Qubool Hai 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While rehaan is talking of arranging for a cab, tanveer asks if he has decided and asks why. Rehaan wonders why did she still pretend to be blind in front of her. tanveer asks why does he need to work. rehaan says that he wants to live a respectable life, and that he doesnt need all this, but she has gone so far away, she couldnt hear his screams, and that he would wish that she too comes back, before its too late, and she gets punished severely, tanveer gest emotional and says that no mother does this intentionally, as he can see her present, but not the past, her desires but not her helplessness, as she didnt want her past to spoil his future. She thinks that she did the right for him, but then doubts her own descision. tanveer laments that she

shouldnt have separated him, and if he had a sister or brother, he would have been happy, and hopefully, she gets everything right back in time. He hides and wipes his tears, saying that he too wishes, he can believe her, but seeing her history of lies, he finds it difficult. He says that he is going far away from this house and her too, irrespective that he gets her blessings or not. He leaves, while she stands distraught.

Meanwhile, suleiman in front of sanam, tells ahil on the phone, that he remembers everything and wants to tell it to him. ahil is shocked. He asks ahil to meet him at the airport road, and that he shouldnt tell this to anyone, not even to tanveer. ahil complies. Sanam tells suleiman that he did right, as the criminal should be punished, and now tanveer shall be exposed.

While tanveer laments rehaan’s disappearance, she gets the new bride’s call, asking her to beware, telling her about sanam and suleiman’s meeting, and his talk with ahil. She also asks tanveer to get ahil to give the respect and love that she deserves as ahil’s wife. tanveer cancels the call. tanveer says that its been enough, and now she would get rid of the problem, from the very core. she is frustrated.

Rehaan is packing, while seher keeps giving him advises and suggestions. He assures her that he shall come back soon to get her, to marry her. She gets emotional and fights back tears. she sys that she shall come to the airport, but he says that it would be extremely difficult for him to go then, and also hesitatingly adds, that maybe he asked too much from the lord, as he thought that tanveer would tell him once before going, that she can see him, her only child, but he had forgotten that tanveer doesnt have any place for his emotiona, as only name, fame and money hold place in her heart. she comes and says thats why he is going. he kisses her on the forehead. He takes his bags and leaves. she calls out to him. He says that people shouldnt be called when they are leaving. She says that she just wanted him to go to the temple, before going to the airport. As he leaves, seher breaks down into tears apalled and distraught. Rehaan eyes his mother’s house, and latif comes and tells that tanveer isnt here, as she has gone out. He thinks that he just wanted to wish her goodbye, but the lord doesnt want it. Rehaan leaves, while seher watches him from the balcony. They both remember their past romantic moments. As he leaves, rehaan’s taveez falls off, which seher notices. She rushes out to find rehaan going, and then stops as he remembers that he doesnt like being called from behind when he is leaving. She doesnt say anything, and he doesnt look back. he leaves. She prays to the lord, to let rehaan be safe and not let anything happen to him.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
While tanveer is in the car, she thinks that she has borne enough, but not anymore, and the reason she had to do this all, and separate her own children, she would end it completely now. She thinks that due to sanam, she couldnt even give rehaan a proper goodbye. rehaan, too in his cab, thinks that he wont bear it anymore, and that his past life shall end, and now he shall not live a life of lies.

On the airport road, Sanam assures suleiman, that soon ahil would come, and then everything would be okay. He starts getting impatient, and says that he thinks something bad is going to happen, as he knows what tanveer is capble of. sanam starts getting tensed. He wishes to go, while she asks him not to lose hope, as ahil would only believe him, and then he would be able to save ahil from tanveer. He says that tanveer could go to any limits, to save herself. she tells the trauma that she went through, and requests his help. She decides to call ahil.

The new bride thinks that the pawn would be someone else’s while she would play the bet. She says that she shall mix reality and fake, so easily, that ahil wouldnt be able to believe her even if he wants to, and shall end it.

