Bigg Boss 10 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 87
Inmates wake up to the song ‘Jhumka Gira Re’. Inmates dance. Lopa says i like this song.

Niti says to Lopa that i stayed in Paris, their metro service is complicated, my uncle made me learn it. Lopa says paris is over-rated. Manveer says to Manu that she is moving between paris and London, i have never been indian places too, their hobbies are shopping from London and you roam around thieves market.

Bigg Boss introduces the next leg of the ticket to finale week task and Bani, Manu and Manveer step on the last most difficult orbit with water bowls in their hand, they can take place on orbit and move at speed as they want but have to protect their bowls.

Manu, Manveer and Bani starts revolving around orbit after

buzzer plays, Bani says everything is same. Rohan says you people can move in direction you want. Bani says we can move back too to keep feet moving, Manu says lets talk out what we should do, Bani says he has started strategizing now, Manveer says you both get down, Manu says one of you should get down, Bani is going down from task, Bani says i want to do this task for myself because i lost captaincy because of Swami Om so i want this at any cost, one of us have to get down from task, Bani stopd and says i will move backwards now, Manveer says i will move forward only, Manu is between Bani and Manveer, Manu pushes her bowl from her hands, Bani’s water falls from bowl. Rohan says Bani is out of task, Bani says why did you push me Manu? Rohan says Manu and Manveer are remaining, Bani says we promised to not touch each other, she throws her empty bowl in anger, Manveer says we were moving forward, why you wanted backwards? Bani says it was allowed, Manveer says Bani you were pushing people since yesterday, Bani says did i say you pushed me Manveer? congrats both of you going to finale, manu says its done now, Bani leaves.
Bani comes in restroom, Lopa is there. Bani says they are jacass, they cant play like men, they are ********.
Mona and Niti congrats Manveer and Manu. Bani comes there and says i talked to you people that we will talk it out, i am frustrated, you think i couldnt push your bowl? but we promised to not touch each others bowls, Manu says we didnt know what you were about to do, Bani says thats why i always ask to take fair players in game, i am not saying you people didnt play well but it was not fair, she leaves. Manu says we decided with her to not push anyone but we didnt know, she can change her mind anytime.
Bani comes in lounge and weeps.
Manu says to Mona that she stopped walking and turned towards me and said we will move backwards and Manveer said we will move forward only, i was stuck in middle and she could have thrown my bowl and i couldnt throw Manveer’s bowl so i threw her bowl away.
Bani says to Niti that we cant play game well if we dont trust each other but i was stupid, i promised them that we will play fairly, i could have pushed him too, i could have done anything but i dint because i wanted to play it nicely.
Manu says to Mona that we will not know each other after 15days, i always do task till end but i always sacrifice for others but not now, i always keep reasons that Manveer is my brother so let him win but i dont want to Rahul to keep make my brother winning, i want victory now.

Bigg boss announces final task for finale week ticket, there will be task between Manu and Manveer to win ticket to finale week. They will go to shopping mall and have to convince people to vote for them to make them win ticket to finale week. Manu and Manveer are happy listening about task and hugs each other, Lopa and Rohan wishes them luck. Manu and Manveer dances in happiness, Niti says they will be locked in cage in mall and have to convince audience to vote for them, audience will vote in ballet boxes placed in mall, the one who will have more votes, will be winner. Manu hugs Niti being happy. Bani has her face blank. Mona ask them if they will do shopping? Manu says no we are commoners.

Manveer and Manu rejoice the moment and get dressed up for the competition. Leaving the house in Maruti Suzuki Swift, they put blindfolds on their eyes, car starts moving.
Manu and Manveer arrive at a mall in suburban Mumbai. To their amazement, they find a huge crowd roaring and chanting their names as they make a grand entry inside the mall, people are chanting for Manveer. Manu and Manveer dances seeing energetic crowd. Manveer adores one kid.

In house, there is buzzer playing. Rohan was lying on bed, Niti says this buzzer was about someone sleeping? Rohan says i was just laying down.

