Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd July 2013 Written Update

A emotional Pankhudi takes a snap of herself and Preeti, both huggig and kissing one another in affection, just then a voice is heard informing one and all that the Bridegroom has arrived.


The whole of Dewan’s and Harish’s converge on the entourage of the bridegroom , Nanu greets the family with folded hands which is reciprocated by all of Samir parivar excluding His papa who swells his face as if he is about to burp.. Samir’s mom anxiously keeps a watch over her darling hubby lest he does some mischief and upsets everyone’s happiness. Samir’s mom requests her hubby not to create or do anything that might make a laughing stock of them . Nanu overhears their conversation and courteously enquires what was it Samir’s pap wanted to ask.. Before Papa

can open his mouth, the situation is managed ..

The mirth and gaiety continues as the women of Dewan mansion continue to play games, rituals associated with th marriage , It is sheela’s turn and Sheela manages to grab Samir’s nose, squeezes it and elicits a promise from Samir that he will never forsake Preeti and thet he will never make her unhappy, Samir agrees to everything ..

Just then the traditional song is heard, samir turns and is dazzled to see a stunning Preeti walking towards him ..The marriage is solemnized in utter happiness …

Pankhudi remembers that her family has not yet reached the wedding and thinks of calling up her family, when just then, Shanky comes in and hands Pankhudi a treasure box tied in plain pink ribbon ..Puzzled, Pankhudi opens it and is flabbergasted to read the note placed within, and surprised to see the necklace that has been sent ..Pankhudi reads the letter and realizes that her family will not be coming , she decides to call up her home again but is thwarted by the family demanding her attention ..

Pankhudi stands there in the middle of the room, staring at the necklace , Adi notices her and approaches her but before he can get close to her, he is swept off by Nanu..Nanu comes to Samir’s Father who is still keeping his face as if the eno he had drunk had turned into vinegar ..Nanu apologizes for the grandeur of the wedding , says that he knows that Samir’s father does not like the wasteful expenditure but that he did to make his own wife happy as this was her youngest daughter..

Meanwhile Sheela and Latika are planning to get into the good books of Nanu while on the other side, Pankhudi has come to know that her family is bankrupt , heeding her grandfather’s advice, she tries to put a lid on it and lies to Adi about the non arrival of her family…

The deewans gather around and Latika puts forth a suggestion that the Kanya dan ought to be done by Avantika rather than Anuj as it will be emotionally fulfilling for all .. The family agrees..

The marriage ceremony starts and is completed with Samir applying the sindoor on Preeti’s Maang.

Avantika and Nanu are ruminating about the wedding, Avantika says that although Samir and his mom seemed OK, she was worried about Mr.Deshpande …Adi comes in and says that he has to go to Kulu the next day, Surprised, Nanu wants to know the reason…

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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