#quboolhai(i do forever) episode10

Hello guy I’m so greatfull for all the comments .zoya will also be together for now .some of you choose nahma-hairder and others Nahma -imran so I decided nahma-hairder and nitkat-imran. Thanks a lot for your support
this episode start with Asad and Zoya
Asad was wearing his dresses on
Zoya:Mr Khan you look handsome
Asad: oh really (he drags her hand and pull her on him )Mrs Khan you’re…
Zoya: I’m what Mr Khan
asad: you’re my life
Zoya:oh that sweet and you are mine
OK Mr Khan I will do breakfast for you wait
Asad;(thinking )oh God breakfast (flashback of the last breakfast ) no no God
As Zoya was leaving
Asad: (shouted )noooooo Wait
Shocking Zoya
Zoya: any problem
Asad: actually i love your food but then o have an impotant meeting
Zoya: but Mr Khan….
Asad: darling working
He kisses her on forehead and leave
Zoya: but….
Asad;(thinking )oh all but not her breakfast
Dil: Asad!
Asad: ami
Zoya: mom he doesn’t want my breakfast
Dil: Asad!
Asad: mom it not breakfast is poison
Zoya: what, ami did you hear what he said Allah miya what wrong with you
Asad: actually… i… I didn’t…
Zoya: oh God stammering
Asad: ok you’re food is delicious as you
Zoya: Mr Khan we are..
Dil:wait what delicious
Asad: actually
.. I..
Zoya: mom Mr Khan….
Dill: oh I see wife and husband started stammering and do guy look so sweet
Ayan hears all this and fume in rage
Asad :bhai
Ayan :what I
Asad:I’m so sorry i just felt like I hope you don’t mind
Ayan: no I don’t mind I too will love that
Zoya feel so uncomfortable
Zoya: Mr Khan work
Ayan: I will join you later i need to do something
Asad leaves
Dil: Zoya please get me my phone from my room
Zoya: OK mom
Zoya goes and Ayan follow her
Ayan:love I miss you a minute without you is he’ll
Zoya; oh God are you mad get out Ayan please
Ayan: Zoya what wrong
Zoya: forgive me for not holding to my promise to you but I can’t do this my heart belongs to him
Ayan break down on his knees saying no no this is not possible you can’t say that
He holds Zoya face. Ayan: look at me Zoya look at tell me it not true that you’re confuse please say something
Zoya (crying ):it true I love Asad I love him so much
Ayan: (shouting )what about me Zoya me! I gave up all for you my life my family my marriage and now you tell me this
Zoya: I’m sorry but God knows I loved you so much I could do all for you but know my happiness is with Asad
Ayan: this is not happening to me you love him you a question have for you
Zoya: what
Ayan: have you told him you love him
Zoya: yes I did
Ayan: is not possible ! You never told me not even once you loved me you always ran away
Zoya: I’m sorry Ayan but if you loved me please leave
Ayan: OK I love so much that I’m ready to loose you of that makes you happy
Amira was watching all this and recording to thinking. This will help me in future when I had more proves
Down stairs
Dil: oh God Zoya is taking more time Nahma please check on her
Nahma goes up
Ayan: I’m leaving too so you are OK
Zoya: I’m sorry Ayan
Nahma shouting while claiming the stairs zoyaaa
Thus makes Amira leave and Ayan hide behind the door
Nahma: is everything OK
Zoya: yes let go
Zoya and Nahma leaves Ayan goes to his room and writes a letter leaves it on the table
At sid’s house
Rashid: Ayan
Ayan break down while thinking of all what zoya told him and falls unconscious saying Zoya.this shock all to see him in that state
Humera: ayannnnnn
Mom dad do something
Ayan is taken to his room
Rashid: call a doctor
Waji; OK sir
Ayan keeps repeating Zoya this tense Razia and Sheren but leaves Rashid and Humera confuse
Humera: how is Zoya
Sheren: I guess the person who did this
Rashid: Sheren
Sheren: but I…
Rashid: all of you leave let Ayan rest still the doctor comes
They all leaves but Badi ask Rashid to follow him in her room
In badi’s room
badi: Rashid I know who she is
Rashid: who
Badi: ayan’s love
Rashid bnut I taught it was Humera
Badi: no it Zoya she narrate all to Rashid this get Rashid out of himself
Rashid: I will kill Sheren for this how can she play with my son’s life
