Hamari Sister Didi 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita comes home and says hi to children but they don’t talk to her. She tries to speak but the kids leave. She goes inside. Khushi follows Amrita who was going upstairs, she asks her to stop Karan from leaving. Amrita looks at her silently and goes upstairs to her room. She thinks about herself and Karan.
Karan does his packing in his room. He thinks about what Amrita had asked him, how she asked him to leave.
He lie down on the bed, crying. Amrita was also crying.
Babay comes to see Karan lying straight on bed, he wipes his tears and starts the packing again. She asks him to stop, for her and for Muskaan. He says he has done the commitment, his presence doesn’t make a difference. Babay says he is to her as Amrita it. Karan smiles and says he believes she will take

care. Babay asks who will look after Amrita. Karan says she doesn’t need him, both were crying.
In the hospital, Karan says hi to Mehr and asks for Dimple. Mehr calls her, Amrita comes there, stops for a while and leave. Dimple comes there, and takes him inside to meet trustees. The police comes then and accuse Karan of harassment. He asks is he mad, he isn’t going to police station. The girl Karan had hired accuse him that he called her home yesterday and harass her. The inspector asks Karan if he has a proof that he didn’t do it. Amrita says she has a proof, as she was there. The girl says she can’t be there, everyone knows she doesn’t talk to Karan. Amrita asks her to ask everyone. The girl says they all brought her here to make a drama and make her feel jealous. Babay intervenes, Amrita accuse the girl of coming here to make money without any illness. Amrita says that if she was brought here to make her jealous it means Karan loves me, why would he moless her. The girl ask doesn’t the men having wives moless, she asks the inspector to arrest him. Mrs. Kapoor comes and says they were all there at Karan’s home, Mehr says they were also there. Babay and Malika say the same. The inspector asks the girl to get tests, if it comes to be true they will arrest Karan and if it is untrue, they will take action against her.
The girl leaves, so does Amrita. Karan follows her to her office and says why she did so. She says she owes him a lot, he asks is this the only reason. She asks what else can it be. She ask him to leave her alone. He says he is going, he has promised not to come back to her life. She thinks she can’t let Karan go like this, she calls on him to stop for the sake of Muskaan. He moves on, she asks him to stop for the sake of Khushi and Sooraj. He moves on again, she asks him to stop for her sake. He and everyone turns to see her, they all cheer. Kids run to hug Amrita, Karan laughs. Babay asks to call Pandit now, Mrs Kapoor also says they must not wait. Karan says they didn’t ask him, he isn’t ready. Babay holds his ears, he stands on one leg and says he is even ready this way. He comes to Amrita, and says in front of them all and for them all, he kneels down and asks if she will marry him. Dimple also smiles. Amrita nods, and says she can think about it. He takes her hand, then asks her not to show such attitude. She nods, he stands victoriously. They all celebrate.
Amrita comes to Avi’s photo, and says she is going to begin new life with Karan but he will always be there. She will make new memories with Karan along with his memories. Karan comes there and says he has been kidnapped here, Amrita, children and Muskaan all are his, he just want to take care of them. He says he couldn’t come to his wedding, but he must come wherever he is. Khushi comes inside and asks Avi to take mama get ready. She asks Karan also, he smiles.
Khushi gets Amrita ready, Amrita says she thought about making her up as bride and you have the previledge for that. Khushi smiles that she is so lucky.
The wedding take place, Dimple asks how it feels being a ghar jamai. Karan says he is an advance groom. Sooraj asks if maa will come to make her sleep, Mrs. Kapoor says dadi will. Karan gets a call from hospital for emergency, Amrita and Karan both run. Amrita goes to her scooty and asks Karan to come there, he sits behind her. Behind the scooty was the label, Just Married.

The serial has come to an end.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. wil miss HSD. Y did it end? There was a lot to show post marriage.

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