Qubool Hai 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Gazalla and razaak, ant the new bride get tanveer inside, who asks them to leave her lone. they silently comply. tanveer gets emotional seeing rehaan’s pic. Tanveer says that she didnt want him to go so far away, and clutches his pic tight to her chest, saying had she known this was going to happen, she wouldnt have let him go. she says that had he stayed here, he would have hated her, but atleast she would have been with him, and close to him. She wipes her tears, and then eyes her hands, that killed rehaan, thinking how could she kill him, when he was her son. she wonders what a wrong mother she was, as she didnt do any of the motherly chores a mother does to her son. she says that she isnt that bad a mother, that she could kill her own

son, herself. She says that she knows that he always felt that she didnt care for him, but for all life, she was in the effort that she could prove him wrong, but that day didnt come, as she couldnt tell him how much she loves him. She remembers the new bride’s instigation, and believes that the sisters are behind this and not her. She is determined that she wouldnt leave the trio, ahil, seher and sanam, and she would kill them all for her revenge. she is frustrated. She eyes the mirror and wipes her face. she goes over to the dressing table. Tanveer eyes rehaan’s pic, and untangles her hair and swears that till the time she doesnt take any revenge from the sisters, she wont tie her hair. she remembers the new bride’s instigation. later, as she changes into grieving clothes, she remembers her moments with rehaan, while she is distraught to see the door open, and ahil walking in with rehaan’s dead body on the stretcher. She is apalled beyond consolation. She storms out to find her son’s body wrapped in white clothes. She is completely berserk, as she clutches at the dead body, still doesnt leaving her pretense to be blind. Rehaan’s face is revealed, and she asks him to open his eyes, while ahil tries hard in vain, to compose her, while she keeps screaming rehaan to wake up. All are grieved to find tanveer in such a state. Ahil hugs tanveer, and they both cry inconsolably. ahil clutches tanveer tightly saying that he would have the revenge and that he wont spare rehaan’s murderer. the new bride and tanveer get tensed. tanveer asks him not to worry, saying that the reason due to which rehaan died, wont be alive for long, as she would have her revenge, thinking that she wont spare him, as due to saving him, her son died, and what she does with him now, even god wont be able to save him. She eyes him angrily, but he doesnt notice it, as he grieves on her shoulders. Ahil cries desperately.

Meanwhile, seher asks her if she can ask something from her. Sanam complies. seher asks if she can become sanam and see rehaan one last time. Sanam is distraught, as tears stream down both their cheeks, each deeply grieved. They both hug each other, each trying to solace the other.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Meanwhile, haya does faiz’s bandages. she thinks that he didnt get hurt much, but thinks that she has ample time to torture him more, as the more he suffers, the more rahat’s soul would be pacified. she goes to get milk. The phone rings and she picks it up. Haya gets sanam’s call, saying that rehaan is dead, and tanveer killed her. haya is in shock, as she repeates it, and faiz gets alarmed as he remembers the new bride throwing away the revolver from the car. sanam tells haya that she needs to come there, as seher needs both of them. Haya is distraught, thinking what going wrong, as god never parts those who love, then how could he do this. faiz hears this and is tensed, and thinks that she still grieves for rahat, hence he would have to free her from this pain and he knows how it would happen. He wonders of his luck, that the weapon that killed rehaan, is in his hands. faiz thinks that if haya wants to help seher, then she would have to seek his help. he smiles evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
At the grieving downstairs, Seher comes and is apalled to find the dead body, as she remembers rehaan’s loving promises to her. She comes in a state of daze and shock. tanveer sees her approaching, and gets enraged. As she comes near, she pretends to be blind asking who is here and is told that its sanam, by the new bride. Oblivious, seher comes and sits beside them all, eyeing rehaan, frustrating Tanveer, who thinks that this is sanam. As seher tries to see his face, tanveer asks seher not to even dare touch her son, as she has no right. haya comes inside and finds this happening. the new bride watches them both conversing, that tanveer knows that its seher, and that she killed her son and not herself. seher is shocked at her shamelessness, and asks how could she not flinch killing her own son. ahil is stunned and surprised too. Complying to tanveer’s wish, ahil makes her swear on him, to go inside, right now, as they all are grieveds. Haya consoles seher, while all are apalled. The screen freezes on Seher’s face.