Badi: come down if you react Luke this she will denie it but you need to think well
Rashid: what can we do
Waji: the doctor is here
The doctor examine Ayan and gives the report
Doctor: Ayan is very welcome physical but I will say what create this problem is with his emotion and all his emotion can solve it
But I think he will be find with time
Sheren: oh God save my son
Humera: God save Ayan I love him so much
While all are tensed
Badi remembered Ayan gave him Zoya’s address and think only her can make Ayan well
Badi ami leaves for asad’s house
At asad’s house
Asad come back from work and Zoya cooked food for him
Dil vadad where are you are going we cooked your favorite
Asad; of my G I will just change and come
Dil: OK
Haider was coming
Nahma; Haider come sit
Nahma:OK I’m coming
Asad come and sit but notice amed is not there
Asad: where is amed
This get Zoya tense
Dil: I think in his room
Asad: Nahma please call him for me we need
This is more scaring to Zoya Haider notice her reactions
Nahma goes and Asad and Haider are served and they start eating the food is on eatable
Haider: (thinking )oh God only Haider can do this
Asad; (thinking )not again I can’t swallow this
Dil: Zoya cooked it with so much love
Haider: aunty have you tested it
Dil :no I did but I will serve myself I just wanted Asad to be the first to test it
Dil and tanu serves her food
Dil: Amira are you not eat
Haider: how can she when she knows..
Amira: actually aunty I’m full (thinking )oh God I’m so hungry but this food is surely poison
Dil and Tanu eats
Dil: ya Allah what’s this Zoya you..
Zoya: how Is it
Tanu sent it out and by accident some food get in her eye and she feels the pain in one of her eye
Zoya :sorry Tanveer
Tanu: it OK let it
Tanu keeps getting pain in one of her eye which shock Zoya Even the more thinking while is she feeling pain in one eye while the food got in the two eye
Tanu: I will get some water for my
Asad: OK Tanu
Tanu goes
Asad: you see mom she cooks so well that some get pain insist of smile
Haider: oh God just pain also bitterness
Zoya: oh God what is wrong with both of you mom tell them all that my food is good
Dil: it good
Zoya :mom have some more
Dil: noooo
Zoya; mom
Dil: nothing sweet heart I just remembered something to do Asad Haider eat OK
Asad; mom
Haider: chucky I have pain in my stomach so I will go to toilet and leave
Asad: (thinking )what do I do now Haider took my excuss
Zoya: Asad
Asad; yes actually Mrs Khan and eat we me take eat
Zoya eat and take it out
Zoya: oh God is uneatable there is too much salt it burned how can you eat this
Asad: you understand Haider stomach aches and mom’s work too
Zoya: oh God why did API and Jiji always told me I cooked well but I understand while Haider always got sick when I cooked and Jiji will always have some work and API she always prefer to cook insist of me
Asad; nahma wait is wrong
Nahma:amed left and her left this letter for you
Asad takes the letter and reads “I’m sorry sir but I had to go due to family issues but I hope you be very happy and don’t worry you will find someone else ”
Asad: oh I’m so sorry I didn’t have the chance to say good bye I hope all is alright I love you like a brother
This words tense Zoya
Zoya:Mr Khan don’t worry he will be alright
The bell rings
Nahma opens the door and Badi ami see her
Asad: who is it
Nahma: it is a ladie
Asad come and Dil too
Dil: Badi ami
Badi: Dil
Nahma; mom you know her
Asad; gran ma
Badi ami hugs Asad and Nahma and Dil
Asad :come in let me present you this is Amira tanveer Haider and my lovely wife
This leaves Badi ami speechless
Badi :your wife
Asad: yes
Badi (thinking ) oh God this is not possible it can’t be true it impossible I should be dreaming
Asad :Badi anything wrong
Badi: no son
They bring Badi to sit and chat, Badi ami saw the happiness and joy of Asad and Zoya and understood she loved her husband
Badi: I have to go
Nahma: gran ma you will visit often right
Badi: yes darling I will
Badi ami leaves
Asad: what a joy to see grab Ma
Nahma: but if gran ma is back dad Nitkat nutza..
