Ragini- A Story (Chapter 1)

Ragini- A Story (CH-1)


Its morning. Swara wakes up and does not find Ragini in the room. She thinks that Ragini must be with Sharmishta in the kitchen. She gets up & was abt to go, she saw the note beside Ragini’s bed. She picks it up & reads it. She get shocked & tears flow from her eyes. She goes out of the room crying.
Swara (crying)- Maa, baba, dada, dadi….
They all come.
sharmishta- what happened shona, why are you crying.
Swara- maa, woh Ragini…
Shekhar- What happened Swara & were is Ragini?
swara- Baba, she left us & went away. She hands over the letter to Shekher.
Shekher reads it. The letter says—
Mom, Dad, the time you will be reading this letter, i will be far away from u all. Dad, i have done a lot of mistakes and whatever happened with me may be punishment of my sins. If possible plz forgive me. Dad, i am leaving this city forever & plz dont try to search for me.
Your’s Ragini…..

All the family members cry & Shekher falls on the chair.
There Ragini arrives in Mumbai. She thinks “My new life starts here, I will never look at my past from today.” She gets down at the Mumbai Central.

Precap- Maheshwari get to know abt Ragini leaving…

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