Sanam asks ahil, on the phone, about his whereabouts, as suleiman is waiting for him. He asks how does she know about it. Sanam tells that she is waiting along with suleiman for him to arrive. Ahil is surprised and asks whats she doing. She asks him to come here, and then she shall explain everything. Ahil hurriedly complies. meanwhile, the new bride watches sanam and suleiman from a distance. She again assures suleiman that ahil would soon reach. the new bride wonders where’s tanveer still. The new bride informs tanveer that ahil would be here in five minutes, and tanveer asks her to get to work, to delay ahil’s arrival. tanveer gets frustrated at gazalla, driving the car to take a shortcut, to arrive fast. Meanwhile, the new bride thinks that if someone has to be killed, then her hopes should dash, as thats the easiest way. She says that ahil is being expected by sanam. She eyes a nail weirdly, using black magic, and thinks that sanam’s hope that ahil would come to her, would soon be dashed, as this wont happen, as she pins the nail, in a treebark. At the same time, a nail comes in ahil’s way. The screen freezes on ahil’s, sanam’s and the new bride’s faces.

Precap: As sanam and suleiman reach the dargah, the new bride assures tanveer, that they wont be able to hide for long, as she would find them out. Meanwhile, while seher tries on her look as a newly wed bride, she tries to give the finishing touch by putting vermillion on the forehead, but before she can do that, the box falls on the floor, shocking seher, as a bad omen.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Iss darde dil ki sifarish abb karde koi yahan ki mil jaye ise woh barish joh bhigaade poori tarahh ahh ….

  2. What the hell ?looks like rehaan will be dead and tanveer will still be survive.crap twist.

  3. No way rehaan can die.thn Wat abt seher the?rehaan will be back after some episodes. Now it is turn of seher to avenge for rehan loss.so bad ,this side haya, now seher and sanam .All r fighting for their luv life. Let’s see Wat happens?

  4. First rahat and now rehaan to die what wrong with this writer is he mad is tanveer the one who suppose to die not the innocent ones because she the evil one look like these writers only know to ruin and kill good people in these shows and the evil ones be happy

  5. I agree with ranis comments writers what is wrong with you all stop portraying that evil takes precedence over good what nonsense it this up to now in all the soaps this is what is taking place up to now writers is still doing shit imagine in bhandan in the first part maheshs innocence was never proven and all the good people got killed in the process and now all of a sudden darpan is all grown up with amnesia not knowing who her parents were and another thing why let Mahesh put the prove in the locket round darpans neck only for the bhao the criminal to find he too is getting away with his evil deeds writers you need to rewrite this soap bhandan and let the evil doers pay for their evil deeds only shit you writers giving us for scripts

  6. No comments at all now. The writers are going to the extreme of evil to win. Don’t want Rehan to die, he is such an innocent and Seher need him. I don’t like this twist at all. It is getting worse and worse. Very disappointing…. 🙁

  7. sunshine buttercats

    What why does Seher want to put vermilion.Isn’t she Muslim

  8. But she grown up as a hindu…

  9. Can anyone tell me, what if Tanveer, daughter is Ahil 2nd Sanam. I was just thinking of something, between Haya/ Faliz, if I was in that situation , I would definitely take sweet revenge, slowly and I mean slowly, kill my BIL, cause my hushand is the love of my life, and now I’m widow, I’m dead on the inside of this body shell, I can’t love anyone ever again, and that is the reason why . Now back to Ahil/Sanam problem, they need evidence……. Where is it?wait isn’t there a room in the house that is alway locked????????

  10. Hi vivian, nice comments. I also have same thinking.

  11. What the hel always T. Win plz writter expose tanvir

  12. tanveer ka raaz kholo wo har ek ko bewaquf bana rahi hai but use koi bhi nahi bana sakta

  13. Friends, I just saw today in facebook, Tanvir’s lost daughter role will be played by tanvir again. So, there is going to be double role of Amrapali(Tanvir) now. This show will never gonna end. Don’t know what’s going on…… personally I don’t like Tanvir at all, too much over-acting. Now as daughter she will be another nightmare. I don’t know why writers love Amrapali so much? They just don’t want to get rid of her…. 🙁

  14. I read tht tanveer will try to kill sanam&seher bt Rehan will fall into d trap instead n die…Tanveer will also die and will return as her long lost daughter…( look alike) n will b d vamp…..the story writer don’t have any other way to continue d story….everyone’s daughter are look alike and d revenge continues…there is only tensed and evil in this drama… Should have some fun n interesting track once in a while…..

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