Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 5

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Episode begins.


Krishna is in the hall. She is standing on a stool hanging up a decoration. She claps in excitement at the look of it. Suddenly, she loses balance and screams, as she is about to slip.

Krishna: ahhhhh ……

She shuts her eyes tight, beliveing she is about to fall, but opens them, revealing Sayaam, who has caught her in his arms. A song plays in the background as their eyes lock. Sayaam moves a strand of hair from her face, and tucks it behind her ear. Krishna is stunned.

Sayaam: You love to fall right?

Krishna looks confused. Sayaam drops her to the ground.

Krishna: Ouch!

She rubs her head.

Sayaam: This is what you deserve.

Sayaam is about to leave but sees Bhavna walking towards the hall. He quickly acts and helps Krishna up. He fakes a worried look.

Sayaam: Are you ok?

Bhavna sees this and smiles. She leaves, deciding to let them to have a moment.

Krishna: What is your problem? Sometimes you decide to help me and other times you threaten me ……

Sayaam interrupts her.

Sayaam: Oh please. I was just acting in front of maasi. Okay?

He leaves whilst Krishna looks on angrily.

Later, Krishna enters her room. She folds some clothes and prepares her sari for the reception party. She looks for the necklace, given to her by Bhavna.

Krishna: Where did it go?

She begins to worry. The room becomes a mess through her search. She cries.

Krishna: Now im done for. Aunty said to take care of it and ive lost it!

She holds her head as Sayaam enters the room. Krishna looks at him.

Sayaam: What happened? Why are you crying?

Krishna: The necklace …… that aunty gave me …… its gone ……

Sayaam looks around. Krishna shouts at him.

Krishna: Dont just stand there! Help me look!

Krishna frantically rushes around looking.

Sayaam: This morning when I came back from my morning jog, it was there. On the edge of that table.

Krishna: Then where did it go?!

Sayaam: I know!

He angrily leaves the room. Krishna, confused, follows him.

Sayaam angrily enters Baby’s room.

Baby: Sayaam, what’s wrong? Why do you look so angry?

Sayaam speaks angrily.

Sayaam: Where is the necklace?

Krishna looks shocked at his accusation.

Baby: Sayaam …… what necklace?

Sayaam shouts.

Sayaam: The necklace that was given to Krishna! Where is it?!

Bhavna and Suhani enter on hearing him shout.

Bhavna: What is going on?

Baby: Nothing, maasi. Just Sayaam here is accusing me of stealing Krishna’s necklace!

Bhavna looks at Krishna.

Krishna: Sorry, aunty, i cant find it. I have looked everywhere and i dont know where it is ……

Krishna cries.

Sayaam: Dont apologise, Krishna. I know very well that someone in this room took it.

Baby: Wow Sayaam! To defend your wife you are willing to accuse your best friend?

Sayaam: Please. We both know apart from money and property you have no interest here.

Suhani: STOP!

She goes and stands with Baby.

Suhani: Stop it Sayaam! Stop accusing my bahu. Thats enough. Your wife lost that necklace and now she will be punished.

Sayaam looks at Krishna, defeated. He looks sternly at Baby, then leaves. Baby smirks as he leaves. Krishna cries.

Its evening. The reception party has begun. Sayaam comes out to the hall, dressed in a sleek, black suit. He sees Soumya enter. Bhavna greets her.

Bhavna: Im so glad you came!

They chat for a while. Bhavna calls Sayaam over.

Bhavna: Sayaam, take her blessings.

Sayaam touches Soumya’s feet. She blesses him and smiles faintly.

Soumya: Beta, where is Krishna?

Sayaam looks around.

Sayaam: I dont know …… i will look for her and come.

Soumya nods. Sayaam leaves and he walks towards his room to find Krishna. He sees Suhani coming out, closing the door.

Sayaam: Where is Krishna?

Suhani: She is getting ready. She will be out soon.

Sayaam leaves, avoiding a conversation with her.

A while later, Suhani talks and welcomes the guests.

Suhani: I want to thank you all for coming here today, to make my son’s marriage official. I now want to introduce you to Mrs Krishna Sayaam Birla, the newest bahu of the Birla family!