In mall, Manu and Manveer are locked inside two life-size cages from where they have to interact with their fans and appeal for votes. Manver chants for Bigg boss. Manu appeals for votes. Manveer is shaking hands with people, he is dancing in cage, and giving autographs.

In house, inmates are lying on beds, buzzer plays again.

In mall, Manveer takes selfies with audience. Manu chants to vote for him, he is taking selfies too. On girl comes to Manveer’s cage to take selfie, guard asks her to move away but Manveer requests thats she is a kid, let her take one, he takes selfie with her, girl gets happy.

In house, Niti reads instruction that audience are not watching show to see them sleeping, Bigg boss is sending mixed rice and pulse, they have to separate rice and pulse as a weird punishment so atleast they will be seen doing something in house, start doing this punishment. Inmates take their rice+pulse bowls and start separating them.

In mall, the fans have to drop their votes in the ballot boxes kept in front of the cages. To make the task more energetic and entertaining, Manu and Manveer do everything possible to make their fans happy. Manveer female fans go berserk, one girl says to Manveer that we love, we will vote for you. Security have issue protecting their cages. Mob start going towards cage so Manu and Manveer are asked to run from center stage, they move away from there.

In house, Lopa says we are feeling like ladies working in village, gossiping and working on rices. Bani says only Rohan is guy here. Rohan says hope Bani do this task, Lopa says she might quit, she laughs.

In mall, after mob is settled. Manu and Manveer comes in cages again, they appeal for votes. People are dancing their signature step and voting for them. One kid comes to Manveer’s cage, Manveer kisses her cheek. Manveer gets energetic and takes off his shirt, audience hoot for him. Manu says to one girl who is voting for him that you are beautiful. One girls gifts Manveer and says i love you, he puts her gift under his undershirt, girl asks him to dance for him. Manu says no girl loves me? Manveer does dance steps. Two girls hug Manu, they take selfie with him, Manu praises them. Manveer touches feet of one elderly lady. One foreigner takes selfie with Manu, Manu says i dont know how to talk in english, Bani can talk in english, he laughs. One guy says to Manu that i gave audition but i didnt get inside, Manu says see difference between our faces.. you look more beautiful, they didnt want it.

In house, Rohan says to Lopa that what if we get ticket to finale on basis of separating rice and pulse, Lopa says i was going good in task, you were mean with me, Rohan says you make me say sorry forcefully, i should have slept in toilet to avoid this punishment, Lopa laughs.

In mall, one girl says to Manveer that i love you, Manveer says i was waiting for you, i love you too, she asks him to give her kiss, Manveer pecks her cheek. Manu says they will throw me out, vote for me. One girl gives soft toy to Manveer as gift and takes selfie with him, one girl advises him about Niti. One kid comes to Manveer and says i am your fan, lets do dance step together, Manveer does. One girl hugs Manveer and says i love you and you are my favorite.

In house, Bigg boss says we hope you inmates dont break rules again, we are discarding this punishment. Niti says i wont sleep now. Mona says i would not sleep and would complain about others to Bigg boss, Niti laughs and says really?

In mall, one girl asks Manu to say hi to her husband, Manu says sir your wife is cute. It doesnt matter if i win or Manveer, we are brothers. Manu and Manveer dances. Manu and Manveer thanks crowd and starts leaving mall, people are mobbing them, security takes them away from mall.

Manveer and Manu arrives back at home with their ballet boxes. They enter in house. Inmates run to them and ask what have they brought? they says this ballet boxes have votes, Bani says lets count it. Manu says i cant tell in words, people were doing so much, they were just trying to get close. Manveer says girls were asking me to kiss them, Manu says people pushed cage down. Man says there were Bani’s fans there too. Bani says tell me details. Manu says whole mall was fully filled and we were in cage. Manveer says i have got so many kisses, Bani says are you serious? Manu says they were doing our dance steps too. Msnu says we have won, seriously. Manu says one kid said to me that i am Manveer’s fan but i am voting for you. Manveer says i have won, girls were voting for me so much, this is for us so think what would it be for you people.

