Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela saying that if anything happens to her grand child then… she stares at Pankhudi. Chachiji says she should have taken Latika with her. Sadanand shares his concern regarding Sameer and Preeti’s marriage and says he will talk to them. Adi tells Kaira that everything got complicated. Kaira says she is feeling scared. Latika mom comes there and says if anything happens to her then she will not spare Pankhudi.

Chachiji tells Manik chacha that if doctor tell anything to the family then…
Doctor comes and informs everyone that Latika is fine but she had a miscarriage as she fall down the stairs. He says them sorry. he leaves. Manik chacha and chachiji sees him as she unmask his mask, it is shown he is Kapil, their son ans acts as a doctor

to misguide the family. Sheela cries badly. While manik chacha and chachi smiles. She asks Sheela to take care of her and think about Latika. She says Latika got the pain without any mistake. Sheela cries thinking how it happened.

Sadanand asks Sameer about his due promotion. Preeti says very soon. Sadanand says I forgot that you are his boss. Preeti says it is good if we don’t talk about office work. Sadanand tells them clearly that Sameer shall get some other work or Preeti should give him the same post as her. Sameer and Preeti argues. Sadanand asks him to change the job.

Latika came back with Rubel and family. She starts acting and cries. Rubel asks him to be strong and her mom says her not to hurt her. Chachiji asks her to calm down and think about Rubel. Latika says she can’t think that her child is no more. She tells Rubel that Dadaji was happy when he got to know about her pregnancy.

Latika blames Pankhudi for losing her child. Pankhudi says she is thinking her wrong. Latika says it was intentional that you didn’t save me and you could have saved me. Rubel asks her to calm down. Pankhudi says she tried to hold her but she slipped. Latika’s mom says that Pankhudi is jealous of her and she is expecting before her. Pankhudi tells Rubel that she is saying the truth. Rubel says Latika is in such a condition and will she lie in that condition. Anuj interferes but Rubel shows her faith on Latika. Sheela also believes latika and says Pankhudi is wrong. Pankhudi says she is trying to clear the misunderstanding between her and Latika. Chachiji asks her not to stress her mind and tells Pankhudi to accept her mistake. Pankhudi says why she shall accept when she didn’t done anything. Pankhudi asks Adi to speak up but he remains quiet. Rubel says he knows Adi is always with Pankhudi. Kaira speaks favouring pankhudi. Latika’s mom says that she has decided that Latika will not stay her anymore as pankhudi is living here.

Chachiji asks Latika’s mom not to take such decision of taking their daughter in law with her. Rubel says Latika will not go anywhere and Pankhudi will leave this house. Pankhudi urges Adi to speak but he remains mum. Rubel asks her to leave and it is final. Sheela says Rubel is right, I didn’t say anything till now but you have to go as you could have save latika but you didn’t. Anuj asks her to stop, but Sheela is adamant. Manik chacha says that he didn’t understand why Pankhudi would do such a thing. Latika says she wants justice and Rubel says Pankhudi did a sin and so she have to leave. Avantika comes and says Pankhudi can’t do anything wrong.

As Rubel is leaving with Latika from Deewan mansion. Adi stops him and says Pankhudi will leave this house.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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