A Journey of Love(Episode 55)

The episode start with all are around Radhika and make different statements on weight…
Thoshi:They are not weight..How cute my kids and you call them motiii.Still they didnt eat anything.From three hours onwardd they cook for us and they serve for us and you…First get out from this room.
Radhika:Mummyji…Some one told I Love You to Arjun..Ask about it.
Thoshi:Tell me or show me who is she?
Arjun:My darling my jaan and my cutie and…..
Radhika starts crying…
Arjun lift Ananya from Arnav and ask them see how my little princess…My darling..Radhika look at them..Then Ramesh tell the scene happened there. All are laughed but Radhika increase her cry and look at Arjun..
Radhika:Sorry Arjun…
Arjun:No..I dont accept your soory.I want sorry with hug..
Radhika:U r shameless Arjun.
Thoshi:Neelu put all items in one plate and bring it here.
Neelu give one plate with all items. Thoshi took that place and feed to Ishitha,Kushi,Amaya and Radhika. These four girls sit around Thoshi and looking at our heros who stare lovely at then.Madhu and Madhumathiji feel happy for their girls.Dadhi give water to them and ask them to take rest. Thoshi and dadhi leave the room with Madhu and Madhumathiji.All enter into their respective roons.
Raman msg Ishitha come to his room.
Ishitha(msg):Why Raman?
Raman(msg):urgent..come fast.
Raman:In to my room..
Ishitha:Wait..I will come.
Amaya phone is ringing…
Kushi:Ammu…your phone is ringing…
Ammu:yah..Give it to me.
Amaya slept on bed and hug the pillow and read the magzine.Ammu lift the phone and said helloo…
Mantu:Ammu..its me.If you want to hug me directly hug me..why you hug pillow..I desparately need your hug…
By listening this Ammu leave the pillow and sit properly…
Ammu:Where are you now..?
Mantu:Come out of that room…I am waiting for you in the garden under mango tree…Come fast…
Ammu:Ok..i will…you wait for 5 mins.
Amaya left the room with smily face..
Kushi:First Ishu…now Ammu…What happened to these girls..Why they leave the room..and that to with smily faces….??.
Radhu:I dont know kushi..You people also drink bhang with me na..you three are normal..Why still i have hang over..
Kushi:haa Radhu…Doctor said you are week..May be that is one reason…
Ruhi:Kushi bhabhi…
Kushi:Ha Ruhi…
Rushi:Dadhi ask me to call u.she is in pooja room.
Kushi:Ok Ruhi..i will go..you go and play.
Kushi ask Radhika to take rest and walk towards pooja room(prayer room).Arnav hold her hand and pull her to corner place.Kushi is scared and ready to shout..with in fraction of seconds Arnav realise that and lock her lips with his lips.Bcoz his hands are not empty..one hold kushis hand and another hold het waist.kushi wide her eyes and try to free from his hands after 5secs she hug him back and response for his kiss.Arnav slowly loose his grip on her hand and waist.He release the lip lock and cup her face and ask her to open her eyes.Kushi feel shy and hide her face by put it on his chest.Arnav:plz look at me kushi..
Kushi slowly lift her head and look into his eyes.Arnav:I am sorry Kushi..I gave lot of oain to you without listening abt your past.Plz forgive me..Kushi:No Arnavji..you dont talk like that.Arnav:No kushi..This is my promise..next time i dont give any pain to you..
Kushi eyes are filled with tears and hug him..Kushi:I Love You Arnavji. Arnav:I too kushi…By saying this he kiss on her forehead…They both hug each other and stay like that…
In Ramans room:
Ishitha:Raman… Where are you?
Raman stand behind her and ask her why are you late madam?
Ishitha:When i am comming to your room pinky call me.So…
Raman hug her and ask her…
Raman:Why she calls you?
Ishitha:To select her dresses for functions.
Raman:It is that much of important work than me.