Bigg boss says to inmates that Manveer and Manu got chance to ask for votes, its time to know who got more votes. He asks Manveer and Manu to count the votes from the ballot boxes. Manu says to Manveer that if you tell them only one gender voted for me then it insult for you, Manveer says you keep thinking that i say weird stuff, why you comment like that? Manu says dont understand if you dont want to. They bring ballet boxes in lounge. Inmates are excited. Manu and Manveer start counting, Bani is checking their counting.

They are counting votes. Manveer says today we will know india’s decision. Manu has got 338votes, Manveer has got 472votes. Manveer hus Manu, all congratulate Manveer. Rohan hugs Manu too. Bigg boss says Manveer has got more votes than Manu so Manveer has won the ticket to finale week task and has become the first finalist of the season, he congratulate Manveer, Manveer is happy, Bigg boss says Manveer will remain captain for this week.

Manu says i couldnt become captain, Niti says you got to know big thing. Manu says i dont care about getting less votes but i wanted to be captain once in season, i kept pushing captaincy for later but never got chance, Niti says it doesnt matter. Manu says to Manveer that you became captain again, Manveer says i am sorry, Manu says i just wanted to be captain, Manveer says you take my captaincy feel, Manu says its same feel for me if you are captain, Manveer says i like your words.

Manveer says to Rohan and Lopa that we were getting roses and i was giving them back too, i was getting kisses too, Lopa says guy is on cloud, Manveer says one girl asked me for kiss, i said it was going ahead but i kissed her on cheeks, Mona says i am dead, Manveer says it was all real, she wanted kiss, Lopa says you actually kissed her, Rohan says i like seeing Manveer’s happiness today, Lopa agrees.

PRECAP- There will be call center task. Manu and Manveer are call center workers. Rohan calls Manu and says you couldnt even become captain once in whole season, you keep saying big words but cant even perform in tasks, you are zero in tasks but you call backbiting as entertainment, it was once said by Andy that you go to real jails too, what connection do you have with jails? tell me truly. Manu says to Manveer that i never expected Rohan to say all that to me, it was worse than Priyanka’s words, he says to Niti that whole conversation would look negative on Tv. Niti calls Manveer and says what meaning friendship have for you? Manveer says leave it, i want to listen more than friendship, he smiles flirty, Niti says you think i am garbage bag that you can throw and pick as per your convenience. Manveer says your complaint about friendship has hit my heart, i will work on it, Niti says i dont want friendship like that even in charity where i am not respected. Lopa is worker at call center, Bani calls Lopa, Bani shouts on her that why you were not picking call? you think your whole value revolves around your looks? Lopas says i think you have problem with my looks, do i prick in your eyes, Bani says would you want to marry no so good looking man? Lopa says if his heart is good then for sure, Bani says you dont care about heart, will you marry seeing his bank balance? Lopa says this is my personal matter, Bani says your salary is pocket money given by your daddy?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Update in progress… waiting….

  2. Aarti32

    Are yaar, manveer n nitibha r close or not?? I jst don’t understand, coz they talk vry cutely one moment n d other moment they argue.. but d precap n most importantly, manveer’s smile upon hearing nitibha’s complaint..aww?? n d way he said mujhe dosti se zyada sunna h..Hayee!!?? Love MaNiti

  3. ahahaha bani is killing lopa in. the precap cant wait for tomorrow ????
    love u bani j

    1. Thank God Bani did not get the ticket to the finale. She is a big loser and so insecure. She is plain jealous of Lopa. It shows. Such a cheapster

      1. I am glad as well that Bani did not get ticket to Finale. The entire season – she quit every “team” task. This task she wanted to do because it was individual one. She is a lone loser. Don’t know what Bani’s fans see in her – Character wise. She is a not a team person, she cant take constructive criticism (in fact she is adamant about being right always), She just wants to have her say and walk away, She has not once lead the house to anything good. None of her fans can point to any episode where in the house – Bani was the reason for the house to cheer or laugh. She is one dark hearted person. Cake not sharing incident – that was heights (which always showed her character properly). If you still need more convincing – watch roadies show with Bnai in the season. Not one contestant had anything good to say about Bani. Anyways, as per DNA’s leaked BB voting count – she is still getting second highest votes to save her from elimination whenever she gets nominated. And its not Manveer who gets more votes than Bani – its Mona. Google Mona and see what an item girl she has been her entire life (in movies). Her fans from UP, BIhar and that region are a lot more thank we think. Unfortunately Mona does not know that. The fun will be to watch if Mona makes it to the final or not. Second is Bani and then manveer. Manveer has a seat in the final already reserved. Need to see if Mona makes it or not. Hope Bani gets eliminated in some task. Then I don’t care who wins.

