swara, sanskar, laksh by five years and by four years to ragini. He got married to jeevika when he is studying PG and had a son of six years named ayan. He looks after the hotels along with dp and shekhar and is away from the family due to business work from 3 months.
Jeevika Viren Vadera: wife of viren, her parents also died leaving her all the property to her. Her chote papa treated her very bad. She fell in love with viren when they are studying PG and viren married her and to save her from her chote papa by throwing that property on his face. Dp and ap adopted her and from then even laksh got a sister.
Ayan Viren Vadera: six years old. Naughty boy loves his ragini bua very much, calls her cutie and ragini calls him darls (short form of darling). Son of viren and jeevika.
Thank u for reading. Please tell me how is the episode through ur comments. Sorry for the boring episode. Meet u all in the next episode. Till then take care. Keep smiling. Byebye.

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      thank u so much shri…. no dear aakash’s character is not played by arjun of iddarammayalu it is jay soni (ishan of sasural genda phool) and about ragu got the name duckling u will get to know soon

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