pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-38

Recap-Sona gets breathless during her godh bharai function and Dev gives her some medicines to make her feel better.

Dev-what happened Sona?
Dev climbs on the bed.
Sona bursts out laughing. Dev smiles seeing her. Ishwari excuses herself. Dev pulls Sona’s ears.
Sona-ahh! Dev its hurting.
Dev leaves her ears. Suddenly Sona puts her hand on her stomach.
Dev-what happened?
Sona-the baby just kicked.
Dev*putting his hand on her stomach*-really?
The baby kicks again. Dev and Sona look at each other and smile. It’s evening and Dev takes Sona down for dinner. Sona sits and Dev sits next to her keeping his hand on her stomach. The baby kicks again. Sona’s leg automatically kicks the table.
Ishwari-what happened Sona beta?
Dev-maa baby kicked.
Nikki-really bhaiya??
Dev-am I lying?

Nikki puts her hand on Sona’s stomach. Baby kicks.
Nikki-it really did kick.
Ria puts her hand on the stomach. Baby kicks again.
Ria-maa put your hand on bhabhi’s stomach. Baby does kick.
Ishwari puts her hand on Sona’s stomach and the baby kicks again. The whole family enjoys some light moments. Everyone go to their rooms. Devakshi are in their room and Dev has kept his head on Sona’s stomach. He is speaking to the baby while Sona is caressing his hair and enjoying hearing him talk to the baby.
Dev-baby you know that daddy loves you very much.
Baby kicks. Devakshi laugh.
Sona-baby it’s time for you to sleep. Tell daddy good night.
Baby kicks.
Dev-Sona our child understands everything we say.
Sona-I’m not talking to you.
Sona-you said that you love the baby very much. What about me??
Dev-I love the baby but I love the baby’s mother more than that.
Sona blushes. Dev makes Sona sleep and today was a very tiring day for her.

Next morning:
Sona wakes up and sees Dev sleeping peacefully. She gets up from the bed but struggles to get off.
Dev wakes up and sees Sona struggling to get off the bed.
Dev-what happened Sona?
Sona-my legs are not moving.

Precap-Sona is screaming for Dev

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  1. Superbbbbb but too short a longer one next time plssss

  2. Vinya

    Nice episode…. Hope sona is fine…..keep writing dear

  3. DevSona

    Awesome epi 🙂 The baby kicked? Awwww! And DevAksi were so cute……Keep posting. Loved your ff 🙂

  4. Riyaa

    Gd one…

  5. nice episode but a short one
    plzzz…. update longer episodes

  6. Simplesweety1

    Suspense! Loved The Episode

  7. Awesome?baby kicks?

  8. (BABY KICKS?)haha that was funny….bdw u r writing good angell keep it up..

  9. Too cute.. Imagining Devakshi in that situation…awesome…?

  10. The episode was superb!! Devakshi scenes are just too cute <3 <3..Please dnt let anything happen to sona now..she has already gone through a lot..n it would be great if the episodes are lil bit longer..:*

  11. Nice epi

  12. tht was ggreat update soon plzz

  13. Nice episode…

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