Precap: At the burial ground, tanveer is told by seher that she would avenge rehaan’s murder from her. The new bride comes from behind and hits her on the head, and she falls unconscious. She tells tanveer that its time to avenge rehaan’s death. tanveer stands tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I cant understand why these writers always shows that evil gains every time…not even 1% of good happens in the serial..disgusting

    1. This is Kul Khan show what are you expecting?? Her shows into crimes i don’t know why???

  2. Do smthng good yar
    cant see sooooo evil hereeeeee

  3. This show was one of the best but now it seems one of the worst. If these writers let Tanveer be victorious again i will stop watching

  4. why so much crying

    1. some one died , would u be happy if your son died ??

  5. Hiiii guys
    I think rehaan is not dead. May be these hold drama is tanver evil is open in front of ahill its only my opinion

  6. it’s always evil’s who get what they want , but the main characters don’t get what they NEED!!!

  7. India vs Pakistan who will win????

    1. Neither INDIA NOR PAKISTAN,only good can conquer evil and that is God.

  8. Wth, now Seher will die??? This show is going crazy… Very disappointing ๐Ÿ™

  9. If tanveer can re enter this show then writer you can surely bring back rehaan plzzzzz

  10. Oh nooooo…….wat is dis????

  11. Hey guys rehan who cried very much is making us cry these days.really gonna miss him.good bye cutie rehan

  12. Are you kidding me, that woman killed Sanam’s entire family and killed her own son and now blaming others for her evilness…Really writers, come up with some original ideas. BTW, I thought the new Saman would have turned out to be Tanveer’s lost daughter, they are both wicked alike, perfect combination

    1. New Sanam was started helping Sanam and Seher. The story line was going right direction then i don’t understand what happened the story had changed the new Sanam into negative correcter???. I understandthat we got furious when we seen scene like this but they are acting whatever wrote in the story. The writer and KulKhan need to change the script. THIS SHOW WAS STARTED WAS MIND BLOWING AND SINCE TANVEER KILLED ZOYA, AZAD AND THE REST. SINCE THEN THIS STORY INVOLVED IN MORE EVIL THOUGHTS AND CRIMES CIRCLING AND TAKING OVER THE SHOW!! I HOPE THAT THEY CAN CHANGED THE STORY AND MAKE THE SHOW HAPPY ENDING FOR THE AUDIENCE.

      1. Or at least a some good in between until they decide to finish it or else soon they will start to lose their viewers.

  13. Tanveer ur days are numbered but it seems one of the sanam sisters may die

  14. Lots of sh!t this qubool hai I stopped watchin it 2months ago not even western movies are so shitty haha

  15. shahrzad hasseli

    this show is getting same old stuff over and over, tell us something new, very disappointing

  16. Again friends this is not making sense at all. Why they didn’t call doctor, nobody took Rehan to hospital, no police inquiry and where did Sulaimaan chacha’s deadbody go? These writers are making us big FOOL…. I’m very very angry and disappointed with these writers…….

  17. I have never seen so much foolishness in my life..How Tanveer can get away with all these killings.Are you writers serving the devil,If not how can you all think of so much evil.It was a beautiful piece with Ahil and Senam moving from hate to a beautiful love story.It got messed up.Then Seher and Rahaan ,Then Rahat and Haya ,Now is only killing thi ,killing that like if humans are animals. and even people have regards for lthe life of animals.Suleman is killed,no police inquiries.Rahaan is killed,nothing.Is there no justice in this country.Is this the wild,wild west,then put on some cowboys and their horses where there is no law,just shoot everybody out of revenge.Take the guns out and shoot us with love and something s of great value.I had loved this show but it is getting to me now.Tanveer needs to pay for crimes committed.She isthe devil disguise in pretty saris.Please I do not enjoy evil for my lunch.Get back to the writing board with something good and show us some women of substance.

