Phir Subah Hogi 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 13th February 2013 Written Update

Kali’s child is asking her mother and saying don’t go anywhere a Seth is waiting and Kali is trying to placate her saying they both will go some other time. The Seth gets impatient and asks the child to stop creating Tantrum and let her mother go. Chulbuli comes and scolds him for creating issue in front of the child she asks him to wait outside and takes the child that we will go out and asks Kali whether anyone came Kali says no expect for this mad she who came on a horse but Chulbuli wants to know about the Diwana TVS and not Diwakar. Meanwhile the seth comes again and creates noise and Kali says she is coming when Sugni tries to scold him Sugni tells the child she will take the child to the market the child is happy and they plan to have fun and Amma is happy with her behavior meanwhile Diwakar comes and says he will take Sugni and asks them to send her she will be happy Amma is not very happy and says looks like you are frequently insulte from this Kotha. Diwakar shouts at her and says don’t insult hehe threatens her saying he can burn her Kotha down and tells her she has to sell and he has to buy its not his responsibility to safeguard good as that is the shopkeepers responsibility. In fact her house is not safe as any person can enter it .Amma says in her house anyone can enter who has money. Diwakar gives her money and says he is just taking Chulbuli for showing her around. Amma refuses and he takes some more making it 40,000 and says both will be benefited.Bunty gestures and amma smiles and takes it and again warns he should only take her out and not touch her. Diwakar asks for whom she is saving he. Amma says don’t waste time and tells Bunty to take care of the child and Sugni should get ready and come but she is thoughtful.

At TVS mansion Kuhu opens the door and finds police who come in. Suman JS and DV are sitting and Reva is serving them she stops them Suman says nothing is wrong here nd they should search or crime in cities. As they go MS comes and says she asked them to come as her elder DIL is trying to kill her and FB of the scene when Suman threatens her at a public function is shown. MS tells the country has not fallen down so much that a alive person will be declared dead.The inspector winks at Suman who tells them MS is her servant. All others except JS and DV are stunned and MS says she is mad .Inspector says she is right as Godavari is dead according to their record and MS says what nonsense And Inspector says Suman is right and Law cant register a dead persons comment h will wait till she gets a proper witness from outside the house and takes leave from Suman. Suman threatens MS saying give me the land and I will make you alive again and laughs at her.

Chulbuli and Dwiakar are sitting in an empty restaurant and Diwaker asks her how it is. She says it is good but empty .he says he booked the whole restaurant so that she says no one can see them together.He wants to know about TVS and what he wants from her .She says nothing and starts drinking water he changes the topic how can one not want anything from a Kotha wali(dancing girl/who sells themselves) Chulbuli is angry when he says he loves her otherwise no one has love who come to their area Chulbuli remembers FB of TVS saving her and smiling when she takes the jeep and drives away ad TVS comes and asking her to pardon him for his sins is shown. She says the stranger is also somewhat like that he only talks about love and he will never harm her. Diwakar gets jealous and angry says why you are remembering him she says no. The waiters serve them food and then leave as Diwakar gestures at them She is watching all this.He comes near her puts hands on her shoulder and says we alone and I have been told to stay away from you but lets go ahead and get closer and hugs her .she gets very annoyed asking him not to come closer and remove his hands. He tries to force her she slaps him and tells what he is thinking of himself and her she says that stranger is better then you he was alone with me but never stepped beyond limits you should learn from him what being a gentleman is, and runs away as Diwakar keeps calling her saying I am sorry but she walks out and FB of her conversation with Diwakar about TVS is shown and also of TVS in her room is shown.Chulbuli sees him with his hand stretched towards her and she think why do I keep thinking about him am I waiting for him then why.

PRECAP Amma is oiling Chulbuli’s hair who says that man is very different Amma says compared to others Diwakar Seth is quite different .Chulbuli says I am not talking about him but the mad Deewana whenever he is near I feel very safe.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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