Asad: Ayan are back too
Zoya: Ayan
Asad: yes
Zoya: who is he
Asad: my brother
Zoya: woow aunty you have another child
This tense Asad Dil and Nahma Asad leaves
Zoya; mom did I say anything wrong
Dil; no Zoya
She explain all to Zoya
At sid’s house
Badi come in tensed
Rashid: what is wrong
Badi: the worse has happened
Rashid: where we’re you
Badi; I told of bring the girl here for Ayan:s happiness
Rashid: what mom but she’s married OK where is she then
Badi: with Asad
Rashid: wait what does Asad has to do with this
Badi: Asad is married to her
Rashid: what this is not possible
Badi: it is I told I was dreaming but it was not Asad married her after Sheren separate them and I could ask her that because she was happy and Asad too year ago he lost his dad and brother I couldn’t make him lost his wife 17years after
Rashid; it my fault I shouldn’t have separated them
Badi: no Rashid it not
Rashid crying to this situation and Sheren listening all this
Sheren: oh God is on my side this will make Ayan hate Asad for taking the woman he loves and smile evilly
At Asad’s house
Asad’s room
Zoya: Mr Khan I’m sorry I didn’t mean to
Asad: it OK because now I have you and won’t never let you go
Zoya: and I you
The hug
Asad:OK mrs Khan get ready tomorrow we are going for our honeymoon
Zoya: honeymoon! Great to where to
Asad: surprise
Zoya: oh no (jump on the bed this irritate )of on this I will say a poem
A Husband should always tell all to his wife for more trust
A husband should always tell all to his wife for more trust
OK then tell me to here we are going
Asad: you will do all but I will not tell you
Now go to bed
Zoya: but Mr Khan…
Asad off the light
Zoya: oh God what is wrong with my Mr Khan God help me so that this stupid man don’t do something stupid
Early in the morning
Zoya and Asad was ready to go
Dil: Zoya you will love this trip
Zoya: oh really that means you know come tell me
Dil: no you will find out Zoya: that not fear
Nahma: you will love it Haider: ya chucky will jump on you Asad
Zoya: oh you too come on tell me
Tanu: (thinking )oh God I have wait tell they come back before I can separate them
Amira: (thinking)go on enjoy it still you can when you come back a bomb for you
Nahma: good lucky bhai
Asad: for what
Dil :for the stage 3 I love
Zoya: which is?
Haider: well I can see it already
Asad: mom
Dil : babies when you come back I want a baby
Tanu and amira are unconfortable to this comment Zoya get shy and Asad bleaches. They leaves the house and reaches the airport at the airport. The announce the plane leaving for France Zoya remembers she asked for that at her henna part
Zoya: Mr Khan you are my wish
Asad: for you all
Zoya; you are my miracle
Asad: and you my left
Episode ends
RECAP: Asad and Zoya are in France. Nitkat and Farah marriage, Ayan regain consciousness , Rashid tell Ayan the truth about Asad, Ayan decide to marry Humera, Zoya and Asad get more closer, siddique ask Ayan about the photo but Razia interrupt, irman meets Nitkat, a month pasted …
Well be introducing iram; a very caring loving and attentionate person .fall in love with Nitkat and helps her out

Credit to: alexis fayole


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    Awwwweeeee!!!!asya is soooo cuteee yaaร ar???sooo romantic!!! Ohh godd i hope tanu n amira will not b able 2 seperate asya..superbb episode!!!??u rockk?โœŒ

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