Suhani turns around to reveal Krishna, crying. She walks towards Suhani. The guests begin to gossip. Krishna has entered wearing a the gorgeous red sari gifted to her by Bhavna, however her hair has been spiked at the back. She cries out of embarrassment.

A flashback is shown.

Suhani and Baby enter Krishna’s room whilst she is in the washroom. Baby adds something into her hair oil and they quickly leave.

Later, Krishna uses the oil and cries seeing her hair. Suhani sees this from the door and thinks.

Suhani: Now you will bear the consequences of your actions.

She leaves, closing the door behind her.

Flashback ends.

The guests continue to gossip whilst Krishna stands upset.

Guest: She is so pretty. Except for her hair ……

Another guest: Yes. Its not like the Birla bahu’s to be accepted like this. She brings shame to the family with looks.

Sayaam angirly goes forward in front of the guests to Krishna. She looks at him. Sayaam takes her sari from the back and drapes it over her head. He turns to face everyone. He holds Krishna’s hand.

Sayaam: Maa, please?

Suhani looks shocked.

Sayaam: This is my wife. Mrs Krishna Sayaam Birla.

Krishna looks up at him, happy.

Sayaam: However she looks, she is beautiful enough to be the bahu of this house.

Soumya and Bhavna smile, as do the other guests. Suhani fumes.

Sayaam: Please, enjoy the party.

He takes Krishna and they leave and sit at a table.

Krishna: Thank you.

Sayaam: There is no need for you to say thank you. I just did the right thing.

Krishna nods.

Sayaam: Your mom is over there.

He points. Krishna sees Soumya and goes over to talk to her.

Krishna: Mom ……

Krishna cries and hugs her. Soumya also cries.

Soumya: My daughter ……

She strokes her head lovingly. Sayaam watches from afar and smiles.

Krishna: Im sorry mom. Im really sorry.

Soumya: You dont need to say sorry, ok? Im sorry. I should have listened to you. Im proud of you. Sayaam is a good person. And he takes care of you. Im happy.

She smiles and they hug. Bhavna brings Sayaam over.

Sayaam: Mom.

Soumya smiles hearing him call her mom. Sayaam and Krishna take her blessings and she hugs them both. Sayaam looks at Krishna who looks away from him.

Episode ends.


Sayaam: I hate you Krishna! I hate you! ……

Krishna cries.

So at the moment we are going through the Sayaam and Krishna love-hate track and also making Suhani accept Krishna. Afterwards will be the track of finding out the truth about Karan and who killed him. This will affect Kriyam’s relationship.

Cover: @kriyyam.fc

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  1. Nice epi.. the falling part..lovely.. u write so well. Update quickly

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! Will update soon x ❤❤

  2. Aaravjaikar

    Nice epi… lve it…

  3. Nice episode.loved it.

  4. Aarti32

    Suhani bhi Baby ki team mein!!
    But Saiyyam’s care for Krishna is above all

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading! Haha its more of the fact they both dont really like Krishna. They have something in common! ❤❤

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    Suhani and Baby teamed up!!! Wow now thats a really interesting twist… I just loved the episodes. Saiyyam’s care and love….everything….expect that precap seems scary….anyways…love ur ff as always and can’t wait for the next one…

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! I love your comments x will update soon ❤❤

  6. Sry dr couldn’t comment as I was too busy these I read all d prts of ur ffs.I loved all of them.2dy epi was nice. Loved 2 see sayyam’s concern 4 krishna.hope he find soon d true murderer of karan.plz post d nxt epi soon. Bye dr tc

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! Im glad you read and enjoy it! Your comment means a lot! ??

  7. Aisha11

    Excellent different from other ffs, and funny toooo. ? suhani is evil!!!!!!! That’s the funniest part

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks! Im glad you enjoy it x i really wanted to give her character a different personality to make it interesting ??

  8. I didn’t comment on the other episodes, but I’m really enjoying your ff! Loving the development between Kriyam, especially Sayyams care towards Krishna. The story is getting interesting. Looking forward to the next update.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! Im so glad you are enjoying it x will update soon ❤❤

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