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Preet wakes up from sleep seeing a flashback of a marriage ritual and bride being shot. Ishan asks what happened and gives her water. She asks where had he been. He says nowhere and drapes bedsheet over her to sleep.

In the morning, badi maa sees Neeti stuffing herself with packets of potato chips and asks her to maintain herself, else her husband will not pay attention. Neeti says she forgot to take care of herself taking care of her children. Children start troubling her and climb on her shoulder. She says she will get them ice cream if they behave. They get down. Badi maa asks why is she spoiling children. Neeti says she has to do that. Isha comes and badi maa says her friend’s son has come from africa and she is fixing date with him. Isha says she does not want to

marry baldie. Sid taunts that there are lots of animals in Africa. Preet enters and says why will Isha go to Africa, she will stay here in India and fulfill her dreams. Isha says that is like her bhabhi. She says she is going to office now. Preet asks her to change her gown and go. Isha says this is designer kaftan and leaves. Sid says Preet that she is a natural artist.

At office, Ishan asks Isha why did she brainwash Sid to pursue standup comedy and not family business. She asks what wrong dis she do, she worked hard for this company for 14 years since she was 16 year old and papa agreed then thinking it is my childhishness, but this is my passion and dream. She respects him much after papa, but even he did not think about her dreams. He promises her that he should think about Sid being made VP calmly and if she thinks she should be VP, he will speak to bade papa. She happily hugs him and says that is his big bro. He gets his girlfriend’s call from private number, silently picks and says he is at office and will meet her soon. Isha asks whose phone was it. He says a friend’s.

Neeti sees her husband’s girlfriend’s message and starts crying. Preet asks what happened. Neeti says she cannot fit into her old jeans. Preet says so what if she put on weight. Neeti cries more than she forgot to take care of herself while taking care of her childen. Preet asks to tell what is the real issue. She says her husband Kuku is having an affair with an woman and is going to meet her in the evening at a restaurant. Preet says let us go and confront him.

Preet reaches restaurant with Neeti. Neeti shows each incoming girl and says she must be her husband’s girlfriend. Finally, Kuku comes with a girl. Preet goes near him and shouts that she did not except this from him. Neeti starts crying and tries to leave. Girl stops them and says she is not Kuku’s girlfiend and is even tired of his mischieves. She continues that she and her husband opened a detective agency in partnership and kuku took high profile client’s cases who did not pay them, so he owes her 25 lakhs. She asks him he to take his wife’s help as her family is very rich, but he did not want to take his in-laws help and want to prove himself. Neeti starts crying more and says loves her husband even more and tells girl that she will get her money soon, now she should let her and her husband enjoy coffee. She holds Kuku’s hand and they both smile. Preet smiles seeing them and prays god not to misunderstandings brew between any couple.

Bade papa after cracking deal tells Ishan that he likes his coordination with his sister Ishani and other siblings, just like he and his brother’s coordination. When they used to crack some deal, they used to celebrate on terrace. He shows him cigarette and says cracked many deals since his brother went, but did not feel like puffing cig, he wants to share it with him today. Ishan asks what did he do. Bade papa says he did a lot, the way he handles himself and family, he is impressed.

While riding home, Isha asks Ishan if he spoke to papa about making her VP. He asks her to relax as she will be next VP for sure. She says she is nervous until she becomes VP.

At night, Ishan gets his girlfriend’s call from private number when he is in bathroom. Preet picks call. Girlfriend asks she got his gift 2 days ago and till now he did not come back, when will he meet her. Ishan comes out of bathroom and asks if some called him. He says a girl called and asks if he is having an affair. Ishan gets nervous. She says anyone would have doubted him, but she trusts him a lot and knows it must be some business call. Ishan relaxes and thinks Preet loves him blindly.

In the morning, everyone enjoy breakfast. Neeti says she is going on a piligrimage with her friend to Haridwar, but then tells Preet that she is going on a second honeymoon with Kuku as they cannot spend quality time between family. Preet says if she does not inform anyone, her stomach will ache. Neeti leaves asking her to handle it. Preet then prepares special dish for bade papa and guides servants to prepare party dishes. Badi maa asks her to go and spend some time with Ishan as their bonding is important. Preet says they trust each other a lot and there is no room for misunderstanding between them.

During party, Isha, Sid, Badi maa enjoy Preet dish and praises it. Preet gets Neeti’s call and asks how is her second honeymoon. She realizes that they are listening and disconnects call. They all 3 ask where did Neeti go. Preet lies but then agrees that Neeti went on a second honeymoon and asks them not to inform anyone. Party continues. Isha asks Ishan if he informed papa. He asks her to relax, goes and tells bade papa that Isha has worked hard for this company and he should consider her hard work. He says he will do what is best. Isha asks what did papa say. He says bade papa told he will do justice. Bade papa addresses his shareholders that they are his family members and reminisces how they trusted him and invitested in his truck company and their first shareholder meeting was in a dhaba. He praises Isha that she works hard for this company and her brother supports her in all possible ways and is backbone of this company. He announces Ishan as next VP. Isha is shocked to heart that. Ishan asks bade papa if he is drunk too much. Bade papa says he is in his senses and took right decision. Isha angrily leaves. Ishan follows her and says he will set things right. She shouts that he is selfish and broke her illusion and proved that he is just a cousin and used them all for fame and money. Ishan feels devastated hearing that and starts drinking coninuously.

Sid sees badi maa tensed and asks why she is tensed. Badi maa says she is worried for Isha as her heart broke today. He says bhaiya will handle everything and mimics Dharmendra. She smiles.

Inebriated Inshan in room repeats that he broke his sister’s trust, he does not want to become VP and says he wants to meet someone. Preet asks how will he drive. He says if she trusts him, then she should let him go and leaves. Bade papa sees him leaving and enters Preet’s room. Preet says she does not want to talk to him. He offers elaichi and she says she does not need it. He says he knows what is happening at home and will set things right. She asks god’s promise and then smiles. He asks where did Ishan go. She says does not know. He says husband and wife’s relationship should be of bestfriends.

Ishan reaches his girlfriend’s house in Delhi’s brothel area and repeats that he broke his sister’s trust and needs her help now. She asks to stop giving importance to his family and relaxes him. He sleeps. In the morning he wakes up and scolds why did not she wake him up on time, now his family will ask where was he. She asks again not to give importance to his family. He dresses up and leaves. Panwala stops him and asks if he does not need pan. Ishan stops. Panwala asks if this girl is his girlfriend or humraaz/secret keeper as she does not seem to be his wife. Ishan gives him 2000 rs and says 20 rs is his pan price and rest he should stuff his mouth with paan whenever he passes through this street. While walking on street again, he thinks he should keep this secret himself, else his life will shatter.

Precap: Preet tells Isha if she does not trust her brother Ishan, she trusts her husband Ishan. Sid is shocked to see Ishan smooching is mistress in a park. Ishan gets tensed seeing Sid.

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