Ishitha:Raman..She is younger than you.And it is my responsibility to take care of her.
Raman:Ha..You have so many responsibilites..I always think abt u.. But always give last priority to me.
Ishitha:No Raman..Dont think like that.You are my first priority..But things happened like that.sorry Raman….
Raman saw tears in her eyes.He cuped her face and ask her dont cry Ishitha..plz…Bcoz of my over possasiveness i give pain to you. Actually i call you to tell sorry that i gave pain to you bcoz of my…
Ishitha:Dont tell sorry and thanks to me Raman.No need of it.You didnt give any pain for me.You give love and happiness for me.And most important thing a happy life for me.Life is most valuable thing…My Amma gave birt for me..You give colorful life for me. You love me like this only Raman. Plz dont leave me alone…
Raman:How can i…Without you my life is empty…
Raman wipe her tears and cup her face with his hands.He kiss her on forehead and next on her eyes and move to cheecks and next on her… Ishitha turn back to go.But raman hold her and tight his grip around her waist.Now Ishitha is back is towards Raman.He gently cares her hair and kiss her on her neck.Ishitha:Plz..Raman
It is not possible to control now.
By listening thus Raman leave her.. She move from there and turn back and hug Raman..He also hug her and ask her why you came back madrasan.
Ishitha:I Love You Raman…
They hug each other and stay like that….
Mantu wait under mango tree in garden.Amaya didnt reach there. Suddenly he hear some sound…Mantu turn back and look back towards where the sound came.He opened his mouth and look in shock.Bcoz Amaya play with kids in garden that tooo blindfold.Mantu walk towards them and he slowly call the chotu and ask them to go and play another game and leave Amaya bhabhi here.Plz yaar.
Chotu:promise me that you dont give pain to bhabhi.Mantu:Promise..
Chotu:Ok then.
Chotu call pinky and Ruhi and tell something in their ears.Amaya call chotu,pinky and Ruhi where are you beta..She walk put her hands farwards and try to catch them.The trio leave the place by waving hands to Mantu.Mantu smile looking at them and play with Amaya by tickling her.Amaya open her blindfold and try to catch him.Finally Amaya catch him and shout that i win on you.
Mantu:long back you won me Ammu.
Mantu hold her hand and drag her behind the tree.And ask her i msg you to come and met me here and you play with those liliputs..Amaya bite her to tongue and look at him.Amaya:Actually i start and come out for you only.Then chotu ask me to play with them.I forget about you and involve in playing.I am sorry Mantu. Mantu:Your first priority is chotu na.. Amaya:My love is for you Mantu. Chotu is younger than you and he didnt know about Mummyji love. I want to give him that love and effection. He and Ruhi are too young.We share them that love means they are very strong in build their posters.
Mantu look at Amaya and said her that i am so lucky..So god gift u for me.Thanks for your concern and love for them Ammu.
Amaya:No thanks and sorry business between us.It is my responsibility..
Mantu hug her and kiss her on forehead and look into her eyes. Amaya:Mantu i need another one..
Mantu kiss her on cheecks and ask her you need another one..Amaya nod her head.He kiss her on her eyes.They both look into their eyes and Mantu hug her and kiss her on neck.He sit on the bench under the tree and amaya sit on his lap and place her head on his shoulder and round her hand around his neck.He hug her and sit in the same position.Amaya play with his shirt button and Say I Love You to Mantu..
Radhika stand infront of window and look outside from window.Arjun enter into the room and walk towards Radhika and hug herfrom back and hold her hands.Trears fell down on Arjun hands from Radhikas eyes.He feel it and turn Radhika towards him.
Arjun:What happened Radhika?Why ate you crying?
Radhika:Arjun sir..I feel that i am not correct to you..I have lot of love on you but i am not able to express and expose it.You shower infinite love on me but i am not enjoying it.I know you are with me to solve my problems.But still i have fear in my heart and brain. In solving my problems anything happened to you means..Then i am not able to live on this earth.I want my family..Similarly i want you to be safe..
