Rab Se Sona Ishq 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 13th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sahiba is at the dargar (mosque) giving offering to everyone, and she is shell shocked to see Daljeet in such condition. He got up and move way, and Sahiba ask him to say something as it her and what have he done to himself. Daljeet remains mum, she then apologize to Daljeet for what she have done, he then open his hand with the ring that Sahiba have return to him, she then took it and place it on her finger saying if that is why he isn’t speaking because she give him back the ring so see will wear it, she also says she is carrying the symbol of there love, there child. Then Daljeet looks up, and she says if there is anything to return then it his child. Daljeet ask if she will really do that, he said then he will give his child everything, he won’t be short

of nothing in the world. He said he will give there love so much of love that he won’t need anymore love, then ask Shaiba if she would really return his child, she said yes as she began crying. Daljeet then move down to Sahiba belly and begin speaking to his child while Sahiba cries, then Daljeet hug her and his mom arrive and saw them while Daljeet say he love Sahiba. Sahiba said but she needs something, he ask What? Anything he will give her. She asked him to go home as everyone is worried about him and he must be happy, he said he will do as she said. She then leave, as she turns back she see Daljeet happy while Daljeet mom sees he is smiling and come in front of Sahiba.

Part 2
She told Sahiba she was right, as soon as Daljeet meet her, he will be okay and look he is. Daljeet mom thank her for returning her son, she tried but she fail as she couldn’t return that smile on her son face but Sahiba did it. Sahiba is quickly listen. Sahiba says she didn’t do anything she just returns something that belongs to him and she leave. Daljeet and his mom hug each other, then Ranveer mom told Sahiba she needs to take care of her child and Sahiba turns to see Daljeet and his mom hugging each other. Sahiba then leave with Ranveer mom. Daljeet at home apologize to everyone for whatever happen. His mom then told Malika, she wonder what Sahiba told Daljeet as now he is very happy. Bebe brought something for Sahiba eat to find her crying. She assume Sahiba is crying because Ranveer didn’t go to the dargar with them, then Ranveer arrive Bebe then scold Ranveer, so he had to apologize to Sahiba. Sahiba is thinking everyone here is happy but over there this is the only reason for Daljeet happiness. Daljeet is talking to Shaiba’s photo about there child’s future. Malika arrive and ask what happen all of a sudden, he said first she must promise she won’t tell anyone, she agrees. He then told her everything, she is shocked, Daljeet told her that he will have everything soon, all the happiness will be his Malika tells him how can he think that ways, how can he separate a mother from her child. Daljeet says because of the motherly love, Sahiba will return to him because for the child, then he will have everything and leave.

Pre Cap
Someone come from behind and start hitting Ranveer with a stick, Sahiba shout for him and run to him and the guy keep hitting and hit her across her belly.

Update Credit to: Amanda

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