  4. yes yes!!! I just wanted Manveer to get the ticket to finale.. thank god Mannu haven’t got it…

    what a task given by Biggboss…lol..who won the task??

    precape is just awesome.. I want to watch all conversation between Manveer and Nitibha… so lovely couple…?????????.. ‘More than friendship’,, sounds good… I think they are falling for each other….

  5. Ha ha ha just c dat fool manu’s face wen manveer won ticket to finale week…my god how he wsa behaving..showed how he was so desperate to win votes…m against both manveer n manu but if the two goes on d finale i wud deffinately want manveer to win coz atleast he is not a despo n idiot like manu….m supporting rohan he is a real winner but as i said earlier bb9 does’nt want him to win n so being bais with him….they r treating him so bad…rohan u r a winner…no need to be disheartened as u hv won ur fan’s heart all over the world….

  6. N yess gud episode is going to be aired tommorrow…gr8 rohan…u gave a tight slap on manu’s face by asking him questions which is freaking him out…good going

    1. I also like Rohan, the guy has the guts to rip off Manu and Manveer’s mask. But I do not like his friendship with Lopa. Lopa to me seems like using him and portraying him in wrong light. His kid and an immature image is a gift from M3 and Lopa also now and then endorses this. She keeps on instigating him against Bani, but Bani has always helped Rohan during his captaincy and in tasks. You come to know who is a real friend only in time of need.

      Maybe it has been edited so the audience does not know about it. It seems after the last weekend ka vaar, once he has been successful is bringing to light Manu’s duality, he is rarely seen with Bani. And today to please Lopa he was commenting on Lopa. The guy is a very good hearted and genuine person, but Lopa’s friendship ruined his chances. For me top 3 contestants should be Bani, Rohan, and Manveer.

      1. Agreed dorothi,
        I also feel same that lopa is equally responsible for ruining rohan image coz she always talks to m3 group and complaints about rohan behavior.
        I think rohan should not befriend with lopa as lopa is using roahn.

      2. Rohan is definitely deserving contender . Won couple of tasks, shown lot of dignity and support to his fellow friends. He has the most tough time in the house, yet he doesn’t seeks any sympathy and stands for his actions and words. Lopa has used him for getting pampered. The most important quality has been his logical thoughts on many issues.

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today epi Manveer just nailed it. He really proved that he is kind-hearted. It was so sweet of him to allow the girl to take selfie with him ??. And Manveer improved as a captain after the rating task in the weekend. Manu already saw a glimpse and got to know that Manveer is more popular than him and have no idea how is he gonna win votes. If Bani and Manveer was in the mall it would have been more interesting to see who would have won the task. The way bb showed precap yesterday it seemed that bani threw the bowl in anger and lost in task whereas actually bani dropped the bowl due to anger and already lost the task and then threw the bowl. Lol. Rohan was happy for Manveer happy to see things getting better between Rohan-Manveer if not mostly they fight. Interesting precap. Interesting task. Rohan was a bit mean but not too much like Priyanka Manu exaggerated it . Manveer-Niti conversation cute hope they solve problems between them and Bani-Lopa huh? ??? don’t know what to say but bani Went a bit far

    1. now bani sounds insecure of Lopa..
      & wateva it is,, lopa is betttr in ths terms as well..
      atlst she didnt attackd Bani’s self-respect. :/

      Rohan Lopa r vry Good friends. & i dont think there is anythin wrong in tat.
      atlst wen compard to bani’s behaviour wid Gaurav,, Lopa is farrr goood wid Rohan..

