Sumit Sambhal Lega 2nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 2nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya asking Sumit to hurry up, its time for marriage. Maya, Dolly and Jasbir do arrangements. Rajneesh says he will not sit on the horse. Jasbir asks him not to show attitude, and gives the sword. Dolly jokes on Jasbir and asks Rajneesh not to worry, they called a small female horse. Sumit comes and asks what drama is going on. Maya says Rajneesh is scared to sit on the horse. Sumit says every man is afraid to marry. Jasbir says fine, Rajneesh sit on motorcycle, but hold this sword. Dolly asks Rajneesh to freshen up soon.

Sumit asks Rajneesh to come fast. Rajneesh hides in loo and cries. He hugs Sumit. He says I m unlucky in marriage, if Simran runs away… Sumit says no, she loves you. Dolly asks them to come. Rajneesh says I have to tell something, which I did not tell anyone, I wanted to make Simran’s parents happy and I… Jasbir comes and asks whats happening. Sumit says Rajneesh is scared to marry. Jasbir says you are my son, I will give you a tip to be happily married. Sumit says I will also like to hear it. Jasbir says non veg food, open bar and AC hall. Sumit says oh, we thought you spoke about post marriage happiness. Jasbir says whats this and sits thinking.

Nirmal and Pavitra welcome Rajneesh. Rajneesh does not walk well and says I have been sitting on the horse for one and a half hours. Nirdharit hugs Sumit and cries. Nirdharit hurts Rajneesh and says I m happy to lose to such a strong man, be happy. he gets angry and leaves.

Maya and Dolly compliment Simran. Dolly makes Simran’s wide eyebrows to be seen in video. Jasbir does not like the veg food counter. He asks where is non veg food. The man says its all veg food. Jasbir asks whats this veg marriage. He sees Guru ji drinking. He goes to get wine, and says I m glad seeing wine here. He spits the mint water, and scolds him. The man asks him to try Amla panna for his fat body. Tau ji whistles seeing girls. Jasbir says I have to follow him to know where he got the wine.

Sumit asks Maya did she see Nirdharit. She says no. He says Rajneesh is scared of him. Maya says mummy ji mirchi is here. Pavitra comes and Dolly says Nirmal will be with Jasbir in war. Pavitra says I m finding pandit, if it passes, it will be bad. Nirdharit comes and says sorry to come in women’s room. Pavitra asks him did he get pandit. He says I got him. Sumit asks where is he, come. Nirdharit says I will find him. He falls and gives flowers to Simran. He blesses her, cried and leaves. Dolly asks Simran about the necklace’s making charges.

Rajneesh salutes his senior. Sumit calls him and asks did you see Nirdharit or pandit. Rajneesh says no, what did he do, I have to say something. Sumit says tell later.

Sumit goes to Nirdharit and asks about pandit. Nirdharit says I got him, he is the one. Sumit asks will he do marriage rituals. Nirdharit says it means aunty asked for that pandit, I m sorry. Sumit scolds him. Nirdharit says he is good player and will try till last ball. Rajneesh says see I told you something wrong will happen, pandit is missing. He gets pandit’s call. Sumit says he will send someone to pick pandit. Rajneesh asks shall I go. Sumit says no, take bike Paggi. Monty says I will go on horse. Nirdharit says marriage will be Swaha if pandit does not come. Sumit asks him to come to side with him. Jasbir follows Happy Tau ji, and asks where did he find wine. Tau ji whistles after women. Nirmal asks why is Jasbir not taking anything. Jasbir says I m taking tension, there is no non veg food and wine.

Nirmal says we kept grand marriage on Simran’s insistence, else we don’t like to show money. Jasbir asks what about AC. Nirmal leaves. Monty brings pandit. Sumit asks pandit to come fast.

Rajneesh and Simran are excited as their marriage is happening. Pavitra asks for Nirdharit. Sumit says he went to hotel to keep followers. Sumit has tied Nirdharit in loo. Nirmal says Rajneesh, can I call you Beta. Rajneesh says sure. Nirmal asks him to find people to give Karnal home on rent. Dolly asks why. Pavitra says Rajneesh told us that we stay with them after marriage, did he not say. Dolly asks what, say again. Nirmal says it. Dolly shouts. Rajneesh gets tensed and says I thought… mumma Papa. Dolly gets up and asks for water. Sumit stops Dolly. Dolly says see Rajneesh cheated me. Sumit says there will be reason. Dolly says I can see the result, my son is getting away, its Rajneesh’s bidaai, this marriage can’t happen. Sumit gets shocked.

Rajneesh and Simran take rounds. Dolly asks them to stop. Everyone stop them at some point, and they still take rounds.

Update Credit to: Amena

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