Queens Hain Hum 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Queens watch episode and are shocked to see Akansha accepting Amitabh Raina’s challenge to divorce Chaitnaya. Tanya/TT says Akansha should not have done this. Maya says Akku had informed her about Chinu’s novel, but feel for Amitabh Raina’s mind game. Tanya/TT says then she knew it from before. Maya asks Desho to go to Akku’s house as Aniket would be crushed between Akku and Chinu’s fight.

Akansha waits for Chaitanya to return home. Aniket asks when will papa return. Desho who is helping him in homework says papa will come soon. Chinu comes and starts packing his belongings. Aniket greets him and asks Desho if she came as tomorrow is his birthday. Akku says yes, didi came to help her in birthday celebrations and asks him to go and sleep. Chinu

packs his bags. Akku asks why did not he inform her that Amitabh has invited even him, she would have backed off. Chinu says good she spoke her mind and tries to walk. Akku says she spoke in pressure. Chinu says people speak out their heart in pressure, she needed divorce. She says no. He says he needs though and she should tell her followers that she kept her promise and divorced her husband. He walks out. Akku shatters and reminisces Chinu’s love for her and their happier times. A sad song plays in the background.

Queens gather at Akku’s house. TT says she is worried about Chinu, what he must be feeling. Maya says Chinu should understand Amitabh’s mind game. Akku says Chinu left. TT says not to worry, husbands return home eventually. Shreya says Adi always tells they should speak carefully to media person. Maya says Akku she should not have lost her cool. Akku says Amitabh pressurized her. Tanya says she should not have gone there at al and should have directly told she will not spoil her life for his TRPs. Akku says Aniket is asking when will papa return. Maya says let us plan surprise birthday party for Aniket.

Next day, queens decorate house and celebrate Aniket’s birthday. Aniket says he will not cut cake until papa comes. Dev says papa will be coming soon, until then they can play. Akku standsd sadly. Maya consoles her and says she is a krantikari queen, how can she lose hope so easily. Akku convinces Aniket to cut cake. Chaitanya/Chinu calls Dev and asks him to bring Aniket out . Dev asks to come up. He says he will not and asks him to help him as a friend. Dev takes Aniket out. Aniket runs and hugs Chinu and feeds him cake. Chinu plays with him for sometime and sends him back. Akansha cries that Chinu did not return. Maya consoles her that this is a bad phase and will pass on soon, their relationship will get stronger with it.

Precap: Avinash watches news and tells Maya that famous socalist Akansha has decided to divorce her husband. Jahnvi calls Chaitanya and asks what he has thought about Akku and Aniket. He says he stopped thinking, he is worried about only Aniket. Akansha’s assistant tells her that Amitabh’s news is adversely affecting their NGO’s reputation.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Akku is such mad, due to her unbalancing nature everything got bad….
    I feel sad for chaityana as he and dev are only from those type of husband who encourage and support their wives which are only 1% or 2 % in real…

    1. Esther

      yea u r rite,,,Akansha is lucky to get such a hus,,but don’t values him

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