Qubool hai – whom does halima love ? Mogambo armaan or Gabbar ? (Mogablimamaan #1)


Hey guys … Belated birthday wishes Halima ?? May god bless u and have a wonderful year …. And now coming to the ff ? so I have planed only 4 episodes for halima’s birthday …… It’s a funny few shorts by me (Sunehri) , Nus , Sanju , fata , Kriya … Hope u will like it Halima ? …

Scene 1:
Road ? and armaan’s house

Gabbar Singh is a 30 year old ugly man … He’s running and he’s shouting in excitement ?

Gabbar : (excited and happy) YIPPIE !!! FINALLY ME AND MY MASTER PASSED 3rd GRADE AFTER 10 YEARS !!! ?? (Does some funny dance steps) chinkuchika chinkuchika chinkuchika !

Halima sanjana farin nus and Kriya are walking on the same road and they hear Gabbar saying that he passed 3rd grade ?

After learning that gabbar has passed 3rd standard halima faints ????

Halima : Allah miya what’s wrong with u !!!! (She faints but Sanju catches her ?)

Kriya : (Shocked ?) WHAT !!!!!

Farin : (Shocked ?) WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN !!!!

Nus : (shocked ?) GABBAR PASSED 3rd GRADE !!!

Sanjana : (shocked ?) I’m gonna faint !!Let’s leave ?

Farin : yeah

All 5 leave

Gabbar starts dancing for we did it song ? (Dora the explorer song ?)

Gabbar shakes his kamar ? everyone on the road starts laughing seeing Gabbar ?

We did it !
We did it !
We did it !
Yay !
Lo hicimos !
We did it !

Me and my master failed 1 st standard 10times but we passed ! ?
We did it !
We did it !
We did it !
Hooray !

Again Me and my master failed 2nd standard but we passed !?
We did it !
We did it !
We did it !
We did it !

One day I saw a girl and I fell for her
For her I planned to pass my 3rd grade too ..
So I passed it too ….

Yay !
Hooray !
We did it !

Gabbar stops dancing ?

Gabbar : what a dance ! I dance better that Michael Jackson and prabhudeva ?????? … Oops now I have to inform Armaan that this time I have passed 3rd grade ??…..and I wish My Darling halima will be happy ? and by the way tomorrow is her birthday and I’m damn sure she will celebrate her birthday …. Today I’m gonna propose her (Gabbar blushes ?????)

Gabbar : aww .. Aww.. after all I was waiting for this moment for 6 months …!!!!

Gabbar calls Armaan

Armaan is composing a new song ?

Armaan : (receives gabbar’s call ) Gabbar ! Don’t disturb me ! I was composing a new song for my lady love !!!! U know what I was behind her for 2 years … And now have planned to impress and now u disturbed me ?? gadhe Ke Bacchae ??

Gabbar : oh god ! When will u introduce me to ur ….

Armaan : I will I will … And yeah I got a good score in my accountancy exam … 95% ?

Gabbar : wah wah … Party toh banti hai …

Armaan : so u better come to max bar @ 12am tomorrow …

Gabbar : bar for what ?

Armaan : arey dumbo ! Party yaar ! U passed 3rd grade and…

Gabbar : and what ?!?!

Armaan : tomorrow is my gf’s bday ! She’s coming there ??? I’m going to proposes her there ?!?!

Gabbar : that’s gr8 …. Even I want to see my friends gf ? so I’ve be there …. But how did u come to know that she’s coming there ….

Armaan : arey I went to cafè and I saw her friends planning for her birthday ? I was hiding and listening silently … so they are planning to celebrate her birthday in that max bar ? and by they way plz don’t come with your idiot master ! He always flirts with me ???

Gabbar : (in his husky male voice) ha ha ha

Armaan : don’t laugh !

Gabbar : ok ok relax .. Bye see u later …

Armaan : bye (smiles and cuts the call ? and he starts composing the song again ) today I will impress halima ?

Scene 2 :
12am – halima’s house ; halima’s birthday ?

Halima is sleeping …..

Then suddenly halima’s sisters nuszat , Kriya , farin , Sanjana come into her room with a birthday cake and they scream

nuszat , Kriya , farin , Sanjana : HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALIMA !!!!!!!

Halima : (gets up ) yeah same to u !!

Sanjana : Wh What !!! Same to u ?!?!

Nus : oh madam ! Today it is ur birthday not ours ???

Halima : o!m!g yeah ???

Kriya : now let’s go out and party all night ? in bar ?

Halima : party ?!?! Now ?!?!? In bar ?!?! (She yawns) ok come !!! Let’s go …

They get ready and they start moving ?

Precap ? : Gabbar and Armaan fight ? … Mogambo enters ? Halima gives a challenge to gabbar Armaan and mogambo .. Asad and Aahil are bank robbers …. Hilarious challenges faced by Armaan and Gabbar ??..

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  1. Suni??!! Itss sooo funny??cant stop laughing ??Awesome??
    Haha im waiting for Mogabmaan challenges ??gosh its gonna b soo hilarious?
    Love you?

  2. Zuha Fatima

    Oh my god Sunehri! This was something really HUMOROUS??? Simply Amazing! So cute at the same time? Well Stay blessed and Take Care!


  3. Kriya.kri

    Awsm… Cant stop laughing ???gabbar passed 3rd grade???

  4. It was damn funny sunehri…. still laughing lyk hell btw belated happy wala birthday halima dr may u get all in ur lyf stay blessed … 🙂

  5. Wow Duni… Awesome???? it was funny… 3rd grade? ?? so Gabbar and Armaan like me? I can’t wait to see who I chose… ?
    Thank you Heena?

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