Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim gets down from his horse. Do you know who I am? I am going to be the next Samrat of Magadh. You think you will lose just because of your sword? You are wrong! Today you and your arrogance will lose. Sushim and Ashoka / Agradoot start with sword fighting. Ashoka / Agradoot is having an upper hand. Sushim drops his sword while fighting. He falls as well. Ashoka / Agradoot aims his sword at him.

Rani Noor wakes up when the door opens. She is surprised to see Daastan. He makes her get up and holds her closer to him.

Ashoka / Agradoot keeps his sword near Sushim’s neck. He warns the soldiers not to risk their so called Samrat’s life by taking any step further. Sushim tells them all to leave. They oblige. Ashoka / Agradoot says I don’t kill a person but his

ego. He throws away his sword. It falls at a distance. Sushim looks at it and then stands up. There is a very thin line between bravery and foolishness. I kill people so the seed is gone. I don’t give such importance to arrogance. Now you will die. They both fight.

Daastan is amazed that Noor is still as stubborn as she was. She replies that it is in Kurasan blood. Daastan has been waiting for her since last 14 years. She tells him that she is standing before him now. What will you do? Will you kill me now? He pulls her closer. Not now!

Sushim says I think I know you. This is the reason why you are hiding your face. You love your identity more than your life. Ashoka’s veil comes off while fighting. His back is to Sushim at that point of time. Ashoka attacks him and makes him turn his face away. He holds both his hands. I will decide when I will show my face. You wont decide that. He pushes Sushim who passes out. Ashoka / Agradoot thanks him for the hunters. He walks away.

Samrat Bindusar applies medicinal paste to Acharya. He is like my father. Please save him God. Acharya opens his eyes. Bindusar is relieved. What would I have done without you? Acharya replies that he will defeat death whenever Magadh needs him. They hear a scream. Bindusar goes outside to check. He finds a soldier lying dead there. He goes in that direction holding his sword.

All the refugees are glad to see Ashoka / Agradoot. They cheer for him. Ashoka / Agradoot asks them to shift to some other place for a while. I assure you that I will get you your stuff back real soon. This is my promise to you. He hopes that he becomes successful in doing so soon. The refugees vacate the place right away.

Sushim is lying on his bed. He cannot get the fight out of his head. I will not leave him. Call the soldiers. I want Agradoot. I want to kill him. Mahamadhya calls some soldiers inside. Sushim asks the soldiers if they will be able to identify Agradoot from all the citizens and bring him to me. Can you all do this? No one gives any reply. Sushim kills them all in one go. I will do this work myself now. I will kill Agradoot with my own hands.

Ashoka reaches his room. If my brother sees this wound then he will get to know that I am Agradoot. I will have to find a solution to this. He notices the jewellery and royal clothes in his room. Such an irony that I have used those things that I despise to cover myself up today! He thinks of his mother. He leaves to meet her.

Mahamadhya is talking to Sushim. How will things work if you will keep hurting our trusted soldiers like this? He gets scared when Sushim puts his sword before his neck. Your work is to advise me and not threaten me. those who don’t live up to my expectations deserve this fate only. Be it anyone! Mahamadhya apologizes to him. Please calm down. I am your biggest supporter. I can never dare threaten you. What should we do now? Sushim wants to find Agradoot at any cost. He looks at the map. The refugees were at the Kali Pahadi area. I got stopped before their base camp only. Get them all killed. They will have to die. Mahamadhya has no option but to oblige.

Ashoka comes to his mother’s room but she isn’t there. He asks a lady about his mother. Have you seen her? Is she ok? The lady looks scared. He thinks that she is hiding something from him. She tells him about what happened in the day when she went to take bath. Charumita supported her and brought her here. She was resting a while ago but isn’t here now. Ashoka asks her to look for his mother. He mentally apologizes to his mother. I wasn’t there when you needed me.

Precap: Sushim doubts Ashoka for what he is up to now. You are acting to become a king now. Ashoka clears it to him that he is a king by birth only. I have got it from my father.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thank god Acharya Chanakya is alive. Noor met Dastan. Now Ashok’s enemy increased.

  2. At least now ashok told the ri8 thing he is a king by birth n where did devi dharma go?

  3. Epi ws good.. Aacharya is not dead.. Finally ashok ko apni Maa ki bhi yaad aa gai.. Ab charu ka raaz bhi jaldi se khul jaaye.. Dharma k saath itna bura nh hona chahiye

  4. Goood very goood… Bdha chdha ke dikhana toh tumhari aadat ban gye….. Dharma the foolish lady GAYAB very goood….. Agr history written na hoti toh dharma sayad ashok ka khoon kr chuki hoti….take some almond and read peacefully the history of samrat ashok

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