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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi and Harish defending Ayesha. She comes to her room and cries thinking about everyone’s words. She says I m not a thief. Adi says how can you all decide that Ayesha did this. Avantika says why can’t you think logically that only she knew the password. Everyone say against her. She says then who took the money. Adi says you, why can’t you, if you can call an engineer and break the locker, then you can do this too. Avantika says don’t cross your limit. Adi says everyone is crossing the limit in this house. Harish says I don’t know who stole the money, I genuinely feel she is a good girl, she has proved it, if money was her motive, then she would have not tried to make relations well.

Rubel also supports Ayesha. Adi says no one will understand here. Avantika

says you are not understanding, if Ayesha did not take money, where did it go. We have CCTV surveillance here, we have records. Sheela says don’t know what she did to them. Avantika says I will find the culprit, if its Ayesha, I will throw her out of this house and your life Adi. Rubel asks Adi not to worry, we don’t know where did the money go.

Sheela tells Anuj that Ayesha took the money and she has shown wrong proof. Anuj asks her not to blame Ayesha. Sheela asks him to see his meeting there. Payal asks what will we do now. Sheela says everyone is believing her. Adi comes to Ayesha and says I trust you. She cries and hugs him. Pyaar ka dard hai……………..plays……………Rubel comes to Sheela and Payal and asks them not to discuss about Ayesha. Sheela argues with him. Sheela says I will see Ayesha. Anuj calls Ayesha and says I have to talk something important, the fact is I m not in Kolkata. She says you said it at home.

He says hear me carefully. (Muted) Ayesha is shocked. He says I understand I m giving you a big burden, but please manage the situation now. She says don’t worry, you take care, I will manage. He says thanks and ends the call. She says what should I do now, he is in big problem. I have to manage everything now. Sheela says I can’t wait now, I want the truth from Ayesha. Rubel says let it be. Sheela says she can make our more loss. Shanky brings juice for Ayesha.

Sheela comes and taunts Ayesha. Sheela asks Ayesha to get all the money back from Nilofer. Shanky says the money was of refund from college. Sheela says stop it, Ayesha is a thief. She takes her to the hall. Adi and everyone come there. Sheela asks Ayesha to say where is the money. Ayesha says no need to force me to say, I m ready to admit my mistake. She says Sheela is right, I took the money from the locker. Everyone is shocked.

Adi asks her whats wrong with you, why are you lying. Harish asks her not to take blame on her. Ayesha says I m sorry to steal the money and lie to everyone. Avantika hears this and asks her to pack her bags and leave the house now. Sheela smiles. Adi asks Ayesha is she mad to say this. Avantika says if she is accepting, what proof do you need. Harish says I m sure she is lying. Avantika says fine, but why, as she knows we can find the culprit. Harish says she would have not accepted if she was a thief.

Sheela asks Avantika to kick Ayesha out of their house. Payal says I know its her plan, thinking Adi and Harish will save her. Rubel says stop it Payal. Don’t assume things without reason. He asks Adi to say anything. Adi says no, nothing to tell her now. I don’t doubt her, I still believe she did not steal btu she is confession for the crime she did not do. He says I did not know she is so weak. He leaves. Avantika scolds Ayesha for hurting Adi. She asks Ayesha to go away from this house and Adi’s life. Sheela says no, she can’t go without giving our money.

Avantika says no, I don’t care about money, she has to go now. Sheela happily hugs Avantika. Avantika comes to Adi and says this girl can look as Pankhudi, but she can’t be Pankhudi. Adi is upset and says leave me alone. Avantika leaves. Ayesha packs her bag and is leaving. Avantika stops her.

Avantika and Harish have an argument over Ayesha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. I think ayesha know the truth. .and what does avantika think of herself. ..speaking english all the time..ouff. .

  3. I kinda think payal stole the money

  4. Anuj stole the money

  5. Anuj stole it

  6. Really alia…how u know. .

  7. Read in the update… Anuj calls ayesha and the conversation is muted and only after that call ayesha admits she stole the money…

  8. But its naniji now

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