  8. A.xx

    yar Bani went over there xx

    1. Rohan wasn’t mean at all, he said everything related to the show. With Manu nothing can be meaner than him as he has said most nasty stuff about everyone in the house including his BFF Manveer and moreover that jail stuff is said by Andy, Rohan was just repeating it. I don’t know what Bani is upto with Lopa, she could have questioned her lot of stuff regarding game and riled her up but she didn’t and instead went personal.

  9. May the best one win and I am glad that it was Manveer. Manu is sly and does a lot of back bitting and is a game player but Manveer plays with his heart and has a lot to give to this show.

  10. LOL okay to be honest this was one of the most boring BB episode ever!!.. All it had was overacting by Manu and Manveer.. Once they got back home and the way they were over exaggerating things – specially Manveer and how the girls were going gaga over him LOL.. the way they were acting was as if they have never seen girls before.. typical taporiz. Even if one of them wins the finale, their popularity is just going to die down over time as they have nothing of real significance to offer than sit together and b**** like girls.

    Overall I have noticed that BB usually becomes pretty boring in the last 2 weeks.

  11. Lopa deserve that words by Bani, she thought she is the only in the earth that she is beautiful. Did u saw her in morning ? she looks like a beast i get scared sometimes, and not all her heart full of jealousy from Bani!

  12. wow gr8

  13. Somewhere deep down I feel Manveer had changed a lot during the last few weeks, maybe he had a thought he needed to look strong to win. Now I feel since his position has been fixed for finale, he has become the previous Manveer – the friendly one. But yipppeee…

    Manveer is on finale.

    Now please viewers vote for Rohan n make him the second finalist. Rohan n Manveer both deserve to win.

    1. Hello Aarohi yeah agree with you about manveer gd observation

  14. Simran99

    hi kp , ditya , gud girl , preeti , swastika , riya , shriya , aakashi , anu s .
    saf pta chl rha tha k ye manu pura footage seekar hai . jitna rohan ne bola wo priyanka jagga k aas paas nhi tha . usne jo bola puri limit me bola . arre yr jo insan ful anger m bhi bandar aur gadhe ka bacha bolta hai wo priyanka jagga ki limit tak kaise pahunchega .
    when rohan said “bqckb*t*hing ko tum entertainment kahte ho” that was just wow . aisa lga wo mere hi muh se nikale hai .
    # vote for rohan

    1. hey simran….we know u better dear….
      n jo b hai vo yaar….uske comment se ko fark nhi pdta.
      bakti rahe kuch b vo….bevajah faltu baatein kr k friendship weak nhi kr skti humari
      n i think kp usko usi k andaz me answer de rha tha

      hi all
      rohan and jagga….???? my god….itna bda joke

  15. Fool bani..

  16. Gd morning to simran ditya shriya aakashi preeti godbless shazna swastika and all bb friends

    hahaha godbless it seems you like manveer and nitibha friendship talk better than any contestant but when manveer got the ticket to finale manu looked absolute bleaked haha bcz he is v clever person and rohan is fair enough he asked solid que to manu about jail haha

    and godbless i think you are thinking right haha

    1. You fool kp aapko ye bhi nahi pata ki rohan is totally fair than how could you say just fair enough looks like everysingle person are fool here and your both friends preeti and ditya both are fool bs poem hi likhti rehti hai hehehe aur aap kehte rehte ho wonderful poem

      1. Nah! Am not a fool and i didn’t even say a single bad word towards rohan i don’t think there is any difference between both statement “ROHAN IS FAIR ENOUGH” and “ROHAN IS TOTALLY FAIR” but if still i hurt you through my comment than am really sorry
        and my all friends are v intelligent here and preeti and ditya both my friends are incompareble girls here i am sure everyone like their poems am not alone who used to like their poems and say every day “WONDERFULL POEM”

      2. Simran99

        who the hell are u . why r u using my name . who r u stupid

      3. Simran99

        kp trust me m ye blue logo wali simran99 nhi hun . ye koi aur hai

      4. Yeah yeah i know you don’t worry about that full trust on you

    2. Hi kp totally agree wid you sab log preeti ki poem pasand krte hai ma toh bhot jayada like karti hun and one more thing you are not fool you are such a intelligent boy

      and yes agree manu bahot clever person hai mujhe lagta hai usko dukh hua ki manveer got the ticket

      hi ditya,kp,preeti,shriya,anu,riya,aakashi and all bb fans and preeti missing your poem very much pls write fast

