Pyaar the feeling of love (part-22)

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Part: 22
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Ragini was getting ready, maybe she is going somewhere. Just then lakshya came from washroom after a shower.
Lak: are you going somewhere?
Rag: hmm. Its too long that we went out or hangout with friends so we decided to enjoy complete day.
Lak: WHAT????? Where? With whom? Why dint you ask me?
Ragini gave him a wired look
Rag: lakshya are you alright? Why are you behaving wired now a days? That is why I told you to take a break, nowadays you work too much.
Lak: just answer me dammit. Where the hell are you going and with whom?
Rag: (scared) lakshya I am just going out with babhi, riya, aayush, swasan.
Lak: why dint you ask me earlier, don’t you think you should inform me?
Rag: lakshya whats there to ask in it. I will be back by evening, even babhi is coming with me. And I was about to inform you.
Lak: get this straight ragini. YOU ARE NOT GOING OUT UNTIL I OR JIJU ACCOMPANY YOU. Not now, not ever.
Rag: but lakshya, babhi is coming with me
Lak: (shouting) dint you hear me. You are not going anywhere. That’s all.

Ragini was scared, hurt and disappointed. Tears which she was trying to hold back made its way. It was then lakshya realized that how rude he was. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm down himself. He opened his eyes and saw ragini going out. He ran to her and hugged her tight. She was struggling but his grip was tight. After sometime she calmed down.
Lak: sorry baccha. I was just concerned for you. Plz try to understand. I dint meant to hurt you. Sorry
Rag: what do mean lakshya. I am not a small kid, that I should ask your permission.
Lak: ragu plz don’t ask me anything now. Its just the matter of few days. I want you to be safe. I don’t want to loose you. I at all you trust me, plz accept my request and don’t go out without me or jiju. Plz
Rag: but lakshya…….
Lak: just few days. Plz…….
Rag: you know what lakshya, now a days you are behaving like a mamma bear. All over possessive about its children.
Lak: what?????
Rag: ji.
She was about to go. But lakshya dragged her close to him by her waist. She kept her hands on his chest.
Lak: first of all I not your mamma, I am your husband. And mrs. Lakshya Maheshwari you can call me anything you want, possessive, protective or obsessed, I don’t care. All I know is you are mine and you will remain as mine only.
Rag: ok mr. Maheshwari now let me go and inform babhi that I am not coming.
He quickly pecked her cheeks and said
Lak: sorry. But this weekend we will have get together in our home only. Ok?
Rag: promise?
Lak: pakka promise.

Ragini peaked his cheeks and ran out to inform her babhi. Lakshya stood there smiling looking at her retreating figure and went to get ready.
Though ragini was disappointed that she could not go out, she convinced herself for the sake of her love. And as promised lakshya planned a get together at MM. even then lakshya did not let her go anywhere unless he was on her side. She found it wired. But ignored it. Of course she met her friends and enjoyed with her family. But she could not speak to her friends freely, all thanks to lakshya who did not left her alone for a min. she met riya, her best brined after a long time, but could not talk to her personally. Aayush had proposed riya long back but riya is not accepting his proposal. It could be clearly seen in their eyes that they love each other, but she was not accepting. Now it was getting worse. Riay’s parents were searching a groom for her. and aayush’s state was miserable. It was only ragini who could be able to talk to riya and solve this. But due to lakshya’s behavior she was not able to talk to her about this matter as she cant talk about this in front of all. Swara was expecting and all were excited, as expected she could not talk to her properly. Obviously a girl need some personal space with her friends for girly talks. Ragini enjoyed the party but not the way she wanted to. She was feeling bad for riya and Aayush but still could not do anything all thanks to her husband. Now she was irritated by his doings and decided that she would definitely talk to him about this matter and clear this.

Precap: ????????????wait till I come back

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