Arjun:Radhika..I know it.I(we) already made a plan only thing is to execute.
It is my sisters marriage and it is also important to me na..
Radhika:It is not only important sir.It is our responsibility.I am feared that i want to tslk about my family…But i am scared abt your reactions.You show more love on me…Even thouhg i talk abt my family means..But nobidy are there for me to share my pain..
Who tell nobody are there for you..we are here to share your pain..Radhika and Arjun turn back and saw remaining three pairs standing there.
They stand in room and look towards Aradhika.Raman:After Anjali dhi marriage we togeather solve our problems.Ishitha:Radhu you didnt tell anything to us..You feel we are not good friends to you.
Radhika:It is not like that Ishitha.. you people have your own problems..So..
All four girls hug togeather and wipe Radhikas tears..All eight togeather cheer up and cool the atmosphere.
Our heros present a jewellery boxes to them and ask them to open it.The girls open it and saw same set with same design with diamonds.
Raman:This is our gift to you people on behalf of our sisters marriage.
Radhika:What abt Pinky,Ruhi and for dhi..
Arnav:We buy different sets for them..
Kushi:what abt dhi marriage dresses.
Mantu:We buy it na…
Arnav:Kushi do onething..you check the dresses and arrange matching sets and decide the dress for occation.
Kushi:Def Arnavji..with in fraction of secs i start my work.
Raman:It is Radhikas duty to design background theme for occasion.You just finaliase and do modifications you need.
Radhika:Ok Rama bhayya..I already send a design to engagement function.Remaining i follow up the things.
Mantu:What abt return gifts Raman?
Ishitha:I have a nice idea.We have a guest list with you na.First seperate them according to business ,Family and employees.
Radhika:I design seating arrangements like that only.So,I think it is easy to you to receive all of them in a proper way.
Ishitha:For engagement we give sweat box with 21 varaites and print dhi and shivas image on the box.
Next day we go with mehandhi and sangeeth.We go with fruit baskets. We select medium size fruit dish which is used to place on dining table and we select 7 variates of fruits including dry fruits and we pack them with a polythine sheet and place a flower bow on it.
The third day we go with marriage and reception.After return back from register office we go with rituals and evening we go with reception.There we distribute plants…They remember us when they saw that plant in their garden.So we select different variaties of plants.We give it with plant pot..
All like this idea..
Arjun:With in short period how can we do this?
Amay:Dont worry..Papa can arrange sweats for us.Papa sweat shop consista so many sweats and workers can help us to do the packing.
Kushi and me go to market and buy fruit baskets in wholesale market and the small dish to arrange the fruits. Ishitha and Radhika manage plant pots.If you give names list means it is easy for us.
Mantu agree for this remaing also nod their heads.Raman call all the family members to hall and explain about their plan.
Madhu:Ok Raman beta..I know fruit basket packing..We ladies togeather do that work.
Mr.Iyer:I have a friend who maintain garden with different plants..I call him and arrange plants along with pots.I can manage that..Tomarrow evening i arrange them and place them at reception hall.
Sashiji:Sweats are my responsibility. You just give photo prints of Anjali and Shiva i arrange it for tomarrow. you dont worry abt it. I have frnds in this area we took thise help for supply sweats.Gift boxes are ready in my shop.
Raman:Ok..now time is 3pm.Our engagement time is tomarrow 5pm..
So we have one complete day with us.
Amaya:Bhayya..Dont feel tense.
Ishitha:Papa call major uncle and ask him about plants.According to guest list and for our employeeswe need 2000 plants and extra we go 200.so total we need 2200 plants.If he said yes means Radhu and me go there and select plants and pots and complete that work.
Kushi:Ha papa..it is correct.At same time sashi papa you can arrange fresh ghee sweats and Arnavji give photo copy means you start packing..

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