      1. Simran99

        hi good girl aapne mujhe hi ku nhi bola.kahi aapko aisa toh nhi lag rha k upper blue logo wali simran99 m hu . trust me frnd . that’s not me
        anyone else is writing these thing to u by using my name
        and ya I am a register member toh mere comment par logo Ku show hoga .

      2. hi good girl n kp…..manu ka face dkhne layak tha….reality ab face pe b dikhne lgi h uski?

  17. hrithik ka Fan

    so manveer is the first finalist. …but funny part was manu begging for votes …that shows manu’s aukat. ..he is jealous of manveer’s popularity ..yesterday it was quite clear. ….

    …and ya people were chanting vote for bani …that’s for haters she is that much popular and where were flopas fans …lol…..and manu was hesitant in accepting that people were chanting for bani….manveer has gain popularity no doubt but if everything goes acc to votes then bani will win for sure…she has huge fan following. ….and in sneak peak they showed people chanting bani’s name but in episode they edited it ….but nevertheless manu must have realised his aukat. …b*t*hy Aunty. ..

    …last thing …rohan should stay away from lopa. .. yesterday he was making fun of bani and lopa laughing …so there is no difference between him and manu……….rohan was becoming my favourite but now big no….whatever bb did to him is right he deserves that….hypocrites. ..

    1. ya episode they edited bani fans part..based on voting bani ll win..but i think bb wont consider voting based on this season concept they will make commoner as winner..itz clear now the way bb promoting manveer so manveer ll b d winner..bani runner up..

    2. Was waiting for the your comment Bani ka chamcha. Good to seeing you bowing to your master. You have taken the onus of becoming Bani’s pet puppy after Gaurav Chopra.

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        ya hello su-su kumar…what can we expect from a lopa fan..jealousy just like flopa…get well soon

    3. plis repeat t show & listen it one more time..
      wen thy entred t mall.. ppl wer mostlyy shoutin Bani & Lopa..(plis use hearin aid next time) later,, only manu & manvir chants wer shown..
      & migt b thr wer sum max no. of fans at mall of bani,, cox thy wer expctin her to b thr.. & no doubt she has got huggggggge Sympathy Donaters tis season & gud amount of charity fans of ex bb contestants..
      othrwise i dont think she has done anythin rathr than cryin so far to entertain.. nor her Roadies persona is anythin good to consider by far..

      1. I increased the volume level to 200% and used the headphone… could not hear FLOPA… FLOPA, so why don’t you get your heaaadddpphhoonne checked once…

  18. manu won by cheating bani n lost in final round vry gud..happy tat manveer won ticket to finale..manu was so jealous by watching manveer’s fans in mall hehe it was clearly shown in his face nd lso when manveer won ticket lso got many bani fans were there xpecting bani..bani did really well in solar task..
    intresting precap..bani vs lopa i think bani gone lill personal she could hav asked qustions related to game..

    St thanx alot..juz nw saw ur rply..

    1. Ya mannu got wt he deseved….his plannings went in vain …
      Hope luck favours us n our prayings get fulfilled….Bani luv uuu..

  19. Today’s best thing was Manu did not win the ticket. You can cheat and you can b*t*h about others and demean and pull down others, but thats not the way to rise ahead in life. Two got a reality check coming out of the house. Manu and Manveer got to know about how strong is Bani’s fan following. Have to say that it was really sweet of Manveer to hold the Vote for Bani poster at request of a Fan. Mannu got to know that Manveer’s fan following is leaps ahead of him. Keep Back b*t*hing dude and day dreaming about finale. Bani was correct Manveer and she are strong contenders for finals.