  18. i totally second that rosey this USED to be my favourite show

  19. OMG!!!! What are the writers doing? They have turned my favourite , favourite show into rubbish! Zoya and Asad were legendry: their dialogue, petty fights, romantic scenes and everything just fitted into place. The love between Asad and Ayaan at the beginning was so entertaining and the humour in old QH was always appreciated. Gazallah and Razak just aren’t meant to add the right type of humour for this show. Please can we get our old Qubool Hai back! The QH we really anticipated watching ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. ArielRamberan

    Why did rehan have to goooo??????
    I loved him in that show!!!!!!! Dis show going rel lame nw!

  21. Worst serial
    Ahil seems to be mama’ s boy & seher / sanam are helpless
    I m tired to see tanvir in this serial we public wants to see some good chamges story.

  22. i am not sure but i am an assuming is with Rehaan death the writer taking the direction to revenge Tanveer evil ,ego and being greedy for something not belonged to her. I hope instead of taking revenge of Sanam and Seher Tanveer must admitt her crimes. seems like may be this will be ending soon. If it’s not please cast new story that we can enjoy watching like season one Qubol Hai!!!

  23. I hate how its going.. But I read that tanveer will die.. N her daughter (which will be tanveer’s double) will come for revenge. I wish tanveer can die. N let the show finish.. Too much evil.. Ha! Even black magic!

  24. writers the amount of shit that you are writing all the viewers are disappointed with these serials because there is no good happening at all it is just pure hate and acting normal the soaps start off good and then when you writers do not know what to write again you just write shit shit shit and more shit imagine when you think there is going to be a good ending evil overcomes the good all the bad ones committing murder and getting away with it it is about time that tanveer faiz gazalla and her husband and now the long toenail bride pay for their evil deeds and what is wrong with ahil he is sooooooooooo dotish imagine he stood their tanveer murdered her own son and ahil cannot see the light that she tanveer pulled the trigger and sanam herself is not saying anything either please end this soap now frustrated viewer

  25. Dissapointed

  26. Pls don’t fool the fun if u don’t know to ending need to stop writting and all the Indian show are meaningless

  27. OMG…..ds s stupid serial….day by day it seems worse….i hate completely…why they kill rehaan n separate sehaan…they love seperation…sehaan,haya n rahat,sanam n ahil…always tanveer wins leap n leap….stupids…damn shut…end n telecast new serial

  28. Tanveer didn’t think that she was the bad mother when she killed Sanam whole family, but she feel guilt when she shot her son instead of Ahil. Some people mind are twisted to certain degree ,Tanveer has sole her body soul and mind to the devil in exchange to thinking that all I do is for mysel and the one I worship. Ahil need to find the room who has the pictures of Sanam family member that X on it and that is the evidence that he need, and now he find the gun that has Tanveer fingerprint on it , and that all the evidence that he need to turn his stepmother. . As Rehaan was lying in the pool of blood , you mean to tell no one started CPR/FIRST AID , no EMT, no DR was called, F!!K that. If anyone has watch the tv show LAW AND ORDER or CSI:NY or ever if it’s a house fire, first you will call 911and help your neighbor to put the fire out, BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO. First there is full investigation , all scientific and all proof of doubt. Ok no arrest, no jail, no traiL. HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. The writers of this must no had journalism degree from college, are ther no crime and are ther no crime book. Peace Out

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  30. I just hate this show now i will never watch it again.

  31. quboolhai4ever

    I am enraged

    1. quboolhai4ever

      I am one of ur loyal fans plz put sensible action in this thing ive been watching this show since the beginning dont break my heart plz

  32. quboolhai4ever

    Oh oh how long would she not tie her hair for another 22 years ยค looks evil ยค i think the disclosure woulb be out ………. soon

  33. this series is gettin worse…..no use of watchin qubool hai….dnt knw wen the writer wil bring tanveers truth

    1. reali i support u Alish….ur right…..this series is reali gettin worse

  34. Alisha….wel said……dnt knw wen the writter will bring tanveers truth…………… now onwards not gona watch qubool hai any more

  35. i totally agree with alisha….

  36. Alisha…….i support u….diz series is gettin worse dy by dy

  37. Alisha ur 100% true

  38. im totally agree wit alisha

  39. The Worst Muslim Serial I have ever seen, Always the Evil is winning, Please dont watch this Serial its all Waste Story

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