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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Gazalla and razaak tell tanveer that they couldnt find the jailor despite serious efforts. They ask tanveer what did the jailor tell her that upset her so badly. Tanveer asks them not to interfere, and find that lady soon. She leaves. They wonder whats her business with the jailor. Meanwhile, in her room, tanveer recalls how that jailor, told that her child was born dead, and she was utterly traumatised. She gets emotional. Just then, sanam and seher come inside and find her crying, and are boggled. Tnveer too is tensed to see them. She composes herself somehow, while sanam goes and gives her a paper napkin, taunting her that she is all alone in her misery. Seher too joins in, while tanveer is frustrated. They ask her to think what would happen

when ahil knows her, and how she used every person and every relation to her advantage, and that she may have two sons, but whenm they know her, they would hate her, and no child shall be with her, and she would be a mother just by name. Tanveer gets down, and shoving her aside, she walks out. sanam and seher are boggled, as to what happened.

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Tanveer rushes out to the garden, remembering how she had been shocked and distraught, and wonders why the lord did this to her, and god knows where her child would be in what condition. She breaks down and collapses on the floor. She prays to the lord to have mercy on her child, and cries inconsolably. Seher is irritated to find tanveer like this. Sanam and seher watch tanveer, as she is in bitter tears, in the garden. Seher thinks that this is a drama, and ask her not to bother. sanam says that she isnt dramatising, but has actually broken down. seher says that she must actually be scared, that ahil might expose her, and hence fearing her ruin, she must be crying. they are boggled, that they never saw tanveer like this ever, heartbroken and apalled. But then they notice that the wires overhead have a short circuit, and are distraught and shocked. seher goes inside to cut the main power, so that tanveer doesnt die, as she doesnt want her to die a noble death, as she doesnt even know that death looms ahead. Tanveer too sees this and is shell shocked, as one of them falls on the floor, and rushes inside. They are shocked. Seher remembers how she had continuously doubted tanveer having had eyes. They deduce that this means she isnt blind after all. seher is amused to hear this, thinking that she must have had a wonderful acting capability. sanam decides to tell ahil, but seher says that this isnt the right time, as ahil trusts her blindly, and his attention would be distracted from his father’s death, and hence nothing should distract him right now. She says that time shall tell him everything. They both comply.

Inside, ahil is going through old statements, and suddenyl notices something, and rushes out asking for tanveer. the new bride says that she went out with gazalla and razaak, for something important. he spots sanam and rushes to her. he tells sanam that she was right, and that he was surfing through police statements. Ahil comes to sanam, ssaying that this is the statement of suleiman uncle, who worked here, and also saved him from his father’s beatings, and who left right after, his father died. The new bride hears this from a distance. he says that weirdly and uncannily, he wasnt questioned or interrogated after the death. he tells her that in the first statement, he said that the gun was in ahil’s hands, and in the other he says, that he heard the gunshot first, and then tanveer came out of her husband’s room. He still advocates for tanveer, while she indirectly tries to get him to the bottom of the case. He says that suleiman uncle has been untraced since then. Ahil says that if anyone know who is the culprit, its him. sanam tells ahil that she always knew he would one day get to know the truth, and she is happy for him, that he would know everything. He looks at her in gratitude. she asks him to go to him. He gives her the blame for all this, and cups her face. the new bride is tensed and angered.

Seher and rehaan, wonder how tanveer could lie so badly. He is shattared to know what lowlevels could tanveer drop down to, and how can someone live with so many lies. He says that he feels suffocated and that he would leave all this and go far away. He tells about the appointment letter from Dubai Hotel, and says that now he wants to go all the more, as it would fulfill his dream of living a normal life. she says that she is excited and happy for him, and says that she would be lonely here. He sys that he would soom come and get her, and thats his promise.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
haya comes back in a daze, still reeling from the shock of rahat’s death, and start taking off the bangles, standing in front of the mirror. she collapses into uncontrollable tears, as she remembers rahat dropping off. She drapes herself in black, saying that the lord will not forgive him, for killing rahat. She says that a woman can bear anything, but not see her husband die, and that having made her a widow, he wont be able to stay in peace, and hence the lord kept him alive, so that she can avenge her husband’s death.

Scene 3:
Location: Police Station
Faiz tells the inspector again and again, that he didnt kill rahat. The inspector says that rahat mustnt have survived, and when his dead body is found, faiz wont be spared. faiz asks him to go and collect evidence till then. The inspector tells faiz that he cant go anywhere till the enquiry of the case is over. faiz is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The next morning, the new bride plucks some coloured petals of flowers and leaves, and eyes them with her strange stare, and then goes inside, and mixes it in a glass of juice. she thinks that this would get ahil to fall deeply in love with her. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ahil finds suleiman uncle, and asks who killed his father, while he tries to hide face. Ahil says that he knows that he knows, and pleads him to say so. He says that the person had trapped him. Ahil insistently asks him who is that person, who ruined his mother’s life. Sanam is tensed as she waits for his answer. He tells ahil that he doesnt know tanveer completely.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. What the hell Faiz isn’t dead?!

    1. This is because there are a lot of mistakes in the updates !
      He instead of she
      him instead of her
      And I think that yesterday the truck does not run on Faiz but Rahat……

      1. Any this episode was superbe !! Thanks Rimjhim

      2. The truck bounced Faiz, I saw it.

  2. Why faiz a dead yet an what happen to rahat body it dissapear in thin air, is time haya an her cousins get some peace an happiness an what happened to the grandmother?

  3. What is this? Faiz didn’t die? How??? This is ridiculous.

  4. Rahat won’t die and will survive to take revenge of faiz as he troubled his love life a lot.damn gudness, tanveer weakness is her daughter. This means ahil has step sis too.sure there can be turning twist wen tanveer daughter is shown and especially for sans2.rehaan biological father is imraan. This means haya is step sis for rehaan and this truth is not yet revealed. So totally rehaan has two step sis and a step brother. Sanam 2 should realise that aahil is not hers. Hopefully tanveer end will be in her daughters hand.

    1. Why are you so explicit.There is no need to curse..There are christian people who view this.Please be more polite.

  5. may be tanveers daughter is the new bride she is f**king b*t*h like me & tanveer

    1. Please do not be so explicit.Cursing is not the way to express your views.There are many
      types of people who read these comments.

  6. new sanam want a tight slap cross her face who r she to separate sanam n ahil cant she see how times tanveer try to do so till she end up failing

  7. I think new sanam is tanveer daughter

    1. yes i think so too. but i want new sanam help unite Ahil and Sanam. I don’t know why have changed the track!!

  8. Ya Allah what is this Suleiman gonna tell ahil now

  9. Why is faiz still alive? End this faiz, let’s know of rahat survived.

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