    1. Bani is overrated. She has done nothing to stay in house. Most of us believed that she would have cheated sooner or later and then said “Bhai X 100 times, ho gaya na, yeh game hai, I was all alone”. Good that she didn’t got the ticket. Anyone who has seen Bani’s season in roadies knows the way she played, she didn’t won a single task, kept manipulating other contestants and because of their internal rivalry, she reached finale. here too she would have succeeded but Manu was one step of her plan. When 2 days back manu said ” I know, uski fatati hai mujhse”, it was not over-confidence but ability to see through the fake tough image. Look the way she made a grand and kind personality like Gaurav into a napkin, used and thrown. Her popularity may be more but not because of her nature but common people obsession with celebrity, err is she a celebrity? She has b***ched and hurled abuses whenever got a chance. In all of the seasons, not a single soul has won who has not b***ched except Rahul Roy. Everyone had their shades of grey.

  20. exactly kp.. Mannu was looking so jealous…what Rohan asked was nothing wrong.. also Bani and Lopamudra’s conversation looking very interesting.. rule of the task is customers can harass any call center executives by asking them any type of questions.. it is a great task..

    oh yes.. I like Manveer-Nitibha and their friendship…??? but I think it is the last week of Nitibha in this house.. so i can’t see their chemistry more…??

  21. hope so Aarohi.. last few week he became too rude.. hope old Manveer backs…

  22. Rohan u r awesome man….. Eagerly waiting 4 tdys epic guys….. Love uuuu rohan

  23. bani huyi gussa
    marna chahti wo manu par mukka
    paris jaake aayi dono beauty queens
    jisme thi shamil nitibha jo hai dramaqueen
    swami ke bina kitni shanti hai
    aisa aakashi manti hai
    simrandi ko kisine kiya frame
    who is playing this dirty game??
    preeti ko sab kar rahe hai miss
    manveer ko mila ek kiss
    preeti aapki poem leke aao
    aur sab ke hosh udao

    i know its not a gud as preetis coz she is the queen of poems…hope u like it

    1. Simran99

      hi aakasi WO blue logo wali simran99 m nhi hoon

    2. No no aakashi wonderful poem well done its not easy to write poem like this

    3. good poem…lyk ur pov in the poem….n ya queen of poems….where r u dear…everyone is missing u

  24. I hate u Mannu and manveer… U guys suck…. Manveer is actually using mannu Mona and niti…. Bigg boss 10 is the worst… Rohan u shud work more efficiently….

  25. All the people against Bani… so funny, she’s getting paid for the show whether she wins or not, same with the other celebs… BB is just a way for celebs to revitalize their careers.

  26. i was a bani fan fr sum reasn. but no more now..
    if Lopa is insecure of her,, then Bani isnt any lesss either..
    this two evrytime keeep targetin each other.
    but t pre-cap,, Bani went toooo far in itt..
    atlst lopa is bettttr in tis terms comparatively.. not jus tis,, but all t othr excpt cryin & gainin sympathy. D’uh i’m jus hatin tis gal..

    1. I think the task is to irritate the call center person so that he loses his/her cool and shouts back…. so why don’t you wait until tomorrow and know the task and then blame the Bani, Rohan, or Niti…. why you guys want to make an impression before you have seen the next episode…

  27. Viote for rohan .he is awesome

  28. thanks kp…lets makes this straight
    simran di s logo – a girl s clothes
    kp s logo- maroon design
    my logo – light blue design
    preeti s logo – pink fairytale colours
    shazna s logo-dark blue design
    shriya s logo-her photo

    now guys at least no one will use our names and insult our frends
    hope this was helpful

  29. Prettypreeti

    Hi guys.. Good afternoon kp bhai jj bhai simu di sona di good girl anu aki di diti di shriyo goodbless shazna and all…….
    Firstly oh u miss simran 9 whatever if u feel that my poems r useless than its ok but u r saying kp bhai fool its unbelievable .hmne kabhi tume bura nhi kaha toh tum kyun aapne lakshan dikha rhi hoo…
    Aki di wonderful poem as always and queen naaa..i m princess and u r queen….love ur poemm.
    Now guys read mine too-
    11 jan ka episode aaya,
    Ek naya modh laya…
    Bani ko nhi aacha lgi manu ki cheating,
    Mann kiya hoga kro thori c manu ki beating…
    Manu manveer ko le gye mall,
    Ek cage me band kia jo tha tall.
    Bakki gharwalo ne alag ki chawal se daal,
    Ho gya unka bura haal.
    Manu ne bheek mangi votes ke liye,
    Ladhkiyon ne manveer ko kiss diye..
    Aakir me mila manveer ko inaam,
    Bs katam ho gya episode ka kaam….
    Aaj ke epi ka intezaar ko,
    Tum sbko hmesha bhut sara pyaar karongi..
    Love u

