Qubool Hai 2nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Begum falls on her knees in front of armaan, saying that she has never ever given him the love of a mother, and that she thought the child to be dead and couldnt be a good mother, and apologises profusely for the sam. but he keeps standing tensed, unperturbed. She then gets up and turns to mahira, and apologises to her too for the torture and brutality that she out her through and apologises. Mahira hugs her, saying that it isnt needed, as they both forgive her. She again turns to armaan, for forgiveness, but he says that this too must have had a vicious motive behind it, or else she wouldnt be apologising so many times, and ask her what he wants. she says that if he wishes to give her anything, he should give her all bitterness, and begs him not

to become like her, and asks him to have trust on love and respect it, as its a big thing. She talks about their power child that would give back her powers, but adds that now she wants their child, who bonds them further together, and brings happiness in their lives. she says that she is going far away, hence wanted to meet them one last time, and she doesnt take to take hatred with her, and begs to be forgiven. tears stream down her cheeks, as she leaves. Armaan stands tensedly, as she starts walking out. Finally, she leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Begum’s entire life flashes before her eyes, as she says that she lived the life of a devil, but finally is dying as a human, and would ask for apology from azad on heaven. she walks on the beach, and as the sun’s rays fall on her, she collapses on the ground, and falls unconscious. as prophecied, she withers and dies off, and vapourises into thin air.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
As begum dies off, kainat, who is in the hospital, in an extremely ddelapidable and bruised and wounded state, revives back, and tries to get up, but the sister asks her to lie down, as she is weak. She then asks what happened. Kainat says that her husband tried to kill her. The nurse asks her to have faith in the lord, as he shall be punished and also tells her to start afresh, as this is god’s second chance to her, so that she can move on in life, forgetting her past. kainat is tensed and worried. She says that she wishjes to live life, and the nurse says that god shall be with her. The nurse then leaves.

Later, with the help of the nurse, kainat tries to get up, and walk, but isnt able to. the doctor asks her to have hope and try again. she manages with great difficulty and support from the nurse. She is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Armaan’s residence
The next morning, armaan wakes up to find mahira sleeping with him, her hand on his chest, sleeping peacefully. He is tensed as he remembers the recent happenings. He thinks that eyes can lie but not the heart, but now he cant make a decision, as both say different things and he cant falsify either of them. She too wakes up and eyes him lovingly, and then thinks, that after much problems, they have become inseparable. He thinks that mahira taught her how to love, and now its in his heart, and hops that he can believe that she is only his, and this S is a notion. She however thinks how complicated their life is, as she cant tell him the truth about amad, and on the other hand, this mysterious pewrson who armaan has been talking to. Just then, amad comes in with breakfast, and mahira resignedly goes to the bathroom to freshen up. He meanwhile tells armaan that he can remember his past slightly, and knows that if he goes back to the places he used to visit, he would remember everything.

Later, mahira comes out, all ready and combs her hair, while armaan eyes her, and then the special figure of eight on her back. She gets a message. before she can see, he sends her off to get his toast, and she readily agrees. after she leaves, he checkes the message, that says that they need to meet today today urgently, as there are some imp decisions to be made. he gets tensed.

At breakfast table, gazalla and latif keep their banter, while mahira is tensed, wondering whats taking him so long, and she can see that he is worried since yesterday, and hopes that he blurts it soon. She says that once she says the truth, she hopes he doesnt react before understanding. She is surprised to see armaan and amad coming in together and chatting about it. As mahira gives toast, amad praises it galore, while armaan is amused. She gives armaan the toast, and points out to amad that its due to armaan that he even gets the chance to eat this toast, as he specially made it for her husband. She leaves to get more, along with latif and gazalla. armaan gives the phone to amad, and tells him to find out and trace the number, as to whose is it, and take care that mahira doesnt know about it. he readily agrees, and says that he shall find out. armaan comments that he isnt as he thought that he would be. Amad evilly thinks that he was absolutely right about him, as he has come to ruin his life only and now that he has the phone, the game becomes more interesting.

In their room, as armaan gets ready, mahira comes with his coat and stands tensedly behind him. she thinks that she wishes to say something but hopes that he understands. He thinks that he wants to ask something, but is scared of the answer that he might receive. She thinks that he is already tensed, and when she talks he shall get more worried, but she has to find out, whats the problem. They awkwardly face each other. he takes his coat and is about to walk out, before gazing at her, and she too smiles back. He leaves, while she is tensed. After he leaves, mahira searches and looks for the nikahnama, while amad is amused as he eyes her, saying that her false trap shall be exposed soon. she says that she isnt lying, as she never got married to him, and that she wont allow him to play with her life. He says that she has played, and she shall have to pay for he betrayal. she says that she didnt marry him, and that they married the same date but not to each other, as she cant be at two places in one time, and that there’s some conspiracy behind it. he says that she might be knowing more about it, but he has solid proof. Amad tells to mahira that if he shows this nikahnama and the wedding pic and video to armaan, then he shall know for sure. Mahira asks him to try and do whatever he wishes to, as she isnt scared of his cheap tactics and evidence, as she wont let him come in between them. She walks out. He evilly thinks that he shall ruin their marital bliss. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Amad meanwhile tells armaan, that this fan of mahira’s, even knows the location of a special wart on her body, at a place, which only he as a husband shoul be knowing. armaan gets tensed to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. pity mahira but armah rockzzz n interesting episode

  2. Radhika madan

    This armaan really loves mahira really what he is not believing her at all
    But azad believes her armaan doesn’t match mahira best pair of mahira is azad

  3. First azad oso I’ll treated Mahira together wif afreen thn only he realised his love towards Mahira n same goes Armaan. D problem tat amaad creating definitely gonna bring closeness between Arma n Jealousy cn be c too !!!! I luv Armaan n Armaan n Mahira r made of each other ???

  4. * made for each other

  5. Vl dis serial nvr end cut the crap man!

  6. I used to watch this show until everyone died and then this shi* happened, like wtf is happening, they really screwed this show up when Sanam and Aahil died, Ive actually stopped watching all these stupid addicting shows cause there a big waste of time, and there bad for your health.

  7. I followed this show till Aahil/ Sanam track then i stopped watching this seriel have been changed alot

  8. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Absoutely hogwash…i read its ending wen for Gods sake end pls….amaad is a pig n writers lost it sickening how mAny more husbands poor mahira?????

  9. Please written update 839

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