Badi Devrani 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Reeti gathering Poddar family and addressing them that she will remove curtains from secrets today and says Kajal and Bhairavi printed her fake marriage card and stopped her marriage with Nikunj as Kajal loves Nijunj. Dadaji says it is wrong, how can they ruin someone’s life for their happiness. Bilasi starts slapping Nikunj. Kajal tries to intervene. Bilasi asks her to back off and get out from this house. Nikunj says he can beat him more but not get out Kajal. Bhairavi starts acting and says she is the main culprit and Kajal is innocent, so he can kick her out.She winks at Kajal. Kajal starts acting and says she told not to her wikedness, but she did not listen. Reeti says card scrpit had Reeti’s handwriting. Bhairavi says she forced Kajal to write

script papers and is at mistake. Kajal says because of her, her life is ruined now. Bhairavi apologizes dadaji. Dadaji says she ruined Reeti life and even lied about her Bengali descent. She says she was afraid, etc. and starts crying and apologizes Bilasi. Bilasi asks her to stop her melodrama and get out from here as it is already 5 min. She starts crying more. He asks her to get out right now and shows door. She walks out smirking and crying loudly.11111

Kajal starts shedding crocodile tears and apologizes Bilasi. Bilasi asks her time and says she should get out from here within 24 hours. She sheds more crocodile tears and looks at dadaji. Dadaji says Bilasi’s decision is right. Kaushalya pleads him not to punish innocent Kajal. He says his decision is final and leaves. Vibhor also leaves and Reeti follows him.

Vibhor reminisces Ghanshyam’s words that he does not have a son at all and gets sad. Reeti tries to console him. He says she also betrayed him, mom hid truth for years and she for months.

Daadi asks dadaji what has he thought. He says he is dumbstuck and cannot see his family shattering. Reeti enters and says Poddar famil’s roots are not that weak that someone will break them. She asks if a truth can shatter 22 year’s love and affection and says has hope on only both of them. Dadaji says it is true that he shattered for seconds hearing truth, but cannot forgo his love and affection for Vibhor, he does not know why family is not thinking like him. Daadi says all relationships are shattering now. Reeti asks if they are so weak to let them shatter and says they should keep them united at any cost. Daadi says she is right and she should try to keep the family united. Reeti says she is related to this house because of Vibhor, but their relationship itself is questioned. Daadi says they both trust her. Reeti says she will try her best to keep their trust and first they should explain Bilasi not to break Nikunj and Kajal’s relationship. Dadaji says he will speak to Bilasi.

Precap: Kajal acts as trying to suicide by hanging from ceiling fan. Reeti sees that and calls whole family to rescue Kajal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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