    1. Prettypreeti

      *intezaar krongi*

      1. Simran99

        awesome poem

    2. Hahaha preeti the princes of poems loves your poem very much

    3. awww!!! I really like your poem prettypreeti ji… awesome.. by the way, my profile name is Godbless not goodbless… ROFL ????????????

    4. gud one pretty ji♥ gud writer…keep it up..u know hindi vry well..i think u al ppl frm north india? m frm south india..

      1. Yeah shazna we are from north india am from haryana studying in delhi(our country capital) may i ask you from where are you in south dear?

  30. Manveer is far far better dn Mannu…..happy 2 hear tat manveer won da ticket to finale ..
    Mannu got t fruit of his deeds…he deserved DAT…..jitni speed se over confdnt hua tha usse kahi jeyda tezi we niche gira …?hamesha planning plotting karta rehta Hai….andar hi andar pachta raha hoga manveer ka boul q nehi giraya …??

    So sweet of manveer he took da poster of BANI n promoted it ( when DA kids asked him to do)

    Bani ka naam le rehe the log ye sunkar to lopa k hawaiia ur geyi hogi …

    Mannu – Manveer ki Jane se itna votes mila unko to socho agar BANI jati to akela usko total jitna votes (810) mil jata …

    Hope finals mei bb koi tactic na use kare apne cmners KO jitane ke lite….hope so…

    VOTE FOR BANI.!!!! Luv u bani …

  31. Prettypreeti

    Hey guys i wanna share my dil ki baat
    ….i m now really very attach 2 u all..i love u more than myself…..btao iss pyaar ka mai kya karo????

    1. Simran99

      kuch mat karna but is pyar ko hamesha increase karte rehna and ya shayad this Wednesday m Ludhiana aayun . m last Wednesday bhi aayi thi

    2. Dear Do Whatever You Want To Do But Plz Don’t Forget To All Friends Of You hahaha

  32. man preeti u just nailed it!!!!

    1. No aakashi not manpreeti its hanupreeti singh kaur oh punjabi girl love you too sister

      1. Simran99

        its harpuneet kaur kp hehehehe

  33. kamini sharma

    manveer you just killing yr……

  34. Aj bigg boss ki partiality ka pta chlega rohan Ne Baba ko zara push kia to rohan ko pura seson k lye nominate krdia, aj sunne me aya hai k bani ne lopa ko kick Kia hai to ab bani ko evict kro violence pr, push pr itni bari punishment di rohan ko to bani ne to kick Kia usay evict krna chahye , rohan bani se zyada deserving hai usko punishment di to bani ko to evict krna chahye

  35. Rohan Ko task b nhi khelne derhay aesa b kya krdia , om to like tha k usay Dhaka dia jye om ne igloo task me rohan ko khencha tha us per b koi action nhi Lia , aj hum insaf chahtay hn bani ko evict hona chahye

  36. hrithik ka Fan

    there will be huge fight between bani and lopa in this call center task. …lopa said bani u took sympathy in the name of ur mother. ..bani got angry and kicked lopa………b*t*h lopa she is even worse than priyanka and om…..

    1. ya evn i heard abt tat..everyone uses her mother’s name 4 game..disgusting ppl..n bani got angry nd get into physical wid lopa..lopa knows tat bani ll react if she involve her mother’s she intentionally took her mother’s name..

  37. Lopa fans u r really gonna feel ashamed to c tdys epi….how cheap is her thnkng no less than swami om or mannu

  38. Do you mind updating or do we have to wait for tomorrow ?

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