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Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Azad rushes to mahira’s help, as she groggile slips down the stairs, and takes a tumble fall, while khan begum waits in anticipation for her to die due to the poisonous gas. Mahira falls right into azad’s arms, who dives in just in time to prevent her fall. Khan begum is frustrated, as the hole chadar comes in just then to cover both their faces. she is irritated at the failure of another attempt. Under the chadar, azad begs and nudges mahira to be awake. fianlly, she does, and is boggled to see herself in his arms, while he eyes her longingly and caringly. He then helps her get up, while taking off the chadar from their faces. he helps her sit down, while she is still groggy. He gives her water and she complies, but immediately

starts coughing. he asks if she is okay. She nudges. He asks what happened. She says that she doesnt know, but was breathless and suffocated, and thought she was dying. He thinks that he shall die before she does. She asks whats he thinking. he waives the thoughts off. He asks her to go and rest in the room. She gets up and begins to go while he keeps eyeing her.

In her room, Razia comes, and khan begum irritably asks why is it so difficult for her to kill such an ordinary woman, and asks if she really wants to fulfill her promise or not, as actions seem to suggest otherwise. razia asks if she is doubting her. Khan begum says that she has no other option, but to doubt now. Razia says that her attempts are failing due to her son only, Azad, who has fallen for mahria. Khan begum says that she knows. razia warns her that with every failure, she is getting weaker. She angrily asks what to do then, and just sit idle. Razia says that with stronger people, she would use her stronger powers too, and now she would lay out a trap, that mahira wont be able to escape, and the stone in her road, shall turn to stone now. Khan begum is boggled.

In the outhouse, mahira remembers azad’s concern on numerous occasions, and thinks that azad does have a soft side that she has seen, which she does know, but he keeps in hiding from everyone else. she decides to confront him with this. but before she can go, latif and gazalla come out in burqas, and put a anaesthesia laden hankey on her, due to which she goes unconscious. latif and gazalla drag her from there, and keep her out. they then hastily leave.

As the set up is done, with some crystal ball in the middle, razia asks khan begum to close her eyes. she complies. razia and khan begum together intently begin with some deep, dark black magic with their chants, and as they progress, mahira who has woken up from her unconscious state, groggily gets up with a splitting headache and finds that she is unable to move even if she wants to, and is boggled, not realising that she is turning into stone, from her feet, rising upwards. right when she is done till the waist, razia notices some disturbance and has a hard time concentrating on the black magic, while noticing that her hands are shivering and trembling, beyond her control, while khan begum continues without any disturbance. she looks miserably at khan begum. mahira starts screaming for help, saying that she is unable to move at all, as her hands too have turned into stone. Meanwhile, razia finally screams at khan begum, to stop. Khan begum asks why should she and is she is okay. Razia says that had she been okay, she wouldnt have asked her to stop. Khan begum says that she is getting her powers back and she can feel it, then why is she being stopped and asked to save mahira. razia says that she is losing her powers, and needs mahira to survive if she wants to survive too. She says that she along with mahira is connected, and whatever effect she is doing on mahira, is causing the same affect on her too. Khan begum says that she has the fullest faith she shall be okay in sometime, but she cant afford to lose her powers now. Khan begum makes her swear in the name of evil, to be quiet, but khan begum continues, having closed her eyes again. razia asks her to open her eyes and stop. Khan begum says that she wont stop now, being so close to victory. Razia says that if she doesnt stop, then she cant live on, and if that doesnt happen, then she wouldnt live at any cost, and asks her to understand that they have misunderstood the special figure, as if she dies, then she would never get her powers back. She asks khan begum to go and save mahira, before its too late, and shee turns completely to stone. Razia winces in pain. khan begum is shocked as she understands the full implications and then rushes out to save mahira. meanwhile, mahira has turned into stone uptil the neck.

In his room, azad notices that one of mahira’s earrings have stuck to the collar of his kurta. just then he hears, mahira’s voice calling out to him. he is boggled. He wonders where is this voice coming from, and if she is actually calling him, or its his hallucination. He thinks that mahira is in danger, and rushes to her room, but finds it empty. He begins to search for her.

meanwhile, khan begum comes out and is shocked to see mahira turned into stone from the neck down, and now going towards her face. She asks mahira is she can hear her, while mahira is relieved that someone finally came to her help. She tries to hit with a stone and rod, but it is thrown away with a changed trajectory, by an unseen force, without even allowing to graze past mahira. Khan begum is frustrated wondering what to do. mahira thinks that even khan begum isnt able to help her. Khan begum rushes to get some more help. mahira thinks that now nothing can happen. Just then,
Azad rushes out and is shocked to see mahira turned into stone completely. he wonders in shock what happened. the screen freezes on mahira’s stone face.

Precap: Azad goes to the dargah, and prays with teary eyes, begging for the lord’s mercy on mahira to save her. Later, the peer Baba says to azad that he too has a heart and a soft sidee, which he just realised today. he says that this heartbeat of love, that he has discovered today should forever be cherished by him. azad is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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